Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser Review

Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser

Hello everyone!!!

It feels so lovely to write for the best blog in the whole world!!! Today I will be reviewing about Eskinol which is a facial cleanser. I think everyone have come across this brand and have even picked this up. I was using a cucumber facial toner from jovees which I absolutely hate because of its smell. Well let’s see if this is a thumbs up product or not.



Price and quantity: KD 0.665(approx INR 140/- for 225mL)

My experience with Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser

I wanted this to replace my toner. Let me tell you that I have an oily acne prone skin and I always tend to look out for products that control oil and prevent acne and pimples. After washing my face with my HG AHA glow face wash I poured a few drops of Eskinol on cotton and applied it on my face and neck. The first thing I noticed is that is the oh so alcohol smell. I could not bear it. Absolutely not. The next day when I used it I only took a few drops of it and applied it on my face and the result was same. I had to hold my breath as long as I can because I basically could not breathe of that strong smell. After doing a bit of online study of the ingredients I think the smell is due to the denatured alcohol which is in it. My eyes start to sting and water when I apply this on my face.

But on the brighter side I could see that it removed all the makeup that the face wash didn’t and left my face squeaky clean. My face felt a small stinging sensation after I applied this cleanser which subsided after few minutes. But my face was really dry and my normal clean and clear moisturiser didn’t seem to fade out the dryness it caused around my mouth.

The liquid has water like consistency and is clear. It comes in a plastic bottle with a flip open cap which is not a problem. However this is not apt for travel purposes as it might spill.

However it stands true to its claims. I had a pimple on my forehead which has shrunken the next day itself after I applied this product on it. But it doesn’t help in preventing pimples; what I mean is that I did see some new pimples arising on my face (not due to this product) which subsided on application of this product. I am guessing that the salicylic acid in it helps the pimples to subside.

Pros of Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser

• Leaves my skin bacteria free.
• Shrinks my existing pimples.
• Removes all makeup and oil from my face.
• Controls the oil on face.
• Not expensive.

Cons of Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser

• THE SMELL!!! I cannot breathe for a minute or two because of its strong alcohol smell.
• My start to sting and water. *cry*
• Availability in India is a problem though I have seen it in some beauty stores but with a hiked price tag.
• Does not prevent pimples from re-occurring.
• Leaves the skin feeling a bit stretched and dry (I have an oily face and still it leaves my face very dry).
• Must definitely follow up with a very good moisturiser.


Will I purchase Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser?

NO. The smell is just unbearable. *nonono*


eskinol pimple fighting derma clear c facial cleanser (5)

Will I recommend Eskinol Pimple Fighting Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser?

If you are not a having a sensitive nose like me and can bear the strong alcohol smell then this is a good product for you; others stay away from this.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 (-2.5 for the smell. I literally could not breathe. I had to breathe through my mouth when I applied this and that too was unbearable) Right now I use this only on my pimples, more like a spot treatment.

P.S. can anyone advise me a toner that is good for acne prone skin? I’m done experimenting.

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Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind for Combination/ Oily Skin
Biotique Honey Cream Soap Free Body Cleanser
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser


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    1. Swati even my sister can’t tolerate this smell even though she doesn’t have a sensitive nose. this is a big no no i must say….. *nonono*

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