EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash Review

EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash-Review

This is my first ever Ever Youth product which I bought long time back. Not used much since I have kept the tube in my office cupboard for emergency uses, like after coming back from an outing or so. I picked it up mainly because it claimed 100% soap free, contains natural ingredients like lemon, and was very reasonably priced. I found the product to be quite satisfactory and worth the price.

EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash
EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash

What the product claims:
New Ever Yuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash is enriched with the natural goodness of Lemon, Green Apple & Honey. It deep cleanses the skin, nourishes and maintains its moisture balance, leaving it soft, supple and sparkling fresh. Suitable for all Skin types.

This 100% soap-free face wash gently deep cleanses your skin without making it dry and stretchy. It effectively removes dirt, bacteria & skin impurities and nourishes your skin.

Ever Yuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash

Key ingredients:

  • Lemon: Deep cleanses and tones the skin
  • Green Apple: Refreshing cleanser with natural minerals and proteins
  • Honey: Natural moisturizer that softens and nourishes the skin.

Net Volume: 100 ml+25 ml extra free
M.R.P: Rs 55 (not sure if the price has changed now)

My Experience:
I never had huge expectations about this face wash since it was priced on the lower side and I didn’t have any previous experience with Ever Yuth as a brand. Since I was not looking for a face wash for my daily cleansing routine I was ok even if this turned out to be an average product. Must say I am not disappointed with this choice. This is a reasonably good product which does the cleansing job quite well, also I liked the herbal smell and the refreshing feeling on my face especially when am back from hot and humid outdoors. The citrusy smell (kind of citrusy I should say) and fresh feeling stays on for quite some time which I liked a lot. The choice was perfect for the situation as I wanted it to be.

Ever Yuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash swatch

What I like the most in EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash

  • Leaves face bright and refreshing.
  • Doesn’t dry out skin much since this is soap free nor does it leave a stretchy feeling. However it is not very moisturizing also.
  • Contains natural ingredients like lemon, green apple etc.
  • Gel based face wash; consistency is not very thick or too runny.
  • Smells refreshingly citrusy and lingers on for quite sometime.
  • Very reasonably priced and good quantity, I got 25 ml extra free 🙂
  • I liked the lemon yellow colored flip open packing; pack itself looks fresh n lively with pics of lemon.

• Easily available, I got mine from a super market.

What I didn’t like about EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash

  • Complete list of ingredients not provided.
  • Doesn’t lather much, you need to squeeze out more if you want this to lather well. But am ok with the lather part and I use only pea sized amount.
  • Sometimes I really cant figure out the way my skin behaves after using this, I mean though it doesn’t feel too dry I would’ve preferred if it had a little more moisturizing effect.

Ever Yuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash

Will I re-purchase: Not sure since we are left with too many choices in face wash category but I don’t regret buying it either.

My Rating would be :-* :-* :-* + 0.5

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15 thoughts on “EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash Review

  1. ya this is my first ever face wash. I used it continuously for over 2 yrs. But discontinued it for last few months rather bcoz i was fascinated by many f/w and wanted to try dem out. But its a gud one in summer.nice review shyna.

  2. i had the fruits face wash from everyuth and it smells divine! :jaiho: i totally forgot about that! :pain: will run to the supermarket tomorrow and grab it again.. :jiggy1: my HG everyuth product is their walnut scrub. :-* i love it to bits.. no matter how many scrubs i use i always come back to this one :heart:

  3. I am so tempted by the lemon thing…..but you know Shyna….I want my face washes to lather and lather….I am such a freak if it doesn’t give foam……….khikhi….good review shyna

  4. i too have this one… i would have liked it more if was a little moisturising….u r ryt abt this aspect… otherwise i find it nyc… soap free and good smell!!

  5. I have tried it and it suited well on my oily skin..it helped in controlling the oiliness, gave me a refreshed feeling and dint make my face shine. I would buy it again :)) :yes:

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