10 Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes

10 Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes

10 Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes

Chanel popularized the poor sailors shirt back in the 20’s and after hitting us hard four seasons ago; this trend is here to stay. Nautical stripes have integrated into our wardrobes with ease and become a staple.

Chanel Stripe

Dressed up or dressed down, they are major favourites of fashion bloggers and chic celebrities alike and have been spotted on every show with a major fashion quotient.

Full Dress

Fashion icons; the Olsen twins and Rachel Bilson seem to swear by this wardrobe staple and how can they not? Considering just how versatile this trend is.

Anne hathaway


So, read on for 10 different ways of wearing the nautical stripes with which you can never go wrong:

1) The Blazer:

Nautical Stripes Blazer

Take a page out of Gossip Girl’s style icon; Serena and throw a blazer over a striped vest for instant chic. This is a great option for spring and you could choose to go bling like the Gossip Girl star of keep it quirky and fun with a brightly coloured blazer, or bring out the nautical edge with navy blue and gold buttons.

2) Khaki:

Nautical Stripes and Khaki Pants

An easy option for the summers; keep it casual with a pair of khaki trousers or shorts. If you want to wear this into the winter, you can go with a khaki trench coat, a pair of high heeled boots and some red lipstick, like Alexa Chung.

3) The Dress:

Kim Kardarshian Dress

A striped dress is a great summer option. It’s easy to beat the sun in a great dress with a cute shrug and sky high floral wedges. Throw in some bling accessories and you’re good to go.

4) The Maxi Dress:

Maxi Dress

Don’t reserve your maxi dresses for the beach when they’re just as amazing in the summers. Throw in a brightly coloured belt to add some shape and wear it with your best leather satchel and feathered jewellery for a Boho edge.

5) The Skirt:

Nautical Stripes Skirt

Not bold enough to go all out with a maxi dress? Take your first step with a skirt. Now be warned; a maxi skirt with horizontal stripes is not for the vertically challenged. So, you could either cut it short or wear sky-high heels.

6) Sequins:

A simple way to carry this trend straight into the evening is by upping the bling level. This can be in anything; a beaded skirt, a sequinned blazer, a sparkly clutch. Or you could be adventurous and pair them all together!

7) Bright Bottoms:

Bright Bottoms

Brightly coloured skirts, skinnies, and shorts work as well as blazers to give a neat, together, but still very fun look. With skirts and shorts, a cute pair of ballet flats work wonders while you could add a touch of motorcycle chic to your skinnies with combat boots.

8) Trousers:


Probably not for the faint hearted, but if you’re adventurous enough, vertically striped trousers are definitely a lot more original that your usual pair of jeans. I’m veering towards leaner lines in cropped styles, but you could decide on which kind according to your body type; thin or chunky, skinnies or flares. Quick tip: thinner lines always elongate.

9) Accessories:

Nautical Stripe Beach Bag

So, you’ve got a whole outfit planned out and don’t know what to replace? One word – accessorize. A large canvas tote is perfect for the summers or you could always go with a wide belt.

10) Tangerine:

It’s time that the hottest colour of the season gave us the ultimate combination. The clichéd reds are out and orange is very much in. Take it from these stylish ladies and add a little orange to your sober stripes.

The truth is, that these stripes are the new black. They have become the ultimate basic and go with almost everything. What we know for sure is that this print has won our hearts and our wardrobes, over.

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