Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance Shampoo

Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance Shampoo

Hi everybody, today, I have taken up a shampoo for review. It’s the Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance shampoo.

Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance Shampoo

What Does the Company Claim about Aqua Balance Shampoo:

Moisture balance is essential for healthy hair. Loss of moisture makes hair dry, brittle and fragile giving it a dull and lifeless look. This hair when further exposed to harsh weather conditions, direct sunlight and pollution can become worse.

Fiama Di Wills shampoos, formulated in collaboration with Cosmetech Laboratories Inc., USA, combine the goodness of nature and science. Give your hair gentle and effective care.

How It Works?
The unique Aqua Balance Shampoo combines the goodness of Nature and Science to give moisturized and soft hair while ensuring gentle care.

Magnolia Blossoms: They are used for dry and damaged hair and are also know for their moisturizing and softening properties.
Watercress: Watercress is rich in vitamins and minerals.
The product contains Hydro Restorative System which repairs cuticles and prevents the loss of moisture. This makes the hair soft and moisturized.

Price: Rs.115 for 200 ml.



What Do I Feel About Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance Shampoo:

• I have had good experience with Fiama Di Wills body wash, but I was never interested in trying their shampoos. My mom had got this shampoo and that is how I got to use this when I went home.
• It is a light blue shampoo and quite runny in consistency.
• It has a very fresh smell true to its name. If you remember the clinic plus smell, this one smells better than that.
• I used conditioner after using this shampoo.
• It left my hair clean and fresh smelling.
• This product is mild, so it did not lather much when I used it on oiled hair.
• I had to use more shampoo to get enough lather. It doesn’t bother me as strong shampoos make my hair more dry.
• My hair felt very soft. I liked how my hair looked and felt after using this.
• The hair smelled fresh for 2-3 days. It stayed soft until I washed it again too. I took this shampoo with me when I came back from home 😀
• Quite economical :yes:

fiama di wills

Final Verdict:
When I was not expecting much from this product, this turned out to be a pretty good shampoo. It’s definitely good for dry hair. If you hair is very rough and unmanageable, do try this one. It might work very well for you as well. It could be a everyday shampoo for normal hair beauties.

Rating: 4/5

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25 thoughts on “Fiama Di Wills Aqua Balance Shampoo

  1. i have used several bottles of this one. used to be my favorite shampoo before i took over to rainforst shine shampoo. this wills shampoo is also one of the best smelling shampoos ever :pigtail:

  2. It sounds good kaps. I have never tried the shampoos form this range. only shower gel and body cream I have tried. Both were okay. 🙂 Good review! 🙂

  3. Despite having SLS it doesnt lather well ?? Very good review !! I would like to try sachets first though !!!! For my dry hair, aroma magic cream shampoo is really helpful,you may try that

      1. If you try that Cream shampoo, then dont apply oil prior, it will be difficult to wash, or else if u apply oil then skip the conditioner.. otherwise its a very good shampoo for dry and rough hair..

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