Smokey Dark Grey and Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Since the festive season is up, here’s a smokey green eye makeup that you can easily create all by yourself. Full tutorial with pictures below:

The products I have used are:
Makeup Products

1. VOV eyebrow powder set ( both for filling eyebrows as well as for the dark grey on the eye lid)
2. Garnier BB cream for priming
3. Maybelline hypercurl mascara.
4. Elle 18 eye sparkler in green grenade.
5. Elle 18 kajal.
6. Streetwear eyeliner
7. A beige eyeshdow from a local brand palette.
8. A shimmery light grey eyeshadow from the same palette.

Step By Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Prime your eyes with the primer of your choice. For all those like me who do not own a primer, you can substitute it with foundation, concealers, compact powder, BB creams, anything which works best for you.

Smokey Eyes 3

Step 2:

Fill the eyebrows with a dark brown or grey eyeshadow and groom them.

Step 3:

Take a beige eyeshadow (something which is two shades lighter than your skin tone) and highlight the area under the brows. Strangely, orange based beiges like the one shown suits me like anything, although my skin tone is much lighter than this.

Smokey Eyes 4

Step 4:

Now, take some shimmery light grey on a flat brush and dab on the inner half of the upper eye lid.

Step 5:

Take matte black eye shadow or a dark grey one and create a “v” on the outer edge of the upper eyelid and extend the line to the crease.

Step 6:

Using the same matte eye shadow on a fluffy brush, blend out the harsh lines. Keep in mind not to cover the shimmer grey inner part completely.

Smokey Eyes 5

Step 7:

Draw the usual winged line with black eyeliner. Make sure the line isn’t too thick.

Step 8:

Put kajal on the waterline and also to tightline the upper waterline. Be generous with the amount.

Step 9:

Use a creamy pencil in green and draw a thick line on the lower lash line. You can change the green with any other color you want. If the pencil isn’t smudge-proof, be sure to set the line with a touch of green eye shadow on top of it.

Smokey Eyes 6

Step 10:

Apply a single coat of mascara.

Smokey Eyes 7

And you are done lady! 😉 😀

This is how it should look. Neetu, I hope I could help you.  I don’t have a proper matte black eyeshadow as yet, and so could not do it with the same. I hope you understand, just skip the grey and use black if you wish to. Others please let me know what kind of looks you would want from me, take care beauties!

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73 thoughts on “Smokey Dark Grey and Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

    1. Thanks jomol 😀 i have already done ‘festive golden n green eye make up tute’. Do chk that out. Meanwhile i will try out a different look with d same combo for u 🙂

  1. lovely eye makeup Aparaita…this one will look good for natural smoky look also if green is eleminated.
    Somehow the colour below my lower lash line vere showes up, so I apply everything on eyelids only 😀

    1. Thanks sweta 🙂 i added d green coz i remember neetu mentioning a saree with green border once 🙂 it may as well be eliminated. Thanks anyway, love ur tutes too 🙂

  2. That is perfect really. Question for u girls – Since i have dark circles and i do manage to conceal it pretty well is it still a good idea to apply on the waterline below? My eyes do have tired look after 3 to 4 hrs without eyeliner/pencil so basically will the eyeliner make it look worse?

    1. thanks aru ji 🙂 well, since your eyes look tired after 3 to 4 hours, just use the kajal lightly on the waterline( notice mine is well below the waterline) and then apply a thin line wth a green pencil ( elle 18 eye sparklers cannot be used then), or use a green eye shadow on a pencil brush and draw a line. it will look good, trust me 🙂

        1. Thanks so much. Will certainly try that. I love kajals but was kinda hesitent to try it cos was afraid that my eyes would look even darker if it smudged but now will give it another try.

  3. Another awesome tut Aparajita…U have got most beautiful eyes in world 

    Can you please do an eye make up tut for black net saree with red and green border. Its one of my fav saree and I never understand what eye make up to wear with it

  4. Aparajita, only u can do this type of flawles smudge work.
    hats off to you yar.
    One request I (most of the ladies here , i am sure)would like to see video tutorial. Like to see how you smudge and apply so cleanly and neatly.

