Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser Review

Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser

Hola Chicas,

All set for Valentine ’s Day? I am going to be very far from my husband this time, but it feels like every day is Valentine ’s Day if we are happy with each other. However deep in my heart  I like to celebrate these days in special way. Anyways coming to today’s product as I told last time I have not got many of these daily essentials with me, so I am getting a chance to use all the new products in US :D. Somehow no other garnier product other then their face wash has worked for me. I was looking for a deep cleansing face wash and when I saw this product I felt like this is going to work for all my needs and bought it.


Price: $5.99 for 200ml

Product claims: Customized Cleansing + Skin Type Specific Care

Customized Cleansing: This lavish foam effectively cleanses and purifies skin without over drying.
Skin Type Specific Care: Formula, infused with antioxidants, Grapefruit and Pomegranate softens and balances skin.

My Experience with Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser:

As I have said many times on IMBB, my oily skin is turning combination with age. And in winters it’s very tricky to look after my skin. So I was looking for a cleanser which is meant for combination skin. Also I use BB cream/BB stick and cream blush every day. I know it’s good to use a cream based or oil based makeup remover for BB cream , still I feel very lazy to do that. Also due to time constrainr, I wanted a face wash which can wash oil and makeup both and this claimed to do that, and to my happiness it stood true to its claims too. All the makeup gets clean with this face wash. I use it in two steps, first I wash my makeup with this and then I take small amount again to clean the skin well. First time the lather it makes is less (because it’s mixing with makeup) and second time it lathers more and after wash skin feels very clean and soft. It does not dry skin at all, even after 2 washes and it does not leave any greasy film behind . So this way it’s a perfect face cleanser for combination skin. Neither drying nor very moisturizing.

Coming to the smell, it smells like freshly cut grapefruit, it feels very refreshing to use. It gives no oil control however oil control is not one of its claims. So it is a great balanced cleanser for combination skin, which cleans deep without drying the skin. And my skin likes this cleanser a lot these days

Only down side is its packaging, it looks like a pump packaging. But it’s just a pump-looking cap which we should lift up and then squeeze the bottle to get the product. I would like to request Garnier to come up with pump packaging not pump like look packaging. Other issue was somehow, the product does not look very foamy; it’s like a mix of foam and liquid. But as long as it works for me I don’t care if it looks like foam or liquid.

Pros of Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser:

• Washes off makeup effectively.
• Cleans skin well without drying it.
• Good of antioxidants from grapefruit and pomegranate.
• Lather well.
• No film left behind.


Cons Pros of Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser:

• Pump packaging would have been great.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5


Will I be repurchasing Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser?

It worked great for me so may be yes. But I am also looking forward to  new products.

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