How To Apply Lip Stain

How To Apply Lip Stain

If you are in love with lip colors, you can not afford to forget lip stain; can you? A cosmetic product available in a range of application types and colors, lip stain goes excellently with any kind of makeup or style statement. Whether you flatter your lips with fine marker tips or with brush-ons, gel pumps or with creams, lip stains are perfect for every occasion you can think of! And the best part of using lip stains is that they are very convenient to use and give your pout a perfect long-lasting tint.

How To Apply Lip Stain

How Is Lip Stain Different From Lipstick And Lip Gloss?

Now, you might feel that a lipstick or a lip gloss perhaps does the same job! After all, they are all meant to color and beautify your lips! Then, how is a lip stain different from a lipstick or lip gloss? I hope you get the answer below in the comparative study:


Lipsticks:  Whether you get them in a matte finish or with a pearly shine, good lipsticks are generally opaque and impart a waxy feel on your lips. Liquid lipsticks have a liquid consistency and look great; but they might end up giving a bleeding effect!
Lip Gloss:  They have a glossy finish and are available in small bottles or cute little tubes. They are translucent and color your lips in a subtle way! If the gloss is thick, you might end up feeling sticky and sultry on the lips.
• Lip Stains:  The best part is that they ‘stain’ your lips so that your lips remain tinted longer! Generally lip stains have a gel base or a water base. They also contain alcohol that helps them to last for a long time. You get them in a variety of colors. The color consistency is neither as opaque as in case of a lipstick, nor as glossy as in case of lip gloss. They offer a natural look to your lips. They are available in bottles along with applicators or in jars.

How To Apply Lip Stain?


It is easy to apply lip stains and they offer you brilliant coverage all day long! Here is how you should proceed:

1.  Before application, exfoliate your lips. For this purpose, you can go for an exfoliator or a simple damp wash cloth, which you can rub gently on your lips. This would help in removing dead cells and thereby, you lips would look smoother. Moreover, lip stains stay better on smooth lips.

2.  Follow up with a lip balm to moisturize your lips. Wait for a few minutes so that the balm is absorbed; if there is any excess balm on your lips, blot it up with a tissue.

3.  The lip stain bottle (or jar) must now be shaken so that the lip stain components are mixed evenly and this in turn, would give your lips an even appearance.

4.  Now, use your favorite lip liner to line the lips perfectly. If a natural look is what you prefer, skip this step.

5.  Place the tip of lip stain applicator on the upper lip center; start from the upper lip bow and work out your way to a corner of your upper lip. The same thing should be repeated for the other part of your upper lip.

6.  If you want to blend the color properly, wash your hands and use your fingers; start from the center and reach the corner of your lips using soft sweeping movements. You might also like to use a lip brush instead of your fingers. In that case, keep a lip brush ready at hand.

7.  Now apply the lip stain on your bottom lip; again start from the center and reach the corner of your lip, each at a time.

8.  Use fingers or lip brush for blending the lip stain on your bottom lip.

9.  Be fast while you apply and blend as the lip stain would dry very fast!

10.  If you want a glossy sheen, follow up with your favorite lip gloss on the stain.

Useful Tips While Using Lip Stains:

• If you do not exfoliate your lips before applying lip stain, the flaws and cervices on your lips tend to become more visible.
• Be careful while you apply lip stain; it should not smudge or blemish the skin outside your lips. It might be really tough to remove the stain from the skin.
• Generally, lip stains tend to impart a matte look. It does not contain wax and your lips may feel dry. So, keep a lip gloss handy.
• While you want to remove lip stains, use a make up remover.

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  1. Thank you Somreeta..I will be buying lip tint/stain (are they the same?) very soon. 🙂 Any particular lip tints you’d recommend? I was thinking of Lakme’s cheek and lip tint to start with.

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