Brows and Brushes : My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes

Brows and Brushes :  My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic and the first day of the week, is passing by pleasantly! My body clock seems to have gone on a toss for no apparent reason! So there my day goes to a total “BLAH” mood! I was just getting ready in the morning and as a ritual I groomed my brows and it struck me, that I better make a post out of it for you all! So this post is all about My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes and also I will be mentioning why I use what!

I have full and thick eyebrows, the kinds which can be shaped you any size and shape! You guys must have seen them in many of my mascara review posts! Yes it is a whammy to have thick brows but then they need a lot of maintenance as well as the right grooming in order to avoid any embarrassing “double looks”.

Here are the magic tools and products!!

Brows and Brushes : My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes
I use them almost every day, with exceptions of varying looks, or occasions! Like I cannot have androgynous brows for a meeting or a party!! Or maybe I actually can! 😛 I tweeze my brows quiet often for their quick growth and get them threaded once a month. I have a particular brow & lash care routine, which I will surely share with you all!

Here are the brushes which ensure my brows look human enough.

Brows and Brushes : My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes

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Elianto Nose Shaper Brush : I have already reviewed this brush HERE. I use this brush for filling in the mid section of the brow! I feel it packs in the product into the hair and lets it be there!
The Ecotools “dupe” Eyeliner Brush : It is very fine and sharp!! I use it for filling the hair with the gel eyeliner or the powder, since it reaches the most slim and thin unfilled areas of the brow where the other brushes can’t, especially the ends of the brows, both the interior and posterior ones!

Mikyajy 17 Pieces Brush Set, small brush : I use this for giving those final touches, and filling in the tiny spots and crevices and specifically the tips of the arches!

The Ecotools “Dupe” Eyebrow & Lash Brush & Comb: I use this for combing the brows, after applying the products and before sealing them with the Ardell Brow Gel! The Comb lost it few teeth, so I do not really use that part! I like how precisely the brush, brushes and disciplines the hair!

Mikyajy 17 Piece Set, Brow Grooming Brush : This brush is my favorite out of the lot. It is the most helpful and efficient one amidst the others! It reaches the tips of the hair, thus directing and disciplining them which is very useful for setting the brows! I LOVE IT!

Mikyajy 17 Piece Set, Eyebrow & Lash Brush & Comb : I use the comb part of this brush for my lashes when mascara clumps, and also the brush is efficient enough to render a helping hand for unruly brows!

The products, which help in having disciplined eyebrows!

Brows and Brushes : My Eye Brow Grooming Products And Brushes

Maxfactor Eyebrow Pencil in Ebony : I have reviewed it HERE. This one is great for faking those subtle fuller looking brows. My everyday partner in crime!! It is great for having it in the handbag since it has a tiny brush too.

Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel : Again, my beloved partner in crime. I cannot imagine a day without it! It is a must have product for my brows and for their glossy shiny finish! It is one of my most trusted beauty products! Read my full review HERE.

Mikyajy Minx, Eye Tattoo Pen in Dirty Brown : Handy tool for grooming and filling the brows. VERY natural looking and glorious product! Read my full review HERE

Brown Gel Eyeliner : Nothing better than this for grooming the unruly eyebrows! This one is a random one, and I use it when I know I have a 25 HOUR day. 😛

Elianto Eyeshadow : This is the perfect match for my skintone and hair! I have reviewed it HERE. This is the ONLY shadow I use for my brows!

These are the products and brushes, I use regularly! And I am set for the day!!
I will be doing a picture tutorial on how I groom my brows soon!! Do let me know what all you use for your eyebrows?

Minx Eyebrow Tattoo Pen
Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel in Clear
Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil in 1 Ebony
Elianto Nose Shaper Brush
Elianto Splendour Eyeshadow in Roasted Brown
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