Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap

Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap

Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap

I discovered Lush only after seeing the posts on IMBB. Hyderabad has only one Lush store and that is in the Inorbit Mall.  Every time I visited the mall, I used to pass by the store without even looking inside to check what actually is in the store. When I started seeing posts on Lush products, most of the reviews were positive, and I was taken aback.  I read almost all the reviews on Lush products, visited their site to check out all that they have, and fell in love with too many of the products that I made a very long list of products that I should get the very next time I visit Inorbit.  So, the very same weekend, I went to the mall and straight into the Lush store and bought so many of their amazing products that the SA was shocked! 😛 Believe me, I got 12 of their products at once! 🙂

Lemslip butter cream

Now, since it has been quite a number of months since I have been using Lush products, here is one product that I like and that is “Lemslip Butter Cream.”


Rs. 498 for 166 gm.

Lemslip butter cream

Lemslip butter cream

Product Description:

Degreasing, oil-removing, gentle but effective triple citrus cleanser. Lemslip is the biggest bargain of all our Butter Cream Shower Soaps, but this is only one of the reasons why it’s a best seller. The other is that sea salt and its antimicrobial lemon, lime and sweet wild orange scent help to clear up spots all over a body that gets a bit oily now and again. Who doesn’t want a nice clear back, front, arms and legs? No-one. So, who wants to slip a slice of Lemslip all over their bodies? Everyone.

Lemslip butter cream

My Take on Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap:

Lush’s Lemslip Butter has that very subtle smell of lemon. It does not give much of any kind of overpowering lemony fragrance while or after shower. Like all the other butter cream shower soaps, this does not make much of a lather, but I felt it is still better than other butter creams from Lush, very gentle according to its claims. I have oily-combination type of skin and when I learnt that this is oil-removing, degreasing and a very good cleanser, I thought it would do some good to my skin and surprisingly, it made my skin very dry, or at least for some time after the wash, it was because my skin is really oily. So, from that I can say, this is a big no-no for people with dry skin.

Lemslip butter cream

The product also claims that the sea salt and its antimicrobial lemon, lime and sweet wild orange scent help to clear up spots all over the body and when the SA told me about this, I couldn’t wait for my skin to be moisturised by this luxurious bar. Many of us suffer from body spots that arise due to a lot of reasons. I have them on my back and I have always wanted to get rid of them, so I thought this would help me, but now that I am almost done with my first bar of Lemslip Butter, I can say it hasn’t really done any such job or perhaps I did not notice any clearance of spots on my body.

The bar has those little exfoliating particles inside, but there is frankly no exfoliation because I feel the particles are too infinitesimal to do the job and they more often turn into lather.

My skin feels very moisturised and creamy and smooth, especially while in the shower. It does moisturise the skin to an extent, but people with dry skin should not expect this to do a wholesome job.

Pros of Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap:

  • I personally like the little tinge of lemony smell that it has, makes me feel fresh in the shower.
  • Makes skin squeaky clean.
  • Makes skin smoother and helps in moisturising to an extent.
  • Good for people with oily skin, removes grease and oils.
  • Easy to use and makes the kind of lather that is richer and creamier than most butter cream soaps.
  • It is vegan.

Cons of Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap:

  • Does not really remove the spots on the body while it claims to do so.
  • Super drying, not for people with dry skin.
  • The little exfoliating particles are of no use.
  • Finishes off very soon 🙁

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24 thoughts on “Lush Lemslip Butter Cream Soap

  1. 12 products at once???!!! :woot: :woot: me planning my lush purchases next month.. TBS purchases ate my bank A/c dis month… :((

    1. Hehe! Yes TBS is awesome too na! I was so over zealous ki I bought like so many of them at once … 😀 😀

  2. nice review ravali,even i’ve used this soap the only but the only thing i liked was the subtle lemon smell tat lingered on me the whole day :love: ,other than tat it’s a dud product :spank:

  3. seems good for oily skin.. :yes: My skin is now leaning towards dry. so :nababana: :nababana: for me.. Nice review.. :))

  4. infact it didn’t dry my skin since i’d used it in summer ,i might just buy it for it’s zesty smell which lasts all day long :love: ,it’s so uplifting but wat about those claims of clearing the skin which was the reason i’d bougth this in the first place :spank: :nababana: i’d huge expectations :waaa:

    1. Me too..the claims of clearing the spots and all… :pissedoff: :pissedoff: that was the reason for me to buy it too! :waaa: :waaa: but stilll…i like it! :toothygrin:

    1.’d really not like it if u got dry skin…you could probably adjust becoz summers around though..but immediately after the wash..ur skin gets super dry! :yikes: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

  5. I thought it was Jomo’s review till I read the name 😛 Lush’s descriptions of their products are awesome, but this sounds yummy! I’ve only tried Lush soaps and not much else lol.

    1. In fact most products from Lush are yummy! When u enter their store na…aaahhhh the mixed fragrances :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  6. I love lemony soaps for summers.. infact i love everything that smells citrusy. i will give this a try ravali. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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