4 Fun Fashion Trends To Try This Season

4 Fun Fashion Trends To Try This Season

Any beginner’s article on affordable fashion will start by telling you to buy classic clothes that will withstand the test of time and not be swayed by passing trends. While this is true, it can be fun to introduce the latest trends of the season into your clothing. Even with the constant change in trends, with one or two carefully chosen pieces you can add new life to the classic core of your wardrobe. So here are my favourite trends for the season and a few ideas on how you can move them from the runway to the street.


This is a trend which comes around once every few years and can almost be called a classic. The best thing about this is that it’s a very versatile trend and can be taken from rock/ grunge chic to elegant formal work wear.

What defines this trend is the structured, tailored look of it and the military style embellishments. To get this look, find yourself a jacket with a high collar and embellishments like big, metallic buttons or epaulets. You can have either big buttons or epaulets or medallions but not two together at a time. Going over the top with the embellishments can trash your entire outfit. Colours can range from the classic military green to khaki, navy blue and other neutrals. Wear it open over a simple tank top and skinny jeans for a casual look. Button it up over a crisp white formal shirt and trousers and it transforms into very businesslike and chic work wear. Buttons Best of all, you can shop this trend at every price range. I got mine from Sarojini Market for Rs. 150 and at the higher end of the market you can find a few options at Zara and Bossini stores. REMEMBER

  • DO stick to neutrals and toned down shades in the jackets but feel free to experiment with colour on other parts of the outfit.
  • DON’T get a piece with very strong, padded or peaked shoulders. This may look good on 10 ft tall runway models but the rest of us cannot carry it off.


This is a very graphic look that uses a lot of colour and prints. For those who revel in bright colours, this is the look for you. An easy way to get onto this trend is by including some ikat weaves and prints in your wardrobe. These ethnic patterns bring a uniquely indo western flair to your outfits. Teaming an Ikat print tunic with a pair of jeans works beautifully for a low key look and if you’re looking for something more bohemian, a skirt or dress with ikat panels, like the ones in the pictures will make you stand out in a crowd. I find the combination of the uber Indian ikat patterns and the very western silhouettes to be super cute and very cutting edge. Ikat Print

Dress Ikat SKirt Source If you’re afraid of overdoing the patterns and prefer to keep your clothes simple, you can work this look by your choice of accessories. This tribal patterned wrapped bangle can jazz up any outfit and with its versatile black and white colour scheme you can pair it with pretty much any shade of clothing without clashing. Tribal Bangle Another fun way to work this trend into your look is with a brightly patterned belt. Patterned Belt Source Worn with a black top or dress, it can bring some colour and pizzazz into your outfit without overwhelming it. Wide belt REMEMBER

  • DO try patterns other than Ikat that have a tribal feel to them. We in India have a lot of resources to use in pulling this look off.
  • DON’T mix 2 prints in the same outfit. This can be done with care of course but generally I find it too iffy.


No Indian woman ever needs to be told how to pep up a look with metallics. As a nation, we’re bling and we’re proud of it 😛 The metal I’m talking about however, is gonna be on our feet. Yes! Now we come to my favourite part of any outfit – THE SHOES!!!!

Metallic sandles are hot this year when worn with a toned down outfit. They amp the style quotient way up on a simple pair of jeans and make a classic beige trouser/ white shirt combo look like it walked off the pages of a style mag. There’s no need to restrict yourself to silver, gold or copper. Go wild! Buy yourself some metallic purple sandals, paint your toes in hot red and dance your way through the day .:)



Metallic Sandles
For a Fun Day Time






For a Hot Party




  • DO mix it up with buckles and rhinestones on the shoes but tone down the rest of your outfit accordingly
  • DON’T go all matchy matchy with metallic purple tights and metallic purple shoes and a metallic purple top. This will just make you look like a metallic purple disaster.


Yes, I did say Neon and no, don’t stop reading yet . 😛 Most of us are understandably quite scared of neon bright colours. We remember all too well the hot pink messes of the 90’s bollywood era. A year ago, I’d have run away screaming at the very idea of wearing neons but then I had an epiphany 😀 I walked into a Puma store to buy myself some new floaters ‘cos my old ones had gotten really ratty and the first thing to catch my eye was this beautiful shoe in the most amazing colour palette – Grey and neon yellow! A lot of grey and very little neon yellow but that was the first splash of neon I added to my wardrobe. That pair of floaters has now gone to the great shoebox in the sky but their spirit lives on… Neutrals with Neon Source Source A head to toe bright coloured look may not be your thing but a small highlight of neon in an outfit will definitely take your outfit up a notch out of the realm of the commonplace. Use neon in camis under tunics and tops to make blacks and neutrals pop. We’ve seen a lot of black, white and cream sarees with contrasting blouses in red. How about adding a new twist to this with a grey saree over a bright yellow blouse or cream over orange? Celebs have taken to pairing neutral dresses with brightly coloured shoes and bags. A pair of hot pink shoes can add flair to even the plainest whites. Or how about reversing it and wearing a bright dress with neutral shoes? Orange Dress


  • DO play with different shades and colours to figure out which ones work for you. As for me, I’m hooked on yellow 😀
  • DON’T wear bright colours on both your face and body together. The best makeup look for bright clothes would be nudish lips with a smoky eye. Any more than that and you could look a little clownish.
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27 thoughts on “4 Fun Fashion Trends To Try This Season

    1. Thank you so much! This is my first post here and you’re my first commenter! I’m super excited as you can imagine 😀

  1. Hey Great aritcle KiKi…

    I loved the Tribal trend….
    I love getting those funky tribal print Kurtis and loads of wooden anf lac bangles to go with it… Very me…

    1. Thank you 🙂 So glad you liked it. I really love the tribal trend too. Makes me feel a lil like I’m walking on the wild side 😛 And its pretty flattering too.

  2. Awesome article, Kiki. I am going to look out for the tribal trend. The dress you have shown is very beautiful. I am tempted. :heart:

    1. Thank you. I’d have loved to put images from my own wardrobe up but my digi cam’s been acting up for a while. This dress resembles one I recently bought and everytime I go out I feel like wearing it even if it’s totally inappropriate for the occasion 😀

  3. OMG I absolutely love neutrals with neon…I do it when I wear bright clothes and neutral shoes. My favorite trend though is Metallics and even though they’re “technically” a neutral, I’m a little reserved about wearing them with overly bright colors.
    My least favorite look is tribal, it doesn’t agree at all with my personal style aesthetic. I DO however like the belt and that’s as far as I will go!

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