Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo Review

Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo Review

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I happen to pick a lot of stuff for my hair to find my HG product. While some of them work, others turn out to be a dud. My hair suffers due to all these experiments and I am in constant search for some damage control products that can benefit my hair. One such random find was the Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo. Read on to know how it worked for my hair.


Product Description:

Exotic Macadamia Nut Oil is known to help repair hair and protect it from getting damaged. A unique restore system that helps repair damage done by UV rays, pollution and dust and prevents further damage.


Rs. 69 for 100 ml.

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Shelf Life:

17 months.


Ingredients Shampoo

My Experience with Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo:

The shampoo comes in a small opaque bottle and the cap of the bottle shuts tight making it travel friendly. The consistency of the shampoo is runny and one might end up using more. I cannot identify the fragrance of the shampoo, but I can tell that it is strong. Sensitive noses will not like such a smell. The good thing about this shampoo is that it lathers well and cleans the scalp effectively. It even removes oil from the hair within two washes and you are left with hair that smells good at least for a day.

Fiama Di Wills Shampoo

Now, the bad thing is that this shampoo caused a lot of hair fall for me. Normally, when I change shampoos, I do face some hair fall, but this time it was not normal. I thought maybe it was only for the first time and I won’t face this issue the next time I wash my hair. I gathered courage to test this shampoo for two more times but the situation did not get any better. I finally had to stop using it as I did not want all my hair to fall off. I hated this shampoo. It has not controlled damage but has caused damage to my hair. I don’t know if it can really repair damage due to UV and pollution because I have not used it for long. I wanted to throw this shampoo in the bin but then I got a better idea, I put it to use by cleaning my combs with it.

Fiama Di Wills Shampoo 2

Pros of Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo:

  • Easily affordable.
  • Lathers well.
  • Removes oil from the hair.
  • Hair smells good at least for a day.
  • Widely available in the market.
  • Travel-friendly bottle.

Fiama Di Wills Shampoo 4

Cons of Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo:

  • Caused a lot of hair fall.
  • Dries hair if used without conditioner.
  • Fragrance is too strong.
  • Contains SLES and dimethicone.

Final Verdict on Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo:

I would say that hair care products work different for different people and this shampoo has definitely not worked for my hair. I don’t know how effective it will be for your hair type. If you want, you can try this shampoo to see if it works well for your hair.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. Thanks for the review. Too bad that it didn’t work. I’ve never tried any of their products and am going to continue to stay away from them. *scared*

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