MAC 219 Pencil Brush Review, Photos

MAC 219 Pencil Brush Review, Photos

MAC 219 Pencil Brush

Claims : For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye. MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Price : Rs 1400

MAC 219 is one of my most abused used brush. I picked it up last year , it felt like splurging but it was so worth it.

It is a round pencil brush with densely packed bristles. The bristles are made up white f goat hair, the black handle is made up of wood and the ferrule is nickel plated brass.

mac 219 review
What I like about MAC 219 Brush :

  • It is an excellent brush for lower lash line, for placing color on the inner corner of the eyes, for smudging the liners or for placing colour in the crease. I use this brush every single day to smudge my kajals on waterline or liners on my lash line. It gives such a precise application without any effort.
  • This brush must have gone through zillion washes by now and it hasn’t shed a single bristle. It hasn’t become scratchy and it has retained its shape.
  • It is dense and firm enough so it picks up a good amount of color in one go.
  • The bristles are soft and they have been like that forever even after so many washes.
  • It helps in getting a smokey eye effect within seconds. Just apply liner on upper and lower lash line and smudge with MAC 219. Apply mascara and you’d get that soft smokey eye look in no time.

mac 219
Probably the only thing that I don’t like about MAC 219 brush is the white bristles. The bristles don’t remain as white when you purchase it. Even after regular washing or regular cleaning with a brush cleanser, the bristles tend to start looking a little dirty over a period of time.

mac 219
Overall, it is one of my most favorite brush form MAC. I just cannot do my eye makeup without this brush. Expensive but this is something I would purchase from MAC over and over again.


Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating :-* :-* :-* :-* + 0.5

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52 thoughts on “MAC 219 Pencil Brush Review, Photos

    1. very useful. One it feel it feel that the price is making a dent in your pocket but this is an investment . very very good brush! 🙂

      1. As far as I remember you have sigma pencil brush too, am I right?? Whta will you do with so many brushes ? :shocked:

  1. I was toh :lol2: at the first sentence after the price. :hihi:
    Bechaara brush must be thinking to :hunterwali: you AND :kissing: you. :hihi:
    Now this officially goes onto my “IMBB Recommendations Wishlist”.
    …. That list is getting way too big these days. :stars: :nono: :waaa: :waaa:

    1. geeee yeah that brush toh seriously want to spank,, me. i just HAVE to use it every day. 😀 I think all Indian women should get this brush since we use kajal so much, it just makes your kajal looks so many times better. 🙂

  2. Your booroooooosh is made of goat hair . You bald the goat and take her hairs :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

    Hawwwwwwwww :snicker:

  3. Me have this brush and me looooooooooouuuuuuuuu it!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: :aajanachle: :aajanachle: :aajanachle: Me have the sigma version too..but that one is not at all an exact dupe for this one.. :haanji: hai na..

  4. I’m dying to get a good pencil brush, confused between this one and the hakuhodo one. Heard that sigma one isnt that good! :struggle:

    1. LP, actually sigma one is not bad , it’s just a different brush. not as solid as pencil brush should be. No idea about the hukahodo one but this gets my vote. :))

  5. Hi,

    I am writing a comment after a very long time since the tete-a-tete with Sanjeev. The MAC brush is amazing and a beauty staple in every makeup bag.

    I also read you article on blog fakers and felt really sad and bad for the face once upon a time when I clicked pictures (one of the reasons I stopped after that) and forgot to put my waterwark, an image of Stafford Braganza, Lancome Makeup Artist taken by me and posted on my blog was stolen by none other than VOGUE Magazine for their Feb Issue in 2008 or something on internet (dont even remember). Actually it was he who told me and I felt so sad and stupid to see that a magazine with such a repertoire doing all this.

    Anyways good job Rati and Sanjeev and its always fun to read your blog.



    1. Hi Neeraj,

      Thanks for your kind words. So sorry about your experience. Yeah it does hurt when such things happen . :((

      Really MAC did a favour to us by creating 219.. is so awesome. :thumbsup:

      Keep visting. 🙂

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