7 Effortless Ways to Reduce Extra Flab with Regular Household Chores

By Chanchala Bose

Hello gorgeous ladies!

I hope you all are well and enjoying the change in weather. Coming to today’s topic, one of the major constant worries in every woman’s life is their weight loss. Most of us eat healthy, but still are overweight as we do not get enough time to attend gym or yoga classes. We are all so lazy and time-bound that even working out at homes seems impossible.

So, I thought why not tell you all the ways through which you can lose weight while doing daily household chores. You might be wondering what I am saying! So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Climb the stairs

climbing stairs for weight loss

We all have stairs and lifts both in our apartments. Even the malls and other outdoor places we visit every now and then have both. So, have you ever thought of going through stairs and skipping those escalators and elevators? I don’t think climbing stairs will take much of your time. Just make it a habit and see the difference within a month or so.

2. Sit and mop the floor

Most of us mop our floors on regular basis. I know we do it half heartedly. But have you ever thought that through this simple activity you could reduce some good amount of fat? When you sit and mop, extra pressure is applied on your stomach and it gradually tones your tummy.

3. Do everything yourself

We have the habit of asking our family members to bring our stuff without getting up from our position. Time to change your habit and mend old ways! Get up and bring your own stuff. This way your body will be in motion throughout the day and those extra fat deposits will automatically get vanished.

4. Don’t go for shower

water bucket for bath

We all have modern bathroom facilities in our homes. But you have to believe that age old things have their own significance. Our mothers used to bath from the old bucket and mug system. But we use showers. So, no more use of showers! Try using the bucket and mug method. This way you will dip down and it will lead to contraction of your tummy fat. It will give your body that much-needed stretch in the morning too.

5. Say no to washing machine

I know this one is a bit difficult. But I personally love washing my clothes myself. Now, I love and take care of my clothes well. So, start washing your clothes yourself by sitting on the floor. This nice squatting position is great for your legs, tummy and for overall body.

6. Weight training

How can I do weight training at home, you ask? Well, you can. Just lift the vegetable packets all the way from market to your home. Keep lifting heavy water bottles in both your hands as many times as possible.

7. Dance while washing dishes

dance while washing dishes

Sometimes doing household chores can get a bit boring. So, just put on some music and make it more interesting. Washing dishes will tone your arms very well. Whereas dancing will take care of your waist.

That was all from my side. What do you think of these tips? Eagerly waiting for more tips by you all. 🙂

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One thought on “7 Effortless Ways to Reduce Extra Flab with Regular Household Chores

  1. Hey Chanchala thanks for this article … It is an eye opener … today woman totally depends on maid for household work but when we do household works our whole body get exercised. My dadi says that we use to get up at 4 am every morning to grind the rice… she is still very healthy as per her age … So women say yes to household works 🙂 🙂

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