Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream Review

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Hello all,

With spring in the air, it is time to ditch those boots and adopt strappy sandals, but that also means that you need to ensure that your feet are not rough and dry and look presentable. With that thought in mind, I had picked up the Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream a few weeks ago. Read on to find out more about it.

Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream

$3.79 for 4.2oz / 125 ml.

Product Description:
Fresh off the farm, the rejuvenating ingredients of fragrant Fig and energizing Eucalyptus nourish and soothe skin. Shea Butter smooths over dry, undernourished skin to deeply hydrate all-over. Your renewed skin will thank you!

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Massage onto clean skin, working into dry and rough areas.

My Experience with Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream:

Packaging:  The foot cream comes in a cute foot-shaped squeezable plastic tube. It has a plum-colored flip top cap. The cap shuts tight and the packaging is travel friendly.

Fragrance: The cream has a very nice fragrance and the eucalyptus provides a fresh menthol kind of smell. The fig smell is quite subdued and I like it that way as I do not like the smell of figs.

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Texture: The foot cream is white in color and has a very thick consistency. In fact, the consistency is so thick that I had to apply a lot of pressure to squeeze it out of the tube. For a moment, I felt that I had picked up a defective packaging, but I guess that is just how thick the cream is.

Performance:  When I had first squeezed the cream on to my hands, I had wondered how much time it would take for a cream this thick to be absorbed. But fortunately, it doesn’t take long at all. The cream melts on the skin like butter and I love how my skin absolutely soaks up all the cream in no time. It instantly leaves the skin smooth and well-moisturized owing to the presence of Shea butter. My feet had become too dry during the harsh winter months and within 2 weeks of using the cream on an everyday basis, I have noticed that my feet already look smooth and well hydrated.

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However, I do not think the cream is intense enough to treat more serious foot problems like extremely cracked heels or calluses. You would be better off using a medically approved ointment for such conditions.

To summarize, here is a foot cream which smells lovely and provides hydration to dry feet, but it might not be useful for extremely dry feet.

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Pros of Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream:

  • Provides moisture to dry feet making them smooth and soft.
  • Has a nice fragrance.
  • Absorbs easily and does not leave a greasy residue.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Affordable price.

Cons of Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream:

  • Might not be suitable for extremely dry feet or other conditions like cracked heels or calluses.
  • A bit difficult to squeeze out the thick cream out of the tube.

IMBB Rating:

Do I Recommend Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream?
If you have mildly dry feet, you can try this foot cream.

Would I Repurchase Freeman Bare Foot Eucalyptus + Fig Butter Cream?
No, I don’t think I would repurchase the same cream. I might try other creams from the brand.

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