FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream Review

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I loved Rati’s “Currently Loving” post yesterday, and especially the sexy black lingerie. It has become my must-buy item from Forever 21 now. I have been to the store several times and I must admit that I have never come back empty handed at all. Climate seems to be changing of late, and hence our skin care regimens should also change. I noticed that I have got dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. Blame it on the stress or the long hours on electronic media, but we are the losers finally.

FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream Review

So in a spree to do something about it, I headed to the nearby FabIndia store in search of the Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel. I have realized that more than the creams, it is application of them that matters. I had many eye creams and more often than not they expired because after religious application for a couple of days, I would completely forget about them. I wanted something new and something which had lesser chemicals. I stumbled upon the Fab India Organic Eye Cream on the shelves and the word “Organic” pulled me like a magnet. The staff also told me that it is one of the fast moving creams and used to be there before, but was discontinued. Now FabIndia has launched it again.

Sensitive skin around the eyes need extra care and protection due to constant exposure to computer screens and pollution throughout the day. The under eye cream with organic aloe vera juice, grape seed oil, almond oil, olive oil and cucumber extract nourishes the eye contour area. It reduces wrinkles, smoothes crow’s feet and clears under eye bags.

INR 150 for 15ml

Natural Spring Water**, Aloe Vera*, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Grape Seed Oil*, Glycerine**, Almond Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Sodium PCA**, Zinc Oxide**, Cetyl Alcohol**, Wheat Germ Oil*, Olive Oil*, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sea Algae Extract*, Avocado Oil*, Cucumber Extract*, Citric Acid**, Ascorbic Acid**, Shea Butter*, Chamomile Oil*, Basil Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Sugar Cane Extract*. *Certified Organic Ingredients,** Natural Ingredients, 100% Petroleum and Paraben free

My Experience with FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream:

Since the day I have bought this, I have been using it quite diligently. I don’t have very dark circles, but thanks to the kohls that I have been using, the area looks dark. I stopped using kohls for few days to first lighten the area and then have been using this cream regularly, day and night. The organic under eye cream comes in a nice oval shaped glass bottle with a golden colored cap.


The organic eye cream is white in color and does not have a very prominent fragrance. But when smelt closely, it feels medicinal. However, when applied, there is no smell at all. The cream is very light and is non-sticky. It does not have an ‘oily’ effect as other moisturizing creams and feels light when applied on the eye area which is very thin and sensitive. I use a peanut size of the organic under eye cream with my right finger around my eye area and slightly massage it.


The cream almost disappears into the skin instantly and the skin also feels soft. There is no white cast of the cream in the eye area either. There is no firming action or any sort of stretching felt when the cream is applied. I have used it for more than 3 weeks now and feel that the eye area is quite moisturized and feels better. The dark circles have comparatively reduced and the eye area looks brighter. It is definitely one of the best eye creams I have used till now and would recommend to everyone who prefers light eye creams.

open tub



Pros of FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream:

• Light and non-sticky
• Inexpensive
• Easily available
• Moisturizes the eye area well
• Small and cute glass bottle packaging
• Gets easily absorbed

Cons of FabIndia Organic Under Eye Cream:

• Does not work for very dark circles
• Has a medicinal fragrance

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