GHD Air Hair Drying Kit Review

GHD Air Hair Drying Kit

Aloha Ladies! Hope you all are looking super pretty and doing awesome today. I am back into IMBB with a bang!

The product I will be talking about today is in my most used, most favourite and most expensive hair gadget list. ‘GHD Air Hair Drying kit’ in simple sense my everyday GHD hair dryer with some add-ons, which I will be talking about in the later part of my review.

Before, I review this hair dryer I want give you lovely ladies an in-depth insight about what is this kit, why this kit and How to use it (I know what you are thinking its just a hair dryer plugin and use it right? but, trust me there’s so much more you can do with this kit! By the end of this review you would want to buy this and have it exist in your hair life ;)).

What is this kit?

GHD claims:‘Say goodbye to flat and frizzy hair with our all newghd air® hair drying kit. Containing; the award winning ghd air® professional hairdryer with a salon strength motor for super-fast drying and ionic technology, giving you a smooth salon-style finish in half the time*; a ghd air® diffuser worth £15, to encourage natural wave and volume; a narrow nozzle for precision styling; two sectioning clips for easier styling; a size 3 ghd vented radial brush worth £17.50, to create lift and body to your blow-dry AND a ghd air® soft protection cover worth £5.95, for better storage bag to keep it all safe. It’s everything you need for the ultimate blow-dry.

Most of us beauty junkies know how popular and how big of a name GHD has in the hair market. Their straighteners are best in the business and promise what they deliver. After using this kit for 6 months I can confirm that their Air dryers are Best in the business too..
Why this kit?
It’s the Name GHD, the brand leader in hair products and gadgets. GHDs never fail to deliver what they promise and this kit definitely ticks all boxes of hair drying for someone who works in the hair salon to regular home user. The kit contains everything you need to achieve salon standard hair at home. Quality of the products that you receive is beyond perfect and wouldn’t disappoint you. There’s nothing available in the market of hair drying like this kit so, there’s no competition.
How to use this kit?

Without using Nozzle: Regular hair drying without using the flat nozzle this air dryer is unbelievably powerful and quick if you’re one of those women with fine hair or short and thin hair you would probably need like 2-3 minutes maximum to dry your hair without the use of nozzle. The ladies with long and unmanageable crazy hair like mine I would suggest use this with a nozzle but, it takes a minute or longer with nozzle because the air is just coming out in one go like a force of wind. You guys must be thinking what’s the point of not using the nozzle but I have my answer for you. If you’re in rush and have less than 5 minutes for your hair this is your method to follow as this quick, efficient and powerful. A force of wind drying off your hair quickly without actually burning or damaging your hair.


With nozzle: This is self-explanatory as the name suggest you just plug in the nozzle to the dryer and dry your hair. This is more controlled form of hair drying and this is where GHD’s claims comes true. You can achieve salon style hair if you use a proper brush like the one provided with this kit along with the right products. You could even curl your hair at the ends like they do in salons as the brush provide works for this but beware as this time taking and your hands can hurt!

The great thing about using the nozzle is you can semi-straighten your hair if you constantly comb your hair down straight while using the hair dryer diagonally. This works if you wavy hair and helps u save using hair straightners and giving your hair less hair time hence less split ends and damage.
With the diffuser: This is my most used and most favorite add-on from this kit the way it dries my hair is very naturally curly yet, presentable and professional. If you look at the picture below you can see this is no ordinary shitty diffuser that you get with usual cheapish air dryers. This is seriously strong, sturdy and very efficient as it claims to be.


Diffuser: Diffuser is an addon attachment to any hairdryer which gives you beachy, curly, messily pretty hair. The Diffuser in this kit is huge its almost the size of a medium plate and it has tiny protruding things which are hollow and air flows out of it. As the size of this diffuser is so huge, it can take half of your head to diffuse in one go and Wallah! You’re done with a curly, wavy hairstyle.
How to use diffuser: After you wash your hair use some heat protect and serum (Any sort of serum will work but, the best results can be achieved with a curl enhancing serum or spray) scrunch your hair and spread the products. Now connect your diffuser to your GHD air dryer and grab some hair, scrunch it using the diffuser (almost like scratching your head while twisting and twirling the diffuser up and down to achieve waves and curls). Repeat this in sections I usually do 2 sections one half of the head hair each time and I end up with beachy hair that looks great for summers.

Price: £115 online sites that deliver to India.

My Take on GHD Air Hair Drying kit:

This kit has changed my hair drying routine. I enjoy hair drying and look forward to dry my hair every time I wash it with this kit. The handy bag helps me store it easily and take it along while I am travelling. I have used a ton of hair dryers in my life but, the way this works and the results it gives is truly salon standard. Most of the UK salons use GHD products including dryers and straighteners so; it really shows how brilliant and successful these are. Although, this is on the expensive side I promise u girls that this is an investment for a lifetime you will not regret this purchase. I gives u amazing hair without frizz and the time it takes do work is very quick. Its fast, efficient and just Amazing!

I have compared my travel size GHD hair dryer with GHD Air below. You can clearly see the amount cable given and how sturdy the GHD Air is. I believe there was a lot of thought put into the making of this kit and I think it has worked brilliantly its hugely popular and people rave about it!


Pros of GHD Air Hair Drying Kit

• Quick, easy and efficient drying (no fizz or fluff).
• Long cable provided for the dryer unlike usual hair dryer.
• extremely powerful.
• The variety of hair drying (nozzle, diffuser), I don’t there’s any kit which offers what this one has to offer.
• Handy add ons (clips to hold hair, radial brush, diffuser)
• No nasty burning smell if you end up using it for longer times
• The power settings and heat settings you get with this gives you so much option to choose
• No Nasty hair drying loud sound its bearable and relatively quieter than usual dryers
• The cool hair drying option (powerful).
• Not super heavy and the handy bag makes it travel friendly.
• Convenient, easy and very comfortable handle which does not make your hands painful.
• Last but not least looks stylish, sleek and professional. (catches the eye!)

Cons of GHD Air Hair Drying Kit

Absolutely none!

Happy Hairdrying. 🙂

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  2. Wow welcome back Harika 🙂 Such a detailed review! I surely need this in my life *drool* bookmarking it! I have never heard of GHD- but thanks to IMBB, I learn something new each day 🙂 *thankyou* Harika! I have been researching a lot on the best hair dryers that I can invest on and this sounds like a worthy investment *happy dance* But where do I buy these from? *shy*

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    I loved writing it Rati and thank you for your compliment.. everyone in India can buy this at 🙂

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