Essence Smokey Eye Brush Review

Essence Smokey Eye Brush

Hello all the lovely ladies,

I have just ventured into eye makeup, and have just started buying eye brushes. I was on lookout for a good blending brush. After seeing so many eye makeup tutorials and reviews I was tempted, and wanted to try some eye looks. I was going to buy the color bar eye blending brush, but then that was out of stock, and I did not have patience to wait for it, so I went ahead with this one. To know more read on.

Essence Smokey Eye Brush

Product Description-

Apply light eye shadow on the lid, use a darker shade on the crease and blend the two eye shadow shades with the Smokey eye brush. Then apply pencil liner and smudge it also with the help of essence Smokey eye brush.

Price- Rs. 130

My Experience with Essence Smokey Eye brush-

The Smokey eye brush has a medium length black handle which has a plastic feel to it, and feels lightweight in the hands. It came in a transparent plastic case. The bristles are purple colored. That is the main reason I am attracted to essence brushes, they look so cute and different from regular makeup brushes.

The bristles are short but not stiff, and blend eye shadows like a dream. They have been cut in a dome shape. I have washed it many times, the first time I washed it, two brush hairs shed, but after that there was no shedding at all. Also the bristles do not bleed color at all. This brush is a dream to work with for an eye makeup beginner like me. The bristles are not at all scratchy, and very soft, even softer than the essence gel eyeliner brush which I have reviewed before.
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In all this is a must have brush for me, and the best thing it is so multipurpose. I have done my complete eye makeup with this brush alone. You can apply eye shadow on lid, on crease, blend it with this. I also use it to apply brow bone highlight. And because of its small size it can also be used to apply inner corner highlight and smudging eyeliner. This is different from the regular blending brushes. The bristles are shorter.

Pros of Essence Smokey Eye Brush

• Cute packaging
• Reasonably priced
• Blends eye shadow extremely well
• Does not shed hair.
• Not tested on animals
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Cons of Essence Smokey Eye Brush

• Some might find it smaller
• Plastic handle looks cheap

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Recommendation- If you are looking for an affordable brush that does the job, and if you are a beginner like me.

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