Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser Review

I am back with another review. The product that I am going to review today is the Eskinol lemon facial cleanser. I am a big time fan of Eskinol products and I have tried out all the cleansers. Eskinol is a famous Philippine brand and their products are amazing.



Enriched with essential lemon oil which helps prevent pimples. It thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil, leaving the skin pimple free.


I got this from a beauty store for about Rs.180. It’s quite reasonable. Isn’t it?  ( I mostly buy eskinol products from Dubai and all the products cost below 10DHS)



My experience with Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

It comes in a flip open cap transparent bottle which is tightly secured once closed. Its light yellow in color(almost transparent) and has a very strong lemon fragrance. Its basically a toner. I had used this product before and I liked it that time so after 3 years I thought of buying the product again but I was surprised cause my skin couldn’t bear this product at all.. the moment I applied it to my face I felt as if I have diluted acid and applied to my face it burns my skin like hell. I had never faced this problem 3 years back . It striped all the moisture out of my face . The only thing that I like about this product is that it gives a very cooling effect to my skin once the burning and stinging sensation goes and yes it prevents pimples : P .The product did not break me out at all. I still use this product sometimes when my face is reallyoily. I just put few drops on a cotton ball and dap it on my cheek and T-zone area. I mostly concentrate on my T-zone area.This cleans and kills the acne baceteria and leaves skin cooler and squeaky clean.


As I said before I love all the products of Eskinol but except this one. If the product wouldn’t have stung and burnt my skin it, would have been a great product.


Pros of Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

Cleanses face well
Gives a cooling effect
Prevents pimples



Cons of Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

Burning sensation
Stings the skin
Strips all the moisturizer off the skin
Very strong smell
Doesn’t help in minimizing pores
Not easily available inIndia

Will I purchase Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser again?

I won’t purchase this cleanser again.

IMBB Rating:


Final verdict on Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

I do not recommend this product to ladies with dry and sensitive skin. Those ladies who hate strong smells won’t like this product. And those ladies with very oily skin can give it a try.

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5 thoughts on “Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser Review

  1. oh!! seeing a lemon citrusy cleanser i got sooo excited. sad it did not turn out to be soo good!! 🙁 thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. ya that’s what I do I use it when I have some random acne… 🙂

    and lemon is good to clear blemish but sadly this product doesn’t help in doing that


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