Enchanteur Body Mist & Perfumed Talc Review

Enchanteur Body Mist & Perfumed Talc

On my recent visit to a beauty store I saw a separate beauty stand for the Enchanteur products & when I took a close look at the product I read it was a trademark owned by Unza International Ltd & is marketed in India by Wipro Limited. I wanted to try the talc for summer & when I saw that talc was free with Body mist, I bought it instantly & here’s my take on that.

Enchanteur Body Mist- Romantic

What does Enchanteur Claim about this Body Mist: Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist caresses your body with its floral fragrance. Wrap yourself in the luxury of this irresistible scent & reveal your natural romanticism
Directions for use: Shake well before use. Hold the can upright, 15cm away from the body & spray in the areas you perspire. Use after bath every day.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Perfume, PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether, BHT, Alcohol (95% V/V) content: 72% W/W denatured with 1% w/w Diethylphthalate
Price: Individual price is Rs. 160 INR for 150 ml

My Experience: The Enchanteur Body mist comes in 150ml bottle. It has nice floral scent, smells like Jasmine but it isn’t too over-powering. If I need just a hint of fragrance I use the body mist on its own but if I need to intensify the fragrance I use this body mist after I apply the Enchanteur Body Talc. When I sniffed the body mist for the first time, I thought it would turn out to be strong fragrance because of the Alcohol content but after a few minutes it kind of spreads out & turns out light floral. Sometimes I spray it on the clothes after I spray it on my body & the fragrance sticks to the clothes & the body & will stay all day long.

Pros of the Enchanteur Body Mist

• Doesn’t irritate my nose or makes me sneeze
• One bottle will last for at least a month in my opinion.
• Reasonable priced at Rs.160 INR for 150ml.
• Fragrance lasts all day long.
• The scent lingers longer if applied on clothes & it doesn’t stain them.
• Has nice oriental fragrance.
• Packaging is simple, has flowers all over the bottle.
• Available at most of the beauty stores.

Cons of the Enchanteur Body Mist

• I’m not sure but people with sensitive skin may have a problem applying it directly over body because it has alcohol, but normal skin will not have a problem.

Will I repurchase this? I would like to try the Charming range from Enchanteur.
Will I recommend this? Yes I will recommend this all the girls because it’s very affordable & is long staying.

Enchanteur Perfumed Talc- Alluring

What does Enchanteur Claim about this Body Talc: Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist caresses your body with its floral fragrance. Wrap yourself in the luxury of this irresistible scent & reveal your natural romanticism

Enchanteur Body Talc

Ingredients: Talc, Fragrance

Price: Individual price is Rs. 49 INR for 75g but got this free with the body mist.

My Experience: This is a nice soft talc which smells like jasmine flowers. When I stay at home instead of using the body spray I use this talc. I love that the fragrance isn’t too overwhelming; it’s strong in the beginning but as the day comes to end it leaves a subtle soft fragrance behind. I have used talc from other brands like Oriflame, Ponds & Santoor but this talc has an unusual fragrance which I love. This comes in a nice off-white colored pack but it doesn’t have a twist cap so if you happen to hold it upside down & then open, a large amount of the talc comes out.

Pros of the Enchanteur Body Talc

• Has a nice floral fragrance which lasts for at least 4 hours.
• Reasonably priced at Rs.49 INR for 75g
• Fragrance isn’t too over-powering or irritating.
• As per the claims it does make the skin satin smooth & dry.
• People with sensitive skin can use this instead of body sprays to avoid irritation because of the presence of alcohol in the sprays.
• Easily available at beauty stores & super markets.

Cons of the Enchanteur Body Talc

• Doesn’t have a twist cap to control the amount of the talc that comes out.
• Some people may find the fragrance (jasmine) ordinary. But of all the other brands that I have used, I like this a lot.

Will I repurchase this? I would like to try the other variants.
Will I recommend this? Yes. This is nice talc with floral fragrance best suited for people with sensitive skin to use during summer.

Have you tried Enchanteur Body Talc and Body Mist?

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41 thoughts on “Enchanteur Body Mist & Perfumed Talc Review

  1. Niceeee review Uzma….Me has seen these dabbas earlier when I was working at Wipro tech..we used to get special discounts on all these Wipro Ltd marketed products…also on baby products and chandrika, santoor, wipro blubs tubelights etc!! 😀 😀

    1. :thanks: Cali, Wow Wipro was generous na 😉 These days I hear companies are not even giving goodies like back packs, T-shirts etc because of recession :-/

          1. hawwww..he he…yeah..they never gave free pens before too..but pencils and sketch pens and notebooks and loads of stuffs….but that was before recession!!!

            1. hehehe…he tho hates wipro…
              yes but one can buy all the cosmetics / soaps at a certain discounted price…

  2. ohhh Uzma I had seen them at local store and tried…..but I dint like the floral and powdery fragrance.
    I will try the talc though… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. Wow!! I am going to try it out :dance: :dance: I sew this on the shelves of a departmental store but was not sure about buying..! :thanks:

  4. Uzma they have these hand and body lotions also, you have tried them? I remem sush introduced this brand on IMBB. It was her first review as well. :))

  5. Hey Uzma…ive used this talc few years back and i really liked it 🙂 and i got a big bottle of talc as a gift last month :)) :))

    Im gonna try the deo now 🙂

  6. I’ve been gifted different enchanteur talcs over the years.. i have one now – Charming, I think. These are the only strong-ish floral scented talcs Ive liked! Nice review.

  7. :thanks: Shai, Most of you guys have been gifted these, why didn’t I ever come across these until now ?:)

  8. I love fragrant talcs in summers!! And jasmine is one of faves… Will check this out!!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  9. Nice review.. :)) :)) I use Enchanteur Desire body mist n deo..Got introduced to the brand when I was in muscat n have been using it for the past 3yrs..I really love them.. :)) :))

  10. I like only the ‘romantic’ ones among mist and talc…. somehow, dint like others and they are stocked up in my shelf for ages!!! 😉

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