Faces Eye Pencil- Electric Blue

Faces Eye Pencil- Electric Blue

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Sometime back, I reviewed an Eye Pencil from the brand Faces Cosmetics – Faces Eye Pencil in Brown and today I will be reviewing another pencil which I picked up from the same range in the shade “Electric Blue”.
Faces eye Pencil Electric Blue

Product Details:

Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.


Retails at Rs. 249 similar to Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils

Faces Eye Pencil Electric Blue


 Similar to Long Wear Eye Pencils, it comes in a pencil form with a cylindrical cap in black color for all the shades. The actual shade can be identified at the bottom of the pencil which reflects the shade it is in.

My Experience with Faces Eye Pencil in Electric Blue:

Faces Eye Pencil Electric Blue (2)

Faces Eye Pencil in Electric Blue is a gorgeous light blue color with shimmer finish. I have swatched the Aqua & Turquoise blue from the Faces Long Wear Pencils range and this shade is very different and I liked it much better than those two colors so decided to try it out. The color is like a sky blue and I like it. It is bright and instantly draws attention to the eyes.

The texture of this pencil is very smooth and creamy and it glides on the eyes without tugging. I found this pencil to be softer than the brown one I reviewed earlier. The pigmentation is good and swiping it twice on the lids looks quite decent.

Staying power is good; it lasted easily for 8-9 hours on me without fading. It requires makeup remover to get it completely off the eyes. It does not smudge at all and remains intact. This pencil too, like long wear ones require frequent sharpening which is a drawback.

Pros of Faces Eye Pencil in Electric Blue:

  1. Affordable.
  2. Love the sky blue color.
  3. Decent pigmentation.
  4. Does not tug on the eyes.
  5. Smooth texture- glides easily on the eyes.
  6. Staying power is 8-9 hours.

Faces Eye Pencil Electric Blue (1)

Cons of Faces Eye Pencil in Electric Blue:

  1. Requires frequent sharpening.
  2. Available only on Faces Counter.

Would I Repurchase Faces Eye Pencil in Electric Blue?

Yes, I like the variety this range offers and these colors are different from the ones included in the Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils. It is good to have more options.  🙂

IMBB Rating:

 4.2 Out of 5

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7 thoughts on “Faces Eye Pencil- Electric Blue

  1. I havent tried an eye-pencil from Faces yet. I have heard so many good words about it:)
    Will check out all the shades the next time I go to a mall with a Faces counter. Nice review 🙂

    P.S- Sometimes I draw a little heart on my ankle or on the back of my palm with blue pencil- I love how it looks 🙂

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