MAC Cinematics Collection Brush, Smokey Eye Makeup Kits

mac cinematics collection brush

Brushes (right to left) :

  • 266 SE Small angle brush
  • 227 SE Large Fluff brush
  • 194 SE Concealer brush
  • 219 SE Pencil Brush (Review HERE )
  • 168 SE Large angled contour
  • 187 SE Duo Fibre Brush
  • 129 SE Powder/ blush brush
  • 190 SE Foundation brush
There are two brush kits in the collection – face (194,168,187,129,190)  and eyes(266,219,227,224) . Each costing Rs 3850/-
These are travel size brushes.
  • mac cinematics brushes

mac cinematics collection brush

MAC Makeup lesson Smokey Eye Makeup Kits ( Rs 3850/-)

mac cinematics collection

The 3 eyeshadows in this kit are : carbon ( a matte medium black), Ambiance (shimmery taupe grey) , Bisque (matte muted pinky beige)

There are 2 brushes : 212 SE (flat definer brush) , 275 SE ( Medium angled blending brush)

Graphblack technakohl liner, Zoom Lash Mascara ( Review HERE)  mac cinematics smokey lesson kit smoky black

mac cinematics makeup lesson smoky black

The smoky brown kit includes :

3 eyeshadows : Sable ( golden plum with bronze pearl), showstopper ( a matte cool toned dark chocolate brown), retrospeck (metallic champagne beige)

There are 2 brushes : 212 SE (flat definer brush) , 275 SE ( Medium angled blending brush)

Photogravure technakohl liner, Zoom Lash Mascara ( Review HERE)

mac cinematics makeup lesson kit smoky brown

mac cinematics makeup lesson kit smoky brown

Technakohl Liners : Graphblack and Photogravure Review HERE

mac technakohl liner photogravure

Swatches : left photogravure, right- graphblack

I personally loved these eye makeup kits. These are great value for money. The overall quantity  may be a little less than if you’d purchase the original products but you still get lots to use. Each single eyeshadow costs Rs 680/- technakohl is for around 1000, brushes are though the smaller size ones (but function the same way) cost more than Rs 1000 each. So you do your maths. 😉

I personally found the brown smokey kit more impressive than the black one. You can definitely find a better highlighter and a better black eyeshadow than what has been offered in the kit.

What do you like from the MAC Cinematics Collection?

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