Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long Deodorant Review

Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long Deodorant Review

It feels good to write over here, but I have been busy all these days and I hardly find time to sit down and write a review.  Today, I’m here to share my view on the Nivea Happy time Roll On Deo.  I have seen the review on the Happy Time range, but the review on the deo was missing. Now, I have been using this deo for the last 2 weeks, so I thought I can share my views.


Product Description:

With bamboo extract and orange scent.  Shower freshness all day long.

Ingredient List:



Rs. 165 for 100 ml.

My Take on Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long:

Its a cute little glass bottle with a decent tight cap. The glass looks pretty much of good quality and doesn’t look flimsy, looks very much similar to the other deos from Nivea.

Roll On deo 1

I roll on this deo in my underarms immediately after bath.  The fragrance is so heavenly. I find it to be sort of citrus.  That’s because of the orange scent. I’m not sure how bamboo extract smells, but overall, the smell is pleasant and refreshing. I love the mild smell.  I had used this deo all the time during my Andaman trip. I used to travel whole day in the humid climate, but it kept my under arms sweat free, fresh and dry. Now, when I use it to work, I feel fresh day long and the fragrance lingers on me, but faint. It keeps body odour at bay. Also, I found no burning sensation when I applied, but if you have irritated skin, then its better to stay away.

Roll On deo 2

The product when rolled on your skin, comes as a white fluid, but it takes just 1-2 minutes to dry and doesn’t form a patch on the skin or the dress.

Roll On deo 3

Roll On deo 5

So, this is true to its claim of providing day long freshness. There is no claim about making darker arm pits lighter and I found no change.  I believe a deo cannot help in lightening the arm pits.I have used curd and kasturi manjal, that has worked for me and I also feel these anti-perspirant deo clogs pores. So, its better to wash and remove off the deodorant once we are back at home.

Roll On deo 4

Pros of Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long:

  • Nice glass bottle packing.
  • Very pleasant fragrance, mild citrus.
  • Keeps you fresh throughout the day, true to what it claims.
  • Keeps your underarms dry and sweat free.

Cons of Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long:

  • I don’t find a con with this deo.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long?

Yes, finally, this is a decent deo, to keep you fresh all day (the shower like freshness) and I like the end result and I am attaching a few clicks from my Andaman trip.

Andamans 1

Andamans 2

Andamans 3

Andamans 4

Andamans 5

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17 thoughts on “Nivea Happy Time Shower Freshness All Day Long Deodorant Review

  1. I like Niveas fragrance… but I’m skeptical about any deos claiming they can make under arms whiter. I used one deo spray (forgot the brand) it left a white layer on my skin when i sprayed it, like ,it literally makes your skin ‘white’ , which looks strange.
    Rama, just out of curiosity, i have a ques for you, do you prefer roll ons or sprays?
    Nice review! And lovely pics, Andaman looks beautiful !!

  2. I have this rama.. the smell is heavenly.. after reading your review.. i feel like using it now 😀 😀 but only issue for me is i have itchy sensation a day after using this.. i dont feel while using it.. but at night or next morning 🙁

    all the pics are superb!!

  3. The silhouette of you in the sunset – love it. beautiful photography – au naturel and all ^_^ I have another variant of this – isnt it amazing ? 😀

  4. wow.. very pretty u n awesome place rama.. 🙂 i totally forgot abt nivea rt nw.. 😛 U look very pretty n smart dear!! am so tempted to visit andaman now.. 🙂

    1. oww..thnx Neetu.. 🙂
      and Andaman is so beautiful..i have never seen such clear water becahes..u know i liv ein chennai and how dirty the beaches are..this place was like heaven for me. 🙂

  5. Hey Rama… Happy to see your review here. Never knew you follow IMBB too. Lovely pics. Is it Sush on the last one with you? Missing you guys. 🙁

    With luv,

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