        1. mdration bhaisahab is gussa on me 🙁 anyway, thanks manisha.. chck out my post “office wear eye make up tute” its easy peesy 🙂

  5. superb didi…beautiful eyes..damn…one question though how do you wipe out fallout from eye shadows? my face gets all glittery when i try something like this so i only use eye pencils mostly…please let me know

    1. hey dharani thanks 🙂 i don’t have that problem thankfully as i dab my eyeshadows instead of moving the brush to and fro on the lids 🙂 n not all eye shadows have fall outs. n at the end, if there r some fall outs, i take a large powder brush, use some compact powder and brush all across my face 🙂 that clears it up

  6. no mac or inglot or colorbar eyeshadows…. just with elle 18 and vov u can do this!!!! … awesome eye make up… <3

  7. Wow.. so so beautiful … I have never attempted eye makeup though I am 25 :(… Its only kajal and eyeliner that is all wt I need. I want to know, for a beginner, which eye shadow pallete I should go for ? Aparajita.. u really have amazing skin and beautiful eyes. and I follow all your DIY posts regularly 🙂 thanks in advance….

    1. thanks Anju 🙂 well, when i dont own any brnded palette as yet. i go for those VOV palettes or chinese n korean ones as they r affordable. if you can afford the go for inglot eye shadows 🙂

  8. Appy lovely and nice 🙂 … i love this one tooo ..very verry pretty eyes u have .. amazing review..u have explained evry step to the point 🙂 .. what a pretty green u have used.. very very pretty 🙂

  9. awesum tute appy…. ur eyes after final step seems like its of a fairy.. so mesmerizing and hypnotizing that i keep staring again and again…. and nw going back again 😛

  10. Aparajita your eyes are just fantastic..i really love your tutorials..and i want a all rounder eye make up which i can wear for al sorts of sarees and dresses also..pls help..thank you..

    1. hi janaki 🙂 check my office wear eye mke up tute. its an easy neutral look which goes equally well with western and ethnic attire. also see my post :how to change from daily to party makeup in few mins”. chk out the daily make up there 🙂

  11. Aparajita your eyes are just fantastic..i really love your tutorials..and i want a all rounder eye make up which i can wear for al sorts of sarees and dresses also..pls help..thank you..i am not dark but a little less than fair complexion..

  12. Aww.. u are absolutely rt dear.. i have plans for aadya b’day bash to give that big “J” to bidesi gals wid desi tadka.. 😉 this is an apt look and extremely gorgeous for any evening. Yeah i ws confused to create any look out of my silver black smokey eye pallete but u totally solved my confusion yaar.. 🙂 N guess wt, I ws thinking of u yesterday only that where u have been nt seen in imbb and u came today wid my query wow.. 🙂 totally loved this easy make over which u created keeping my concern in mind so sweet!! Just a small query, if saree is red/green or plum/green then we may wear same look wid just adding hint of red or plum anywhere in inner corner or lid know?

    1. thanks a lot dear 🙂 glad u liked it 🙂 yes u can add a hint of red in the inner corner, but u hv to be careful, coz othrws red eye shadow may look like u’ve got infected eyes( trust me!) 🙁 opt for brownish red or plum instead 🙂

  13. awesomely done.osadharon… ur eyes are soo pretty… just like ma durga’s ones 🙂 <3 love ur tutorials… looking forward to more.. keep rocking!

  14. Back with a bang..!! Aparajita..i was thinking kahan gayab ho gayi madam??? and ye lo… you are to my eye makeup goddess.. cannot tell you how much i enjoyed drooling over the piccys..gorgeous just gorgeous.. I am short of words.. Just love what you’ve done… I keep scrolling up and down just to feast on the pics… :take a bow:
    By the way.. i really wish you could do this for me once.. when are you coming to Gurgaon!!!!!!! 😀

      1. thanks Esha, am better now 🙂 u stay in gurgaon? i have plans of visiting delhi sometime in future, lets see if we can catch up 🙂

  15. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!!! Your post is the highlight of the day. Hope you are fine now. Missed your posts big time. I just lovvvee the way you blend your eye shadows. It is always so neat and clean. *muah* *muah* *muah*

  16. didi can you do kristen stewart eye makeup tutorial please…from breaking dawn part 1 premiere….she is in blue dress with purple black and brown eye makeup…pls….i have been stumped repeatedly in my attempts…..i have once asked this question under ask imbb…please…just search for kristen stewart in search box nd u will get the post…pls………

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