Formal Dressing Tips

Whenever we think about ‘Formal Clothes’ words like plain, stiff and boring pops up in our minds. Afterall formal wear has always been associated with serious business mood.

But as more and more companies are venturing into the cloth market the limitations of formal wear is getting slimmer and slimmer. These days you can have a wide variety of material, cut, designs and colours to choose from and bring some life into the plain boring formal stuff.

All the rules relating to dressing up correctly gain much more importance when it comes to dressing in a formal wear. Mentioned below are few such points that should be kept in mind before stepping out.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Formal Wear:

Keep in mind the event before selecting your formal wear. You should always:

• Go for cuts that look flattering on you. Follow the basic styling mantra ‘reveal your best assets and disguises your problem areas’. Don’t follow the fashion blindly pay attention on what looks good on you. Like a strapless dress will flatter well toned shoulders but will look bad on droopy skinned ones. If you are heavy on top then stay clear from the low cut necklines.

• Pay attention to colours and prints as well. Do not wear big loud prints to any formal occasion. Stick to small prints and designs. As far as colours go look for something that does not wash you out. Jewel tones look fantastic on any skin tone. You can play with colours but keep your makeup and accessories simple when donning a bright coloured outfit at any formal event.

• Do not neglect your undergarments. A visible panty line can ruin your look to an extent. Wear comfortable undergarments according to your dress. Like if you have opted for a dress that fits well at the waist then buy a tummy shaper to look really in shape and toned. For a strapless piece, get a corset.

• Keep your formal wear refined in other words stay clear from a revealing outfit. It does not mean that you should wear high neck or full sleeves all I am saying is that your outfit should not show too much skin. Wear skirts that sit just past your knee. Also try to avoid wearing pants at a formal event. Choose a dress that is either sleeveless, backless or have a plunging neckline, any one of the following features in a dress is totally acceptable. Dresses with long slits should be avoided for a formal event.

• Keep your hair well styled and do not go crazy with makeup and accessory. Stay miles away from chunky and flashy jewellery. The shoes should match the formality of the rest of the outfit.

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  1. Never neglect your unmentionables! They’re the foundation of your get up! Mess that up and everything will be ruined! VPLs could ruin your elegant look if you just pulled the closest panty you have and put it on. Wear something that’s comfortable and save you from this dilemma.

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