Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind for Combination/ Oily Skin

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind for Combination/ Oily Skin

Beauty Benefit

As gentle as cleansing milk and as effective as soap, Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser has been created to meet the needs of combination or oily skin. Its lightweight lather rinses easily and protects skin from the drying effects of hard water.

Clarins Cleanser

Lather a small amount of cleanser in the hand and massage over the entire face using light, circular movements. Avoid the eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly using cool water in the morning to “wake up” facial features and warm water in the evening to relax them and facilitate make-up removal

Why should one useClarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser?
Essential cleansing care for a pure, matte complexion. The micro-pearls melt into the skin, purifying the epidermis. Tamarind refines skin texture in oily skin zones by helping to eliminate dead skin cells that block pores

Clarins Cleanser

Active Ingredients

  • Gypsophila extract: It is used in the cleansing base for Gentle Foaming Cleansers and helps to form a fine, lightweight foam
  • Polymnia: Comes originally from South America and provides skin with essential protection by maintaining its natural pH balance
  • Cottonseed: Softens skin
  • Tamarind: refines, keeps pores clean
  • Purifying Micro-Pearls: purify.

How do I use Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser?

I splash my face with water and squeeze out a very small amount from the tube. I apply it on my face and massage in circular motion. I rinse it out with water and my face is fresh and clean

What do I like about Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser?

I actually got an entire skin-care from Clarins as a gift. I was initially skeptical about using it. I had seen this brand at Lifestyle, but never checked it out. I don’t know why I never had a good impression about the brand. I assume it’s because of the packaging. Anyways, I always get excited when I receive gifts. When I got this, I was all ready to try it out. I was not really expecting anything from this.

My biggest concern was I have an extremely oily face (especially my T-Zone) and I tend to break out. The first time I squeezed a small amount on my palm, I felt it was very creamy. I wanted to wash it off as soon as possible (I was always under the impression that only gel or very thin solution would work on oily skin).
The first time I used it, I was surprised. My face had never felt so fresh and soft. I could finally realize what “squeaky clean” meant… I would and my face would be oily in an hour. Sometimes, they would make my cheek feel dry. I could never really find the perfect one.

They have mentioned that you can’t use it on your eye. Since I use almond oil, to remove my make up, I’ve never felt the need to use it on my face and it removes the make-up from my face perfectly. I’ve never had to use a make-up remover or cleanse my face twice to remove my make up

It has blue beads and the color looks lovely. I have a feeling that the beads are gently exfoliating my skin. I’m currently using in the night. I badly want to use this in the morning, but using Kama Ayurveda Face Cleanser for my pigmentation problem. I’m just waiting for the pigmentation to fade completely before I start using this twice a day

Pro of Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

  • Skin feels fresh, clean and the effect remains even after 3 hours. I asked my friend after 2 hours of using it, is my face oily? She remarked that she’s never seen my face so fresh
  • Makes my skin soft
  • The smell is very pleasant even though I feel it is perfumed
  • Small quantity goes a long way. I’m sure I can use it for more than 4 months
  • I love it so much that I don’t sleep without using this. I used to be extremely lazy that sometimes I tend to sleep without CTM. I’ve been religiously using this for more than a month and I’ve not missed cleansing my skin even for a single day
  • Has not broken me out

Con of Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

  • I cannot carry in my bag. It’s a pretty big tube and I don’t like to carry such a big one in my bag

Other than that I can’t think of any negative point. I just love it and this has become my Holy Grail Cleanser.

For demonstrating, I’ve used more of eye colors. The horizontal Line from L-R is Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner and Elle 18 lipsticks. The vertical lines from L-R are Elle 18 eyeliner,  Lotus Kajal, Revlon Colorstay in Blue, Bourjois Smokey Effect, Colorbar Truffle, TBS Eye color in Jade, Maybelline Gel Liner, MAC Fix Fluid Spf 15, Lancome Khol , Lancome tient idole Silky Mat and Lakme Pencil in Henna Gold.

