Effective Homemade Medicines for Emergency

Effective Homemade medicines for emergency

Please note that these homemade medicines worked for me and people around me. My family and few of my friends have been using this for a while. I have not got any negative feedback so far and thus wanted to share this with you all. Few might have even tried or heard of these from your granny. Hope you try this and it works well for you as well.

Dry Cough

I always get this problem of dry cough and it has never allowed me to sleep during the nights. Since my school days I have been suffering with this problem and whatever syrup or tablets I took it didn’t do any good to me. Then my grandmother suggested me to bite, chew and eat black pepper !!!!!


Though it sounded scary initially, the pain I went through made me try this and it made wonders. I did this every time I got dry cough and trust me these days I am not even facing the problem anymore. I just take 5-6 black pepper, chew it and then go to sleep. That is it and I can have a peaceful sleep. Also the cough would subside completely in 2-3 days 🙁

Indigestion / Constipation

This medicine even worked for Neya !!! The paediatrics doctor suggested this too. Yes, all you need is just dry grapes/sultanas and water. Just boil 10-15 dry grapes in water. Filter the water and drink it either hot or warm and that is it. Do this regularly for a week and your system will become normal again . 🙂


Another remedy is to mix a pinch of asafoetida to buttermilk (for adults) or boiled milk (infants and children) also helps in curing problems related to digestion.

I prefer the previous one as it is a sweeter remedy than the second one, which I consider as a real bitter medicine.

Common Cold

I don’t know how many of you know the alternative for Vicks. Just heat coconut oil and add few camphor tablets to it and heat it until the camphor melts and blends well with oil. Homemade vicks is ready !!! Ta Da !!!! Swipe a little and apply in the chest and below the nape of the neck so that all cold gets out soon. We used this for Neya also and it worked really well. I was able to see significant improvement the very next day.


All these were shared by my granny to me and I follow the above mentioned remedies sincerely. I prefer these to the medicines available in the market unless and otherwise the condition is severe. Also I feel this is safer than the medicines as we know all the ingredients and we are making this ourselves. In today’s mechanical life we don’t follow all this due to time constraints but otherwise I would say this is the best way to cure minor diseases like the ones mentioned above.



32 thoughts on “Effective Homemade Medicines for Emergency

  1. :yes: black pepper is good for cough..my mom makes black coffee with smashed black pepper, tulsi leaves and dry ginger…gets relief from cough the moment i gulp it..also cough gets cured very soon

  2. good post aarthi…..i have tried both first and second…champhor vicks is new…..another thing i do for cough is in a spoon of honey add lots of fresh powdered pepper…works fine 🙂

    1. Honey and warm whiskey, if the honey doesn’t work, ya won’t care……seriously, we called it a hot toddy and taken before bed it quelled the cough and helped you rest. Not for children.

  3. Nice tips…ive tried chewing pepper,mishri and chana dal for cough and its worked real well for me…

    shall try the others 2 🙂

    Thanx 4 sharing Aarthi 🙂

  4. i knew the black pepper one. but didnt know the last two. great article Aarthi. i shall apply them on me and my family too. :haanji:

  5. except for the black pepper tip i really dint know about others!! thanks for enlightening!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: i’ll keep these in mind.. :))

  6. Nice post Aarthi! :waytogo: Had no idea about the home made vicks! I’ve tried black pepper, ginger with sal, honey+turmeric for cough. Another useful one that my grandmother gives is ajwain+pinch of salt gulped down with water for gas/flatulence. Works really well.

  7. All the tips are awesome!! :yes: :yes: I’m allergic to dust …and it gives me all kinds of problems like cough, cold, red patches on skin, swelling of eyes, lip…now with these handy tips I can take care of cough and cold!! :thanks: Aarthi

  8. Instead of having raisin soaked water, u can also grind the soaked raisins, filter the syrup and give it to ur kid. As u said, its good for digestion and url kid face will have good glow. I have implemented for my 10 months kid and also i can feel the glow 🙂

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