Gardeners Protective Day Cream Review

Gardeners Protective Day Cream

Halo and a big smile to all the ladies there! 🙂
Gardeners Protective Day Cream
I love faces’ products and I am sure many of you do too. But hardly must have we noticed the range of products they have under the name of ‘Gardeners by Upper Canada’. I wonder how I too didn’t so far, as they are packed in nice orange tubes and bottles. It has a range of body mists and creams out of which I picked the protective day cream.

What the tube says:
It’s a protective day cream with natural mineral defence…yipee…We love minerals.
Sunkissed Citrus formula-Again a yipeee..We love citrus in Mumbai.
So it says that this water resistant formula helps protect skin from drying effects of the sun without leaving a white residue when applied and keeps skin moisturized the whole day.

Some ingredients: Acqua ,Zinc Oxide, Sorbital, Titanium Dioxide, Avacodo Oil, Olive oil, Lactic Acid, etc.
Made in Canada.

Priced at Rs.550.

Okay ..The SR there told me this is more like a sunscreen to which I pointed out that this has no SPF mentioned. So I don’t think we can skip our sunblocks if we are out for a long duration. This can be applied solely if we step out for a few minutes maybe.
cream swatch
I like the silver and orange colour on the tube. But the cap is horrible! Since it’s a fluid, it always spills out of the cap and you can never get the exact quantity you desire. A big put off.
The smell is pleasant and it does help prevent tanning a bit. Not too greasy too.

Pros of Gardeners Protective Day Cream

Helps in preventing tanning.
Moisturizing enough.
Tube pleasant to the eyes.
Contains minerals.
Nice citrus fragnance.

Cons of Gardeners Protective Day Cream

The mouth of the tube is really bad.
An SPF would have helped.
Oily skin ladies should keep this at bay.

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Recommend buying:
Yes. Especially dry skin girls and only if you can be patient with the ‘ever ready to spill’ tube: p

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