Emolene Dry Skin Cream Review

Emolene Dry Skin Cream

Hello Ladies! This is my first review for IMBB and I’m really excited to share my experiences with all of you. I am beginning with a very basic yet an extremely useful and effective moisturizer for all skin types – the very handy Emolene Dry Skin Cream.
First Look: Recommended by dermatologists, Emolene comes in a sky blue tube and does not appear as a beauty product at all. It is and looks like one of those typical creams you’d pick from the chemists.
Pricing: Rs. 90 for 50g. Earlier, it used to be a lot cheaper but in the last few months, they have increased the price.
Claims: Emolene is a hydronourisher that restores the natural moisture balance of the skin. Perfect for dry skin treatment.

Emolene Dry Skin Cream

Texture and Fragrance: It has a light watery, mildly creamy texture with no fragrance at all.
How to use:
Take desired amount and gently spread it on to the face in light circular motion.

My Take:
My personal opinion and take on this moisturiser is that it absolutely fabulous. It was recommended by my dermatologist and since the time I have started using it, I have not been able to stop! What’s best about it is that it is water-based and does not make my skin greasy / oily at all. I have combination skin and Emolene sufficiently hydrates and nourishes my skin from within and makes it look smooth and beautiful. Additional points to Emolene for never breaking me out. My skin is slightly prone to acne and I am scared of experimenting with face creams mainly due to this reason. But with this one, I have no complain whatsoever. For best results, use it every morning and evening after washing the face. One tube can easily last a month as not too much of the product is required.

An important ingredient of this cream is Propylene Glycol IP. When I searched on the net, I found out that this is basically a medicine in Cream Base which is non-greasy and penetrates quickly in the skin. It is hypo allergic and does not block pores at all. It is used to treat severe dry skin as seen in Xerosis, dry eczema, senile dry skin, icthyosis, neurodermatitis and pruritis and acts as an adjuvant therapy in atopic eczema.


Pros of Emolene Dry Skin Cream:

  • Very hydrating and moisturising
  • Makes the skin smooth and soft
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Non-greasy
  • Never broke me out
  • Reasonably priced and easily available

Cons of Emolene Dry Skin Cream:

My biggest problem with Emolene is its packaging. The cap always breaks out and the tube is often left without any cover. No matter how careful I am in handling the cap, the top invariably comes off as it just not secure enough. No fragrance – I would have liked the moisturizer to be mildly fragrant

Rating 4 out of 5

Will I Re-purchase?
Yes, definitely. I have lost count on how many I have used already.

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21 thoughts on “Emolene Dry Skin Cream Review

  1. Oh god! This is my HG moisturizer!! Can’t stop loving this enough!! I have stopped touching anything else after getting this moisturizer! :inlove:

  2. me too…even i have lost count of how many i have bought!!! :toothygrin:
    this is the perfect cure for dry skin…a must during winters! :inlove:
    great review, nargis!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. yes sudha i have been using venusia for almost 3 years..its the only cream that suits my dry skin without making it greasy..it was recomended to me bya dermatologist…
    @nargis : thanks for the review will defintely give a try to this cream

  4. Helos All,
    though i hv oily skin bt never mind usin hydrating cream….surely going to buy this one… :mirror: :mirror: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  5. Oh great manorama! I’m so glad….you keep using it everyday and you’ll know it works beautifully 🙂 :waytogo:

  6. Nargis I bought Emolene ystrday only….wanna ask i cud use it on face too :nerd: i mean my hands r dry bt smhw i fnd my face also needs it despite having oilies types skin :hihi: :hihi: 😉 plz advice

  7. Of course you can use it on your face jiya. it is precisely meant for that… I am so sorry for replying to you so late. But pl go ahead and use it; it is a very good moisturizer. 🙂 :yahoo:

  8. This is ma most favorite cream for skin as i have very dry skin n i live in extremely cold place of usa.
    I usually order this cream from India, CAN I GET THIS CREAM FROM ANY STORE IN USA? Does any american pharmacy store sell it?

  9. I bought this cream only after reading this review. I have used it all these months, and I must say that I think this cream is the absolutely best thing ever I have found that actually moisturizes my dry skin. It works way better than those expensive lotions, and it keeps my face smooth and soft for the whole day! If you’re reading this, Nargis, thank you so much for this review; emolene helped to get my skin back to the way it was before!

  10. Is Emolene suitable for acne prone combined skin?.. my skin is very sensitive especially in summer ..its acne n rashes..as well as my skin becomes dark.. 🙁 plss help ..if Emolene is my destination cream

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