Fresh Face Makeup Look For Summers

By Makeup Artist Shruti from Neonscorals

Hi Everyone,

I am back with another pictorial for you. I would really like to thank every one of you who showed so much of love on my last post “How To Create Perfect Ombre Lips.” It really motivated me and I hope this tutorial will also be much loved.  Summer time in Delhi is really hot and humid and makeup melt down is the biggest problem. Here is the summer look creation by me with a twist:

Fresh Face Makeup Look For Summers

Products that I used:

  • Matte Foundation low to medium coverage or a BB cream.
  • Concealer.
  • Loose powder preferably translucent.
  • Contour kit as per your skin tone.
  • Blush which has some sheen.
  • Dark brown eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil.
  • Bright colour eyeliner or pencil and black eyeliner waterproof.
  • Mascara waterproof.
  • N*de liquid lipstick.

To start any kind of makeup or your day, skin care is very important. I have already prepped my skin my CTM (cleansing/toning/moisturizing ) regime is one thing that I would never give a miss. Your skin should be well moisturized before you start your makeup as dry skin can make your makeup look patchy and we don’t want that right? I have also primed my skin you can use any primer or Nivea shave balm as it is a best alternative of a primer which makes you makeup last longer.

Shruti No Makeup

Step 1 Foundation:

Step 1 Foundation

After priming my face, I started with a matte foundation which matches my skin perfectly as I don’t believe in playing with the skin tone. And as we are going for a “no melt down” summer look, so we better not play with the base. Here, I have used NYX Matte foundation, but you can use any foundation that suits you or a bb cream also works for you.

Step 2 Concealer:

step 2 concealer

We need to hide all problem areas, right? I am very natural kinda person when it comes to my makeup. Concealer shade is somewhat a shade lighter than my skin tone. I have applied it on the usual areas – under my eyes, bridge of my nose, centre of my forehead, corner of my lips, corner of my nose. This will conceal and highlight my face.
p.s. I don’t have crazy pigmentation on my face or under eye circles. If I had them I would have used a peach or orange corrector before concealer and foundation on the problem areas and also the shade of the concealer will be changed to a darker shade to conceal and lighter to highlight.

Step 3 Powder:

step 3 powder

We need to set our foundation and concealer to keep the oil at bay and to lock the concealer in. Apply a thin layer of setting powder under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, chin, and forehead.

Step 4 Contouring:

Step 4 contouring

Who does not like to look sculpted and shed a little face weight without working out. Contouring helps you to enhance your features and give dimension to your face. Here we are going with a natural look so a slight contour is what we are going for. Make a fish face or suck your cheeks in and very slightly run your brush in the hollows of you cheeks, on your jawlines on your temples (I have a small forehead so contouring on temples does not work for me), sides of your nose. Keep in mind that blend in your harsh lines, they never look good.

Step 5 Blush:

Step 5 blush

We need that flush of colour on our face to add more dimension. Here, I went for a coral blush which has a little sheen in it as we are not using a highlighter in this look. NARS Orgasm is the perfect blush for this look.

Step 6 Eyebrows:

step 6 eyebrows

Eyebrow grooming is a big thing nowadays you should not ignore eyebrows as eyebrows makes a lot of difference. Never go for a black eyebrow pencil or black eyeshadow, instead go for a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows with an angular brush and soften it up with a spoolie. The beauty market is filled with a lot of brow products.

Step 7 Eyes:

step 7 Green Eyeliner

This is the twist in the tale, we have seen looks with just one colour eyeliner, mostly black, brown or blue, but I have come up with a new option for you girls. We are doing a double eyeliner for this look. As a pop of summer colour, I have used a green coloured gel eyeliner you can also use a waterproof eye pencil. Create a green winged eyeliner and then add black eyeliner closer to the lash line so that the green pops out even more. Do your own trial to make it perfect as possible.

Step 8 Mascara:

step 8 black eyeliner

Curl your eyelashes to add that oomph and add a lot of waterproof mascara to your upper and lower lashes. You can also add eyelashes to make it more glamorous.

Step 9 Lipstick:

Step 10 Lipstick

Add lipstick of your choice just make sure it is a liquid lipstick. I went for a brownish n*de for my skin tone. I used the Chambor Extreme Wear Lipstick in the shade #481.

Final look for you 🙂

double wing

Look without lashes:

final look without lashes

Final look with lashes on:

With Lashes

Shruti before after

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