Forest Essentials Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash Mandarin & Neem Review

forest-essentials-deeply-moisturisig-hand-wash-mandarin-neem Claims : 

Price : Rs 950 for 200 ml bottle

My Experience with Forest Essentials Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash Mandarin & Neem Review
This is probably the most expensive hand wash I must have bought till date. But for me Forest Essentials is like Apple . I’d buy everything they’d sell. I have issues. 😛

Forest Essentials Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash Mandarin & Neem comes in this lovely transparent pump bottle. It looks absolutely gorgeous sitting in the bathroom. It is a honey coloured hand wash that smells heavenly of all things citrusy. The texture is like semi thick gel.The pump dispenses just the right amount of product and is enough to for a single wash. A little goes a long way so this one bottle can easily last you months.

The key ingredients include aloe vera, organic honey, neem oil, mandarin oil etc which are all good for your hands. It lathers well, disinfects and cleans your hands properly. It washes of clean without leaving any residue behind. I am not sold out on the ‘deeply nourishing’ claim because I always feel the need to moisturise my hands after using this. It does dry out my hands a bit.

I mean honestly I don’t know how to explain a hand wash more than that it is a nice one. You definitley do not NEED it but if you don’t mind spending so much on a hand wash, it is a lovely one. I love the fragrance of it. I end up over washing my hands only because I enjoy the refreshing fragrance so much. 😛 The full list of ingredients is not mentioned but on their website Not mentioning it on the bottle makes me a bit skeptical.

To be honest, it is an overpriced hand wash but an absolute joy to use. I make no sense sometimes. 😛 Get it if you want to treat your hands.:)
Rating : 3.25/5

forest-essentials-deeply-moisturisig-hand-wash-mandarin-neem review forest-essentials-deeply-moisturisig-hand-wash-mandarin-neem-bottle Swatch :forest-essentials-deeply-moisturisig-hand-wash-mandarin-neem swatch
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3 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash Mandarin & Neem Review

  1. Hello Rati Mam,

    True, sometimes we get addicted to stuff, we instantly like, inspite of the price or without any reason. You had almost got me fancied with this hand wash, but the hands drying issue is holding me back.
    Thanks & Regards????

  2. 1K for a handwash – which doesn’t make your hand feel nourished at the end of it!!!! Hmmmm…. I’ll stick to “Dettol! 100% sure” Ha ha ha!!

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