Faces Eye Pencil in White Review

Faces Eye Pencil in White Review

Faces Eye Pencil in White Review

I was looking for a white eye pencil since so long because I wanted my eyes to look “fresh” *rolls eyes* as they claim that white eyeliner makes eyes look fresh. When I saw this pencil at Faces counter, I jumped with joy and knowing that the pencil was on 50% off, I again jumped with joy.

Product Description:

Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.  Use Brush #111 to blend.

Weight: 1.22 g.


Octyldodecyl, stearoyl stearate, hydrogenated palm kernel glycerides, cera carnauba, myristyl lactate, synthetic beeswax, candelilla cera, octyldodecanol, dimethiconol behenate, cera micro-cristallina, hydrogenated palm glycerides, sucrose acetateisobutyrate, silica lauroyl lysine, sorbic acid, ci 77499, ci77891, ci77492, ci77491. Made in Italy.

White Eye Pencil

When next day, I lined my lids with the grey eye pencil and lined my waterline with this white eye pencil, I expected my eyes to look brighter and fresher as I had expected, but to my horror, my eyes looked like the eyes of 80s’ nagins on Bollywood movies! I already have big eyes and this pencil made my eyes look as if I was staring at my reflection in the mirror with a rage :P. I just rubbed this a little till it faded and it became quite subdued and looked nice on my waterline.

White Eye Pencil

This is going to be a favorite for gals with small eyes as it gives an illusion of bigger eyes. I have found a trick to make it work for me. I apply it very lightly on my waterline and it looks very natural and makes my eyes looks whiter and fresher.


249 INR for 1.22 gm.

Pros of Faces Eye Pencil in White:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Applies evenly.
  • It is smooth.
  • Does not irritate my eyes.
  • Good shade selection in this range.
  • This would work great for small eyes.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Easily available.
  • Safe for contact lens wearers.

White Eye Pencil

Cons of Faces Eye Pencil in White:

  • Does not work for me when applied in full intensity.
  • It fades on the waterline which is definitely a pro for me but it is actually a con!
Faces eye pencils have been a huge hit and I love their formula. This shade was a fail for me because of obvious reasons, but I wish Faces came with beige or skin-coloured pencils. I would be the first one to buy them, yes even after the Nagin episode :P. I am still curious as to how skin-colored eye pencils would look on my waterline.  Faces is a nice brand if you are looking for affordable eye pencils. These are creamy, yet not crumbly and stay put on until removed.  Brownie points for Faces for introducing a white eye pencil in Indian market, I have been searching for it since long in the shops, but could not find any.  I am trying to figure out other ways to use this pencil, please help me out girlies!

Will I Repurchase Faces Eye Pencil in White?

I will but in other shades, I love the formula!

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14 thoughts on “Faces Eye Pencil in White Review

    1. Thanks Radha! there were many shades. I have Grey, Brown and white. I had seen Forest Green, Navy Blue too. Don remember any other shades 🙁

  1. Ila, u can use it in the inner “v” of your eyes to make them look brighter. but do that only when your lids have eye shadows on. Doing just that without the eye shadows would give a weird look 🙂

  2. and if it is creamy enough, then rub some on your fingertip and smudge all over your eyelid before applying any eyeshadow, the white color would make the eye shadow shade more prominent and exactly as you see in its pallette 🙂 i hope it helps!

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