Estee Lauder 08 Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick Review

Hi Beauties,

Today, I will be reviewing an eye pencil cum eye shadow for you, which has been recently released by Estee Lauder. These eye pencils have been released in eight shades though we have only six shades released in India.

Estee Lauder 08 Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick

Product Description:
It’s the smoky eye made simple. Now, with a few bold strokes, you can create the look you’ve always wanted. Silky pressed powder shadow sweeps across lids, over and under lashlines—like magic. In seconds, eyes appear sultry and smoldering.It’s so easy, you won’t believe your eyes.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick

How To Use:
Draw a hashtag at the outer corner of the eyelid and using finger, blend inwards and up into lid for instant contour.
Benefits: Get smoldering eyes in seconds.
Form:Powder eyeshadow stick.
Formula Facts:Ophthalmologist-tested,Fragrance-free.


Estee Lauder Shadow Stick

Rs. 1950/- for 1.2 gm.

Shades available:

  • Sea Smoke – muted aqua blue with a shimmer finish.
  • Charred Plum – plum, with a hint of brown with a satin finish.
  • Scorched Gold – light-toned gold with a shimmer finish.
  • Indigo Smoke – deep navy blue with a satin finish.
  • Pink Charcoal – rosy mauve with a shimmer finish.
  • Cool Ash – smoky gray with gold flecks and a shimmer finish.
  • Slow Burn – shimmery bronze with a shimmer finish.
  • Burnt Black – sultry, black with a matte finish.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick preview

The shades Pink Charcoal and Sea Smoke have not been launched in India.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick

Packaging:  It comes in a classic deep blue Estee Lauder box packaging, with all information written on it. The shadow stick is present inside. It looks like a sharpenable eye pencil, just a bit thicker than the routine eye pencils (though thinner than the chubby sticks).  Its body is the same color as the shade, which makes it really easy to identify. It is covered with a golden cap, which fits in tightly and securely. The shade name is also imprinted on the body of the pencil.

My Experience with Estee Lauder Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick:

This is my first foray into powder eye shadows, in a stick/pencil form. I am not an expert in eye makeup and usually put on some neutral shade in a hurry. That is why I love eyeshadows in stick forms; they are so easy to apply. The Clinique chubby sticks which I had been using as well as the Rimmel ones were all waxy and emollient. This however is pure powder, and if the pencil tip ever breaks, you can actually crush it to see the powder form (Yes, I have done this too :P).

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick

Color and Texture: I got the shade “Charred Plum” for myself. I have slightly pigmented eyelids and very light shades do not show up much on my eyes. Charred Plum is a beautiful plumm-ish brown color with a satin finish. It does not have any obvious shimmer in it. The powder is smooth, not chalky at all. It has got medium pigmentation, which can be applied with a light or a heavy hand as per your desire. This pencil is thicker than your routine eye pencils. I have a dual sharpener and it easily fits into the wider mouth of the sharpener. The pencil is packed with compressed powder inside it.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick

Application: It glides smoothly on the eyes (oily or primed eyes) and there is no gritty sensation during application. The pencil tip is tough though and does not crumble easily. On oily lids, it will glide very smoothly and deposits powder very easily. On dry lids, I do find that it tugs a little bit, but if I have primed my eyes, it applies very smoothly. On first sight, it will seem just like any eye pencil. That is very useful, since it can be used to line your lash lines easily. For using as a shadow, I just scribble it on my eyelid, not extending beyond the crease line.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick swatches

Then, I just spread it out on the lid using my fingers (yes, no brushes needed). It spreads very easily with fingers leaving a powdery texture. There is very minimal fallout, during spreading, which I liked about it. You can also use a lighter shade in the center and a darker one at the outer V corner of the eyes. Making a smoky eye has never been so easy. Also, you can use it on your lash lines and then smudge it out, again with your fingers. A very easy-to-use, powder eye shadow in a compact form.

Eyeshadow swatches

Staying Power:  It lasts around 5-6 hours on me without primer and with primer, it lasts easily for 7-8 hours. If you ever feel your shadow has faded, you can again scribble on your lid and spread with your finger. The ease of carrying it in your purse (as against a powder eyeshadow and brush) is a definite advantage.

Estee Lauder Shadow Stick swatches

Pros of Estee Lauder Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick:

  • Unique packaging with powder eye shadow in a pencil form.
  • Applies smoothly on primed eyes.
  • Can be spread out easily with fingers.
  • Can be used on lash lines as well.
  • Color is a beautiful plum with brown undertones and satin finish.
  • Does not crumble easily.
  • Can be applied on lash line too and smudged out.
  • Not chalky.
  • Very minimal fallout during spreading.
  • Lasts 5-6 hours without primer, more with primer.
  • Excellent packaging for carrying in your purse and for touch-ups (if needed).

Cons of Estee Lauder Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick:

  • Limited availability in India.
  • Sharpening leads to loss of product.
  • Can tug on dry eyelids.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Estee Lauder Charred Plum Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick?
I already have my eyes set on “Slow Burn,” a nice everyday sort of shade with just that hint of glamorous shimmer in it. I really liked it very much 🙂

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  1. Wow it’s a very beautiful shade and the product reminds me of Clinique sticks but I guess they are more creamy. Overall a lovely review Arpita. You have beautiful eyes.

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