Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set Review

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Bronzing! Concealing! Blush! Highlights! Shimmer! Be it whichever stroke or shade, whichever product you are fond of, the need of perfect brushes is always certain. Our makeup kits are always incomplete without cosmetics and its brushes. And since the makeup world is bombarded with plethora of brands offering range of makeup brushes, it’s quite a task to decide and finalize a good one. But hey, I have positively found one and here I am with the ultimate solution.

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Today, I am reviewing Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set – a must have for makeup fans. Honestly, I haven’t purchased any makeup brush set earlier, as I haven’t used many cosmetics. Just a powder and blusher brush and I’m good to go! But these days, as I am trying many different and new things, I feel this brush set is an essential commodity especially for beginners and even for the masters.

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

I was at Superdrug the other day and was hunting for good brushes; naturally I got confused to make the final selection as there were many options – Real Techniques, Revlon and Superdrug’s brushes too! I happen to spot the Eco Tools brush collection and I really liked this one. Among all, this brand provided the best bunch of makeup brushes in one shot. Since Eco Tools are quite known for its quality, I was instantly attracted and I immediately purchased it.

The brushes are made with soft cruelty-free bristles beautifully embellished with stunning blue hues bamboo handles. The brush set comprises of 5 makeup brushes:
• Powder Brush
• Angled Brush
• Foundation Brush
• Eye Shadow Brush (Can be used as buffing concealer brush)
• Flat Eyeliner Brush

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The brushes are neatly packed in a mustard yellow box which is made of EVA material. It basically opens like a book revealing suitably fixed makeup brushes. The backside of the set gives a breakdown of each brush with detailed description (it’s good for beginners). The adjacent side of the brushes provides a quick guideline about day and night makeup. I would like to emphasise that this kit is quite handy and portable an will fit in any makeup bag.

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Product Description:
The lovely looks brushes have soft, cruelty-free bristles, artist designed recycled aluminium ferules and sleek bamboo handles.

Price: £11.99 (I purchased with a 25% discount at Superdrug i.e., £8.99)

My Experience with Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set:

Oh, the brushes are so pretty, chic and very appealing. This is a magnificent little set of makeup brushes and makes it easy to carry in my makeup bag! These brushes are very soft, dense and very useful. Though they are small in size, they are ideal to apply makeup; however, for many of you, the larger three of the five brushes (powder, foundation and concealer) may not be liked as they are not the ideal size for their intended purposes. But, my petite hands didn’t complain at all. These brushes will work together to perfect the final look with cream, liquid or powder makeup.

For the better health and hygiene of the brushes, it’s better to wash them once in a week (if you use them daily); simply run the bristles under warm running water and wash with a gentle shampoo or a conditioner avoiding ferrules and handles. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and let it dry.

Here is the quick breakdown of all the 5 brushes…

Foundation Brush:

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

The bristles are pointed for precise coverage for the use of foundation. Since I don’t use foundation, I use this brush for applying BB or CC cream, and it certainly works well; it manages to cover the face and neck area giving a wonderful finish. Whoa!

Eye shadow Brush:

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

The tiny tapered bristles of the eye shadow brush are sleek and perfect to apply and blend eye shadows. Now, the good part is this can be conveniently used as a concealer brush which is rightly useful for the liquid concealer.

Flat Eyeliner Brush:

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Now, this has to be used only when applying thick eyeliner. It will definitely work well when opting for a dramatic eye makeup. I have used this a couple of times to apply a thin stroke of eyeliner, but in vain.

Angled Brush:

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Ladies, this is the highlight of the entire makeup set. Honestly, I chose this set especially for this one as I found this quite different and predominantly designed for the particular area for blush. The angled brush is equipped with duo-fibre and is perfect to sweep the blush as well as to contour.

Powder Brush:

Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

I usually prefer a bigger brush for face powder but it’s alright as the quality is excellent and extremely soft on the skin. This brush is designed to give a smooth finish by simply buffing ones face in a circular motion. I have used this for blending and my bronzing too, which gave a fine finish.

This is my first brush set and I am overjoyed with its finest results. Overall, the product is aesthetically very pleasing. This set is definitely recommended for beginners and is of great value for money.

Pros of Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set:

• Soft cruelty free bristles.
• Gives a wonderful finish.
• Great value for money even without the discount.
• Best for travelling purposes.
• Special star for the angled brush! It’s perfect for blush!
• Appealing and attractive.

Cons of Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set:

• For many, the first three brushes would be little small for its purposes.
• Not available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set?
Oh yes! Good value for money! I don’t know if I’ll buy another one as I am sure this will work alone for me! But it’s highly recommended! These brushes work together to give a perfect look for the shutter bugs suiting mineral, liquid and powder makeup.

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    1. Hey Hi Garima,

      yeah, its very good..Hmmm, eye liner brush may be a little big..But, its goooooooood one yaa…

  1. God! I cant believe that i havent tried ecotools brushes as yet. totally need to get my hands on these. i love that touch of blue in the brushes. really cute. good review. 🙂

    1. Hey Rati…Thanks…:-)

      Yes, this set is brilliant! I am sure you will like it…Soft, good quality and pocket friendly!

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