Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub

Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub

Hello IMBBians,

Today, I am going to review an altogether different kind of scrub. It’s Living Proof’s Micro Cell Scrub. I mentioned “altogether different” because I have never come across this type of a scrub. Here is the look of the packaging and the bottle. It’s a flip cap bottle and it is convenient to use.

Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub


Rs. 240/- for 100 ml.  I purchased this online for Rs. 210/- I guess.  (Sorry, I purchased this scrub two to three months ago and I don’t remember the exact price at which I purchased it).

micro cell

Product Description:

With advanced “Live Cell Skincare” technology, clinically tested embryonic cells from plants Phyto (Plant) Placenta – to kick-start cell renewal for younger-looking, healthier skin! It contains super fine micro-beads to effectively remove stubborn surface oil, dirt, impurities and dead cells as well as clear clogged pores and blackheads. This special formula is created to be gentle on sensitized skin. It also protects and soothes skin after treatment.

Reading this description, I felt like purchasing it. In its directions to use, it was also mentioned that it can be used daily.  Now, this is a kind of scrub each one of us must be looking for. It exfoliates as well as leaves the skin soft without over drying it. Its like a boon for both dry as well as oily skin.



Directions To Use:

Apply a generous drop each on the cheeks, chin and forehead. Massage until lumps of dirt appear. Use more on particularly affected areas. Rinse off.  Deep cleansing for sensitive, oil and normal skin. Use every night if required.

My Take on Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub:

micro cell

I must say that this product has lived up to its claims.  The idea of “kick start cell renewal” was altogether new for me. So, I thought of trying this product. I have checked their range of products and most of them have this concept.  I thought of picking up the scrub as this won’t have much side effects on my skin if it didn’t suit me. 😛

Here’s how the scrub looks:


It is semi fluid and white in colour.  It contains micro granules.  When it is massaged into the skin, as mentioned in the directions, it forms lumps. These lumps are easily washable. Here’s how it looks after massaging. The lumps fall off and can be washed off.

microcell scrub

After scrubbing, the skin feels fresh, smooth, soft, supple and glowing. My skin also feels squeaky clean and moisturized. It can be used every night.  The granules are not harsh on the skin; they are very soft and mild.  Hence, this scrub can also be used by ladies with dry skin.  The way lumps form after the scrubbing procedure might turn a few people down, but I really like the way it cleanses the skin.

microcell scrub

Usually, I clean my face using a milk cleanser, then use a tea tree face wash, and then apply this scrub. I know it’s a lengthy procedure, but I want my skin to be exfoliated lightly every day.  I have tried one more product of this brand, and I will be shortly reviewing it.

To summarize about the product:

Pros of Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub:

  • Clean, soft and glowing skin.
  • Decently priced.
  • Suits both dry as well as oily skin.
  • Can be used daily.
  • Granules are soft and not harsh on the skin.
  • Leaves the skin moisturized.
  • Flip cap bottle, so convenient to use.
  • Does not contain parabens.

Cons of Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub:

  • Availability might be an issue.
  • The lumps that form after the exfoliation procedure might not appeal to everyone.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub?

Yes, because I really loved it since the scrub is mild and can be used every day.

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27 thoughts on “Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub

  1. Sound interesting to me Ketakee. Reminds me of fevicol somehow. 😛 Used to layer it up on my palm just like that bachpan mein to peel it off when its dry. 🙂

    1. Hey Jyo thanks…:-) and ya fevicol type.. It’s not sticky though.. Hihihi… I too used to put fevicol on my fingers in bachpan……

  2. Seems to be a nice product that would suit my skin type… I think I can give this a try.. 🙂 Nice review 🙂

  3. living proof has come up with really nice products, one of them being, as i heard, id a sulfate silicone free shampoo that eases frizz. . . .
    scrub sounds nice, where did you buy it from ?

    1. Thanks Dr.Rashmi… And ya living proof products are great.. I tried one more product which I will be reviewing soon.. About shampoo I guess I need to check their website…:-)

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