Faces Bath Body Massager Review

Faces Bath Body Massager

Hello friends,

I love spas.Love the aroma there,the music and all the little equipments they use to give you some minutes of divine pleasure.I also love any accessory related to bathing. Be it salt scrub,oils or massagers. Iam sure you do too. So while in health and glow,my eyes fell upon the latest Faces Body Bath Massager. It was priced at Rs.195 so I instantly bought it.

Faces Bath Body Massager

Now the price is not only the selling point of this product.It looked so nice and classy.A Transparent massager with medium sized thick massaging studs which look of great quality and that too from Faces! These reasons together make you lay your hands on them.

The pack says:

Faces Bath Body Massager (8)

Bath Body Massager:
Effectively removes cellulite and dead skin.
Stimulates skin and relax muscles.
Easy grip handle.
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My Bath Experience with Faces Bath Body Massager:

Well,I have mixed opinions about the half way handle.It helps as it provides enough space for you to adjust your hand and hold it the way you comfortable but at the same time ,its not that tight a grip as it is not a complete semi-circle handle you know.Its not easy to use this handle to hold a tight grip while using it on the back too. Of course do not expect it to enhance lather production from any product.It glides on the skin pretty easily.I love the sound the massager lets out,like a rolling stone.
During the bath some water seeped into it and you can see the soapy water floating inside.That makes it slightly heavy but do not take that as a con as I noticed it just because it is transparent. As far as the cellulite reduction goes,I think it gives you a nice acupressure sort of a bathing experience and maybe continued use might help in that area.It will definitely help in blood circulation.

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Smile as Faces Bath Body Massager:


  • It looks nice.
  • Nice thick studs.
  • Helps on blood circulation during bath.
  • May also help reduce cellulite.
  • Priced decently.
  • Faces Bath Body Massager

Frown as Faces Bath Body Massager:

A half handle makes it difficult to use the massager with comfort.
Faces Bath Body Massager (5)

IMBB Rating:


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  1. Now this is sumthing new…wld Luv to try this…let me check if it’s available @ the faces counter …tnks Maria for sharing. *puchhi* It looks so cute too.

  2. i have the same thing from vega, and i always thought it was a shampoo massager !! haha.. stupid me! thanks for sharing

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