EverYuth Naturals Skin Balance Face Wash-Review

EverYuth Naturals Skin Balance Facewash-Review

Since the time we started using face washes in place of soap, we are seeing these face washes around. Everyuth has some simple direct, no-fuss face washes, my favorite used to be the lemon one. Then keeping pace with the times, they came back with better (or newer) packaging, but remain quite no-fuss and simple nevertheless. I like how they substitute soap for so many faces, and one of the most affordable face washes around.

I saw this is my nearby grocery store and many others lined up by the same brand, I liked how they look and picked up this one as this had a direct appeal, no oily-dry tag to it and had grape extracts(yes, you can actually spot some!) I picked it up with my hopes very low, and I could see this will be a gentle above average face wash probably great to use when you don’t feel very dirty/ grimy like early in the morning.


Rupees. 50 /50 gms

Everyuth skin balance facewash

The face wash is transparent, with some grape-colored granules, they are uneven and almost like powder in between but nevertheless they look cute and satisfy your quest for “grape” in the face wash. 😛

One thing that will strike you immediately is the very strong soapy0fruity smell it has. I am ok with fresh smells in my products as long they don’t smell of vanilla or some kind of aromatic oil. So though this one is strong, it acts like a wake-up coffee for me, it is that strong.

Everyuth skin balance face wash

You need a little of the wash, the granules already tiny disappear soon but the fragrance lingers. The face wash lathers a little but not much, it stays on the lighter side of foaming and disappears into the skin if you keep massaging for a minute. When you wash it off, it has that typical Everyuth face wash feel to it where your skin feels a bit slimy (Chennai water makes it worse) your skin won’t feel dry but it would feel a little softer and moisturized, this makes it great wash for dry skin. Oily skin which likes squeaky clean feel to it can skip this. It would feel something like the other Everyuth washes, which are soap-free and don’t dry out skin.
It has a long list of chemicals like every other face wash, still I find it quite mild for sensitive skin as well. I have oily acne-prone skin and it did not help/damage much, it’s just a regular morning cleanser for me.

Everyuth skin balance face wash (2)

Last word:

Nothing spectacular, it’s an above average face wash, which does not leave your skin dry, I think dry skin would like this better. Remember it smells very strongly of soapy-fruity fragrance and has this cute purple grape extracts which I like. I would use this only on days when I don’t want a squeaky clean feel to my face. You can try it if you have liked Everyuth products before.

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7 thoughts on “EverYuth Naturals Skin Balance Face Wash-Review

  1. i am a regular user of ever yuth scrubs… And they are amazing…. but never tried their face wash ranges…. Nice review 🙂

  2. I agree with the above comments ! I have used their scrubs as well as face washes .. the scrub is really good but the face wash is just meh ! Nicely reviewed 🙂

  3. aww 2.9 for everyuth..!! everyuth never disappointed me know.. Everyuth lemon face wash used to be my best hg facewash in my college days.. 🙂 Now i did’nt find it.. 🙁 but it was really gud for my oily skin..

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