Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo Review

Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo Review

Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo Review

Product Being Reviewed:

Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deodorant.


Rs. 110 for 125 ml.

Shelf Life:

Best used within two years.

Product Description:

Eva’s range of alcohol-free deo is gentle on skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour-causing enzymes by balancing the skin’s natural pH level. Its moisturizing formula keeps your underarms soft and smooth. It effectively prevents body odour, keeping you fresh and active all day long.

How To Use:

Shake well. Hold the can 15 cm away from the body and spray in areas you perspire. Use after bath everyday.

Caution:  Pressurized container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding 50˚C. Do not pierce or burn even after use. Do not spray on naked flame or any incandescent material. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray into eyes. Use only as directed. Harmful if taken internally. Extremely inflammable.



It contains Butane, Isobutene, Propane, Silicone Fluid, Fragrance, Isopropyl myristate, Triethyl citrate, Triclosan, Butylated Hydroxytoluene.

My Take on Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo:

I got this deodorant as a gift. I was quite impressed with the bright and funky packaging. It comes in a brilliant pink-colored cylindrical bottle with a pink transparent dome-shaped cap. The top-press button is easy to use.

Now, coming to the fragrance, I must say that I really miss that gust of freshness in this deo; something which I love about Spinz, Nike and predominantly, in most of the well-known deodorants meant for men. The fragrance has dominant floral notes, though the smell of rose is not very distinct. The fragrance is very mild and if you love floral fragrance, you would like it. Though the deo claims to impart an all-day freshness, I think it fails badly there. The fragrance hardly stays for 2 to 2.5 hours and all the while, it doesn’t even prevent your underarms from sweating. In fact, it successfully controls body odour only for that time period, after which, the deo needs to be reapplied. It is perfectly skin-friendly and didn’t cause any skin irritation. If you have issues with the alcohol contained in most of the deodorants available in the market, this is a range to check out. This deo is alcohol-free and that is perhaps a very positive aspect of this deo.


Pros of Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo:

  • The fragrance is quite floral and hence would be liked by those who prefer floral fragrances.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • This pH balanced formula is friendly to the skin and causes no rashes or burning sensation.
  • The deo is free from alcohol.
  • Like other deodorants from the Eva range, it is ozone-friendly.
  • The deo is not tested on animals.
  • Packaging is girlie and bright.
  • It comes in a travel friendly bottle.

Cons of Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo:

  • The staying power is very low.
  • The odour control formula is active only for a few hours, as opposed to the all-day, 24-hours freshness claim it makes.
  • I miss the fresh-factor in the deo. Now, this can be completely subjective and entirely personal.

Final Verdict:

If you love floral fragrances and you are not too much prone to perspiration and body odour, you would find this deo nice. I found this one to be quite a so-so product which you may like to try out if you have a fascination for alcohol-free range of deos. I personally have a criteria that deos should have a long-lasting power and that is why, I wouldn’t quite like to purchase this deo all over again.

IMBB Rating:

I do not favour rating as far as fragrances and deodorants are concerned, because I feel love for fragrances is very personal. However, if I am to rate Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo, it would be 2.75 out of 5.

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15 thoughts on “Eva Doll Refreshing Rose All Day Freshness Deo Review

  1. I love Eva deos coz they are alcohol free and do not itch freshly waxed underarms…
    however, I agree that staying power is low… but for me…i found it pretty OK as I dont sweat so much…and I do feel fresh hours later as well… I guess this depends on person to person and also the climate they are in…

    1. i think u r rite Ashu…n Kol, its very hot and humid…so, deos with better staying power is better…bt Eva deos r realy 1 f those rare ones which r alcohol-free..good thing that is…

  2. i use roll ons and i am quite happy with them. although i go mad cleaning the ball applicator. 😛 but i guess i am going to pick up a non alc deo one of these days. would keep this in mind thanks. 🙂

  3. I wore this deo on my 1st date with my boyfrnd….we have been together for 6 years now!!!
    awww…it brings back so many memories!!!

    nice review,somreeta!!!

      1. aww……dats awesome…such a sweet thing dat u shared neha….and of course, wishing a very happy anniversary to you and yr dear 1 in advance….!!!!!!!!!may God bless u….

  4. The best part abt Eva Deos is that is it is ALCOHOL & ALUMINIUM FREE. I had been searching 4 such a deo for sometime since I read related articles, cautioning against d use of these ingredients, & I hv just found d right thing & I guess d only thing. Anti perspirant deos & roll-ons contain a form of aluminium, that clogs d pores temporarily & has been connected to breast cancer & Alzheimer’s disease.
    I just bought Eva Flirt with Vanilla Rush fragrance (green bottle) few days back & I m loving it. On me it does last morning to evening & I like d smell, which is very fresh. I m not into perfumes, so cant describe it properly. But it is very….pleasing, as I always prefer something natural & light like citrus, fruity fragrances. B4 this I only used Fa Carribean Lemon, which was very refreshing, & Sure dry shield roll-on.
    But now I realize they r not free from these 2 things. So from now, on its only EVA DIVA for me! 🙂

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