Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse Review

Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse Review


Product Description:

Xtra, Xtra-Large Volume.  Flat gets inflated.  Garnier Fructis Style XXL Volume with fruit micro-waxes, has unique weightless formulas and powerful holding technologies to provide hair with extra height, volume and hold without stickiness or buildup. Weightless, all-day hold for maximum volume.  Infused with thickening agents to reinforce shape.  Hold Level: Extreme.




Water , Isobutane , Propylene Glycol , VP/Acrylates/Lauryl Methacrylate Copolymer , AMP Acrylates Allyl Methacrylate Copolymer , Propane , Phenoxyethanol , PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , Fragrance , Aminomethyl Propanol , Amodimethicone , Methylparaben , Maltodextrin , Limonene , Trideceth 6 , Hexyl Cinnamal , Linalool , PEG 70 Mango Glycerides, Amyl Cinnamal , Cetrimonium Chloride , Camellia Sinensis Extract , GossypiumHerbaceum (Cotton) Extract , Citrus MedicaLimonium (Lemon) Fruit Extract , Sodium Hydroxide.

Directions To Use:

Shake well. Hold can upside down and dispense into palm. Apply evenly to damp hair and style.



This volumizing mousse comes in a green 6.8 oz. bottle. It has a clear cap which covers a nozzle which dispenses a decent amount of foam, not too much and not too little. In order to dispense the mousse, you have to push the end part down.

My Experience with Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse:

With fine hair like mine, I am constantly looking for products to volumize my hair without too much build up on my scalp. I had a certain love-hate relationship with this product.  Before starting off, I just wanted to let you girls know that, if you are expecting to just apply this product without using a blow dryer or other methods to volumize hair, then this WILL NOT work. You have to use a blow dryer to get this product to work. I apply this mousse to my 80 percent towel and air-dried hair.


I take about one to two pumps and apply it throughout the roots and all the way to the ends of my hair. I then use a round hair brush and blow dry my hair. So, the main question you all might be asking is….does it give volume? The answer is: yes, it does, but only when I use a blow dryer. If I do not, my hair becomes extremely sticky and it seems like I have not washed my hair in days. It claims to provide extra extra large volume, but I believe it just provides a decent amount, nothing to crazy and definitely not XXL.

The volume does not even last that long, not more than a good 2 hours, and that’s if it’s not hot outside. After the volume is gone, my hair starts to feel very heavy and dirty, that’s because it has left a lot of buildup on my scalp which cuts down major points for me because I already have naturally oily scalp. One plus point is that it makes my hair smell really good! I always get compliments from my husband whenever I use this. It has the regular traditional Garnier Fructis smell, that usually all products have. The same fruity, yummy smell. So, overall this product is a totally drab for me.


It almost does totally opposite of what it claims and it just is not worth it if you have to spend so much time styling your hair when you know it will not even last that long.


Pros of Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse:

  • Gives a decent amount of volume.
  • Smells good.
  • Convenient packaging, bottle contains a lot of product.

Cons of Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse:

  • Leaves too much buildup in hair.
  • Can become sticky and hard to manage.
  • Volume does not last long.
  • It is necessary to blow dry in order to get volume.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse?

I do not recommend this product. I would rather suggest to look into other volumizing mousses and just forget about this one. Total waste of time and money!

Would I Repurchase Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse?

No, I will never buy this particular mousse again. I cannot even think about finishing this product, I am thinking about giving it away to my friend who has really thick hair, it might work for her.

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13 thoughts on “Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse Review

  1. Ohooo necessary to blow dry means excess damage every time you use it *cry* *cry* i love how the bottle looks *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. The Garnier Fructis stuff does smell so yummy and fruity. I have the shampoo.

    This product sounds like a hassle to use. *nababana*

    1. Yah it is a big hassle. I have used the shampoo and I have liked it..but I guess not all their products do what they claim.

  3. have rarely come across good hair care products from garnier. thanks for the heas up. will avoid this. i love using the one by loreal. works really well! 🙂

    1. I really like the soothing milk and the leave in conditioner from their line.

      I haven’t tried the Loreal one. I will sure give it a try.

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