CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain



Coy Coral

Product Description:

CoverGirl introduces a new lip product called Outlast Lipstain. Constructed in a pen-like applicator to give you precise lining with no messy hassles, which you’ll run into with most brands.  The water-based colorants of Outlast Lipstain gives lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won’t come off, lasting for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick.

Coy Coral

  • Everbloom Kiss.
  • Plum Pout.
  • Bit of Blossom.
  • Coy Coral.
  • Berry Smooch.
  • Wild Berry Wink.
  • Teasing Blush.
  • Flirty Nude.
  • Sassy Mauve.
  • Cinnamon Smile.

Coy Coral

This was part of the sack full of makeup my non-makeup lover “didi” sent from Australia 😛 and I am still trying out the things for the past one month (if makeup was one of the seven sins or may be vanity :stars: ), but honestly, I have to say that except  for the first look of these products, I did not have a good vibe about these.  I don’t know, maybe because these are the very first lip stains in my life (thanks to lack of Indian brands introducing these, I can only recall lip stains from Lakme and Oriflame at the moment), but being a pure lipstick lover, I never delved into the lip gloss and stain territory, the latter being “virgin” for me.

The shades are gorgeous in mauve-y purple and our beloved coral shade.  Now, I always had a vague idea in lip stains acting like tint for the lips as if I just had “pan” or something like what Aishwarya had in “Umrao Jaan” with her tinted red lips. I could not give any benefit of doubt to lip stains and I was right.

Coy Coral

These two reminded me of markers, and dry ones at that, very light sketch pens, which don’t work anymore and squeak when you try to make them work :headbang:, but thankfully these don’t squeak and are very soft.  I don’t feel a gush of liquid coming out, but a very controlled light tint from the broad tip as you can see in the swatch.

Bit of Blossom

When I put the “Coy Coral,” on, my husband was aghast (do I recollect a mention of ramleela 🙄 😥 ).  Yeah, I am just being plain honest and he is someone who seldom notices makeup, which means it is apt.  The day he notices makeup means “all is not well” and the product (or the outfit ) doesn’t work for me at all. The lip stain looked like some bright neon orange on my lips 😥 and was not gelling at all with my complexion.  I had merely lined my lips with it and then filled it a little, but the sight was not a good one :doctor: The lips looked diseased, dry and chapped types, and not attractive, luscious or kissable, but very abnormal. That’s about it, I never wore the stain again because my hubby had written it off with just one glance. :smug:

Bit of Blossom

For the “Bit of Blossom” shade, it turned out much prettier and little pinker for me and very close to normal, say flushed and bitten lips and was very wearable, even in front of the “already shocked” hubby :shocked:, but yes, I did find it a little not-so-luscious.  I would not say drying, like it was how my lips would normally feel, not so dry, but in need of water sips, but I would put this shade in the “pink” category, though it would look a little mauve in the first impression.

The staying power, sigh, I really can say that I liked the look of it after one hour, after it softened a little, especially the “Coy Coral” one :huh: and the “Bit of Blossom” too softens up after an hour and then these would stay for like two more hours and then just fade off into “nothingness.” I don’t really care for that, but re-applying lip stains can be an art and I don’t think I would want to do it without a mirror and concentration like I would with a lipstick because these can come out real stark and ghastly.

Last Word on CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain:

There is really nothing much to say as these are my first lip stains and all-in-all, I am not so happy with how these work on me.  I like the look of luscious lipsticks on my lips and not these bright stains.  Coy Coral can look real bad as if I had 5 “paans” and the “Bit of Blossom” feels better and pink.  Overall, they look better after a little fading, but I don’t think I like lip stains overall.

IMBB Rating:

2.7 on 5

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18 thoughts on “CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

  1. The color looks too light for a lip stain?? !! Is it so Neha ? Lip stains are not everyone’s fav as it makes the lips look super dry..but I like trying all lip prods -cute looking balms, lip cremes, stains, gloss and lipsticks 😀

  2. they are so pretty Neha….. bt we don’t get them here that much…. :spank: The coral might have nt worked fr u may be coz u might hv pigmented lips… This happens with me too :dumb:
    I got my Avon love lipsticks… n i absolutely love them…. me still waiting fr yr review coz i wanna see the swatches of the red and plum one :waiting:
    Thanks fr sharing dear… :teddy:

  3. maxfactor has sketch pens like these for lips but the shades are very limited….though all of them are good ones…..they r priced at 650 rs….chambor also had lip stains….they wer beautiful……thy cud be used as cheek stain as well….but they discontinued it…. 🙁

    neha…these are nthn compared to the maxfactor ones…..they r so light in color also…..neha try d maxfactor ones…amazingly georgeous…. :woot:

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