Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care Review

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care Review

Dove Face Wash

Price: 70 rupees.

Quantity: 50 g.

Wet your face, massage product, wash off and pat dry.

Manufactured By:
Hindustan Lever.


My Take on Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care:

Dove has launched 3 new face washes. One each for dry/normal skin. This is the second one and there is a third citrus one for oily skin, all the same price. I saw them 2 weeks ago at the local grocery store and picked this one up. The texture of this face wash is very dove like, very fine, very silk like. I have found most of the Dove face washes and body washes to have this kind of a texture. It has a new micro puff technology, which cleans the face and shrinks the pore. It is easily rinse-able.


Pros of Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care:

• This is a perfect little thing for people with pores, this works
• The very first time that I had used this face wash, my pores minimised.
• This really works on your pores.
• I am on medicated stuff right now, but I can’t resist buying new stuff and trying especially if something says “pore care” on it. So, this really worked.
• My cheeks seemed refined and were more even to look at.
• The price is great for this tube.
• It lathers really well, all you need is a tiny drop.
• It leaves your face squeaky clean and oil free. You could rub it and get that squeaky clean sound coming from your skin.
• You can see in one of the pictures how fine the texture is.
• Easily available.
• I love the smell, delightful, clean smell, doesn’t irritate the nose and is not too sharp.
• Easy to carry, the cap is very tight.
• Dove is a trusted brand name.
• Ladies with pores are going to love this, must try for them.


Cons of Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care:

• It does not work on acne. Well it doesn’t promise, but being a product meant for pores, I had high expectations.

Rating: 4 on 5 for the great price, good packaging, and doing its job perfectly.

Love all

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69 thoughts on “Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Pore Care Review

  1. :thanks: for the review FG..

    Tho i use dermadew acne soap.. Got tempted to buy this after seeing the ad on tv :specs:

    i really love Dove products :heart:

    trusted brand like u said :star:

      1. Coz I used to have lousy acne Geeta! And that time Dove had no face washes in India yet! Only their soap! And that was super oily right! So I switched long back to a salicyclic acid based foaming wash!

        1. oooohhhh me too acne-buddy! but hav stayed away from dove’s face care coz of their 1/4 moistu usp….good i did!
          agree on salicylic based prods, no matter wat anybody says abt it being an ACID…it does work.

  2. I’ll try this one out hen my one of my current face washes get finished. :toothygrin:
    Great review!!~ :thanks: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    ….The texture of this face wash is solight and fluffy in the pic,that I feel like wasting my current face wash just to have an excuse to buy this. 😐 😐 :hihi: :hihi:

  3. contains glycerin tea tree oil etc etc.. Makes my face squeaky clean , Keeps my skin oil free without over drying it .. And hence keeps acne at bay.. :specs:

  4. I m currently using sebamed foaming face wash and nothing can reduce my love for tht. but tht is too large to carry. please suggest me one which i can carry in my bag also probably salicyclic acid based

  5. I am so tempted to buy this one for my pores..but not sure if it’ll suit oily skin due to high content of moisturizer in dove ?:) i remember my derma said not to use dove soap due to its high moisturizer content and this only aggravates acne further 🙁

  6. I find saslic too too drying :yuck: …..this one looks nice though :yes: ….n i did give anything for open pores :waaa: ….but havent seen these around…… :((

  7. After seeing the ad itself i was :woot: :woot: :woot:

    now after reading your review.. Sure i am going to buy this, :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

    :thanks: for your review…

  8. If it reduces pore size then I have to get this….am also a real sucker for face washes and body washes….. :toothygrin: let me check for this range….thanks for the review, Fly Girl. 🙂

  9. hey would you know if this would work for mature skin? i do have lots of pores but a little skeptical to try it in the fear of worsening it..:(

  10. after reading the reviews i searching for this product every whre but havent found it yet, can any one leme knw whr i’l find it in delhi or faridabad

  11. dimpy you can easily get this in shopping malls……….. its amazing especially for girls like me who does’nt have time to put toner to minimise there pores its gentle and best face wash i have ever used……..must try
    it is easily cleaned unlike other facewashes hence saves water

  12. i luved it :puchhi: , it works amazingly, and is eco friendly as it is wahed off easily without much wastage of water :yahoo: :dance:

  13. Hey.. though i m blessed wid a lovely skin but still in need of something which can make my skin O:)
    more glowing.

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