ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain Review

Hello sweeties,
I am someone who is crazy behind lip stains and I never miss a chance to pick up a lip stain if available. The reason I prefer lip stains so much is because they last on the lips forever and just one swipe is needed for full coverage! So I picked up some elf lip stains in my haul and this is the one I picked to try out. Let’s see whether it lived up to my expectations or not.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

Price: $2

Product Description by ELF:

• Pigment rich, long lasting color.
• Get beautiful precision color that lasts for hours with this pigment-rich lip marker.
• The pen-like tip lets you draw on color easily for a streak & smudge free professional look.
• Infused with nourishing vitamin e to help hydrate & moisturize lips.
• Safe, gentle formula.
• No animal testing.
• Promotes instantly beautiful, healthy-looking lips designed, formulated and tested by our professional team of makeup artists.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

Directions for use:
Apply marker directly to dry clean lips. Build coverage as desired and reapply throughout the day as needed.

My Experience with ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain:

Elf lip stain comes in 4 gorgeous shades mostly on the darker side, majorly in pinks and reds but this seemed a bit of a different shade to me so I got this one. It comes in a sleek plastic packaging and would be a great option for gifting.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

The lip stain comes in a cylindrical packaging which looks exactly like a giant coloured marker. What I like the most is that the colour of the packaging is exactly like the colour of the lip stain so it becomes easy to distinguish in our stash. It is lightweight and super handy.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

The shade that I picked up is a unique one and not like the regular shades. It is a rusty red colour which is not that bold but very noticeable on the lips. The tip is exactly like a marker pen and gets applied nicely on the lips without much mess. But the sad part is that the lip stain has to be applied very carefully on the lips because it creates a very neat outline and if we go wrong with the perfect application then our lip’s shape might just look very weird because it is very similar to drawing an outline in the painting.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

This shade is really dark and gives an instant pop to the lips making the skin appear relatively brighter and glowing than usual. And by the way, does that shade look anywhere near to nude? Absolutely not! It is a very vibrant shade and definitely a pleasing one. Although the application is a bit difficult because uneven colour patches may be seen if not applied correctly, but it soon settles down to an even colour the moment it dries up. It leaves a very beautiful stain on my lips and it just feels like I do not have anything on my lips! So those who do not like heavy lipsticks and glosses, lip stains are the perfect choice for you.

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

The stain does not transfer anywhere and it stays as it is for the entire day. It stayed for a really good amount of 6-7 hours on my lips and finally faded when I got something to eat. Yes it does last better than anything I have tried and if it is still there on your lips when you return back home, a makeup remover will be needed to remove it off. I am in love with this lip stain and will definitely grab a few more pieces whenever I spot these cuties!

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain

Pros of ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain:

• Very cost friendly and super handy.
• Looks like a nice marker pen and the packaging is the same colour as the lip stain; so it is easy to distinguish.
• Application is very easy.
• It dries out in a minute and gives a nice matte looking finish to the lips.
• It lasts for an amazing time of 6-7 hours and does not fade before that time.
• Does not transfer.
• Gives a very beautiful rusty red stain to the lips and totally brightens up my skin tone.

Cons of ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain:

• Not easily available in India.
• Might create an uneven look of colour on the lips.
• Enhances the appearance of chapped lips.
• It does not get off easily; a very effective makeup remover is needed.
• The name of the lip stain doesn’t seem relevant with the colour that it gives.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain?
Yes definitely! I totally love this lip stain and love how easy it is to use. Also it leaves a pretty stain on my lips for the entire day and yes I am matte lover. It is such a beautiful colour at a very cheap price which lasts all day, what more could I ask for?
If I get a chance to buy them all, I will without any doubt because they are amazing and I am a big fan of lip stains so there is no way that I won’t pick these babies up soon! All of you should definitely give a shot to these lips stains, they are amazing!

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8 thoughts on “ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stain Review

  1. I used to be so fascinated by this kind of packaging, but not anymore. I have come to realise that it may impart uneven finish. :/

  2. Your Lips are looking gorgeous. I have never tried a lip stain before but after reading your review I am tempted to try one myself.

  3. Your Lips are looking gorgeous. I have never tried a lip stain before but after reading your review I am tempted to try one myself.

  4. Your Lips are looking gorgeous. I have never tried a lip stain before but after reading your review I am tempted to try one myself.

  5. Last year, i bought 2 lip stains from Elf, total waste, they were dried up.

    Never going to try anymore Elf products through online shopping.

    Your Lip swatch is hot!!!

  6. I really like the packaging, never tried something like this before. But if this is going to dry up and impart an uneven finish, I’ll skip it. You look stunning btw.. 😀

  7. this color is pretty. 😀 I am glad it turned out good for u. These elf lip stains dried out my lips so much, I am not in a mood to try any more shades. :/

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