Clarins Cleanser

Clarins Cleanser

As you can see, while rubbing in circular motion, everything is gone except for Maybelline Gel liner. I generally splash water and wipe my face. Otherwise you can remove with cotton. Once you wipe, you’ll have clean and fresh skin

Clarins Cleanser

Price: Rs. 1120 for 125 ml. I think it’s completely worth it

Would I buy it again? Yes, yes, yes 🙂 I think it’s going to be difficult for me to shift to another product. Absolutely love it

My rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*


75 thoughts on “Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind for Combination/ Oily Skin

  1. Nice review Priya, I think this is the first Clarin pdt to be reviewed..I’ve always wondered about their pdts, now I know at least one pdt which works thx :),makes me want to go check out their range now, I guess its a high brand tho :-((
    Does the Kama Cleanser work for igmentation too? wow, I’ll be more religious about using it now, tho I do love how my skin feels after using it

    1. you know after Priya told me that a little spot on her face has vanished after using Kama Cleanser, I also started respecting the cleanser more. :rotfl:

    2. I have never had a high regard for this brand until I started using the products. I’m completely in love with this brand. Let me know your experience

      1. Now I think shud be gettin the kama cleanser for myself too….hearing lot of good things abt it…

        Priya : Glad this worked so well for your skin type….I have never tried Clarins Products…shud explore it now

  2. You know yesterday only me and Radhika were talking about a Clarins products and there we have a review today. I have heard a lot of good stuff about Clarins pencils but never picked them up because there are always more exciting brands around. Guess it’s time to give a look look at their skin care products. 🙂

    And thanks from bringing Clarins on IMBB. :yes:

    1. Really!!! I’ve never heard anything about their pencils.. Will chk them out soon 🙂 The best thing about this brand is I didn’t visit the store. Based on what my friend told the SA’s they recommended the products and the result is brilliant 😀

  3. I KNOWW RATI!!! I thought the exact same thing when I saw the post 🙂

    Priya: Am so glad someone is reviewing Clarins..I will at least have some idea now instead of just staring at everything at the counter. Loved your testing picture on your arm…I am soooo going to copy this :evilgrin: I tried the Shiseido cleanser and was equally impressed, and I thought the exact same thing – even though its just a cleanser, I am so reluctant to try something else now that I know these are there. Please do review all the other Clarins product you have tried…me very interested.

    “I actually got an entire skin-care from Clarins as a gift.” :alien: :alien: IMBB bad IMBB bad…morning morning green face :alien:

    1. Hey Radhika,

      I think once a product suits my skin type, I don’t feel like changing. Its just the fear what if my skin breaks out. That’s a major problem for me, since I have oily acne prone skin.

      But now I’m inquisitive about Shiseido cleanser. Plsssss do a review.. Would love to try out that brand

      I have already written a review about Clarin’s Blemish Control. It’s been lying in my mailbox for more than a month. Shall send it to Rati soon 🙂

      1. Sure Priya…but its just the same as this Clarins one. I got a kutti sample, and I loved it. Doesn’t have any of the added plant extract like this Clarins face wash, though. I am waiting for all your other reviews now 🙂

  4. lol Rati, I guess Rads just cant help it..after all she does come from the city of gardens 😀
    Rati, your comment about more ‘exciting brands’ intrigued me, what makes a brand exciting to you? packaging? advertising or WOM? … 🙂 just curious

    1. One thing that excites me teh most is the products. I can do with normal packagings but i want the quality. Sometimes different concepts also excite me. Like that bourjois lip gloss.:)

      Now I know why Rads goes green every now and then. She never reveled this secret. And ny idea about her third eye. M Seal, fevocil and just everything else has failed to work on that. She keeps getting it back. :quiet:

      Oh btw, I am WITH Radhika. :vampire: :devil:

