Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Review

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With winter in full swing, our bodies need that extra dose of moisture, especially during the night. During the day, we can work with different body lotions, but night is the time when your body heals, and that is when heavy moisturizers are needed. Dry skin is a common concern during this season, and what else but petroleum jelly could come to your rescue? I have a review of this Equate petroleum jelly, which my aunt got for my grandmother actually, but I just thought I would try it too.

Equate pure petroleum jelly review

It is priced at $6.99 for 13 OZ

• Temporarily protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns
• Helps prevent protects chapped or cracked skin and lip
• Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
• Hypoallergenic 100% pure petroleum jelly

My Experience with Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly:

The packaging is pretty basic, similar to the older Vaseline tub versions we used to get. It has a blue lid and the bottom is pale yellowish in color. The jar holds a huge amount of product, the front and back has labels with details about the product. Nothing too fancy about the packaging! I, however, feel that tub packaging is quite unhygienic, especially if you share products. This one has a nice and thick consistency, and it is working really well to treat dry patches and cracked heels.


It works on my grand mom’s skin too; I mean, she’s old and has wrinkled skin and this jelly keeps her skin moisturized, while other products do not seem to work at all for her. I have been using it religiously each night, and I have noticed that my skin does not dry up as much as it normally would. I saw visible results within three days and I’m pretty happy with it. Vaseline does work on the skin too, but I feel this one is a tad more hydrating than it, and is working miraculously. This will come as a savior for anyone who has been suffering from dry skin. I have used it on my face as well, and it hasn’t broken me out so far.


My skin feels as soft as a baby’s bottom the next morning. Who would not want that? It may get a little greasy, but then again, who is watching you late in the night to be worried about walking around or sleeping with an oily face! Also, it does not have any fragrance to it, which is a good thing especially for people who do not like their skin care products to be scented.

open packaging

Pros of Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly:

• Basic packaging
• Jelly is very hydrating
• Treats dry skin within three days
• Nice consistency
• Affordable
• Holds a huge amount of product
• Works on mature and wrinkled skin too
• Hypoallergenic
• Doesn’t break me out
• Works well on my face too
• Savior in disguise for dry skinned women
• No fragrance
• Works on cracked heels

Cons of Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly:

• Is not easily available in India
• Can be a little greasy
• Tub packaging can be unhygienic when shared

Would I Recommend Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly?
Yes, especially if you have been dealing with dry skin and nothing has been working. This will surely get the job done.

Would I Repurchase Equate 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly?
Yes, I would, once I’m through with both the jars I own. 😛

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