      1. 3rd eye ka pata nahi… but isnt that suppose to be a good thing :D, I know you are WITH Rads, I wonder what would happen if you were NOT with her 😛
        and Kama works on spots kya, hmmm Ill have to try harder now… 😀

        And y u asking whether Clarins cleanser has a tamarind tangy taste… kuch khatta khaane ka maan hai kya? :devil:

        1. I think if Jomol doesn’t come back in a few days rads and I would be so bored that we would be against each other only. :rotfl:

          That third eye is a good thing?? 😯 Let me try my rubber and mascara on it then. May be it starts working fine. :lashes: :beauty:

          Yeah right. No khatta khaane ka man happening anytime soon.Btw the bakra for the day is Rads today. :shy:

  5. Hey Priya. Nice review. I know how much you like this one 🙂
    Btw you can’t carry this big tube in ur bag !!!!! Ppl say u can fit urself in ur bag then y cant this tube 😉

  6. okjay very silly and curious question. Does it have a tangy tamarind taste (like it it goes inside your moth by chance) ? :silly: I know you want to kill me. :quiet:

          1. oh now I know why this pink avtared women with goggles and funny eye brows is eating all those chocolatey-oreo sundaes .

            Congratulations, radhika is pregggyy :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance: :jump: :jump:

            :quiet: :evilgrin:

    1. Rati probably you should give us tips on how to nag husbands. I’m not yet married but would help me in the future :chic:

      1. Rads is doing a tutorials. will add my tit bits there only and who knows you might just see me more than Rads in her tutorial. I am getting better at “how to nag Rads” . :vampire:

  7. lol, really if this is Rati WITH rads, Rads never make enemy out of Rati, or she’ll be Jomol to the nth square :D, actually i think she’s just upset that you had ice cream with oreos, i dont blame her, i want some too :dazed:

        1. Step 1: Select your billing counter wisely..ensure its the one with the Haagen-Daz freezer next to it.
          Step 2: Do a lil impression of a sad puppy – of course you will look silly, not really important.
          Step 3: If hubby doesn’t notice – tug at sleeve. My hubby hates that 😛
          Step 4: Got his attention…pick the smallest Haagen-Daz tub and ask him if you can pleeeeeeeease take it…puppy face again…cos of course he will say NO.
          Step 5: Maintain silence through most of billing and through the lunch later.
          Step 6: When hubby asks if you want ice cream…make puppy face and SAY NO!

          Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa – got oreos and ice cream..heheheheh 😛

          1. lol, awesome Rads, like HD said cld actually see you doing that, only in my case husband will have to contend with 2 puppy dogs.. as it is my son goe around chanting ‘I wannnnt’ I wannnnnt’ I waaannnnnt’ till u get so fed up u just give it… if anyone wants to learn persistence you shd learn frm babies

            Where is Jomol btw

                1. Its a place called Cream and Fudge Factory…they have this frozen stone slab – you pick your scoops and toppings and whatever other rubbish you want thrown in, and they mix it all up for you and put it in a tub/cone. Is strangely satisfying to watch 😛

  8. That was a lovely review Priya. Know what? From yesterday, I have been wanting to read this review Every time I open it in a new tab, something comes up and I have to leave..Finally I stuck my a** to the seat and finished reading

    Btw, I never knew Tam had such benefits on the skin. Recently on my visit to kerala, I saw an entire facial care range of tamarind, but could never bring myself to try it out..Now I think I should try it..And thanks for introducing Clarins 🙂

  9. Nananaa aaaaa lalala, yippee ohaohoooo 😛 :beauty: :cute:
    I got a free sample of Clarins Tamarind….
    Heres how :jump:
    I actually went to buy the product. The SA was going on & on about the product….The moment she said tamarind…tasting tamarind & getting pregnant comments came to my mind.. :rotfl: & i kept a very serious face to contol laughing :shutmouth: . Maybe the SA thought i was not happy with the product, she readily offered me a small sample bottle(i can surely use it for a 5 days).
    Thanks for the review Priya….

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