8 Habits of People Who Always Look Stylish

Have you noticed some people always look good, no matter what; even if they are out grocery shopping, the look good. I, on the other hand manage to look like a hobo every time I walk out of my house. Let’s talk about some of the tiny habits of ever-stylish people and how they manage to look good round the clock!

Stylish People

1. They know their body type

This is the crucial part when it comes to dressing up. They know their body type and dress accordingly. If you are dressed as per your body type then you instantly look a bit polished! Knowing your body type and choosing your outfits around it can be of great help when it comes to looking stylish.

2. They are not a brand baby

stylish woman
What I mean is that stylish people do not obsess over brands. They have a knack of picking out great pieces even from the flea markets. They don’t believe that you need all expensive pieces in your wardrobe to look good.

3. They get inspired, but they don’t copy

They draw inspiration from everywhere but have a mind of their own. They take inspiration from a certain outfit and put their own spin on them which makes that outfit their own and not a copied one!

4. They have their certain go-to uniforms

Most certainly stylish people plan their outfits a night before but when they are running late and have just 5 minutes to spare then they don’t just haphazardly pick anything from their wardrobe and rush outside! They have their go-to clothing combinations that could range from a basic jeans and tee look with statement accessories or crisp cotton kurti with ethnic jewellery pieces.

5. They are comfortable in whatever they choose to wear

When you know your body type and dress accordingly then it is like half the battle already won. Stylish people are comfortable in whatever they wear and this reflects in their personality and also increase their confidence levels manifolds.

6. They invest in high quality basics

casual fashion
They know that fashion trends come and go but classic pieces are timeless. They never compromise on basics and also never shy away from investing in them be it LBD, tees, blue jeans, nude pumps or a statement necklace.

7. They dress for themselves

This is a no brainer. When you dress up for yourself and are not trying to impress anybody then you are bound to look good.

8. They aren’t slaves to fashion

fashionable woman
They like to have a bit of fun with their dressing and do not go by the norms set by fashion gurus about what would suit them and what would not! They will probably wear jutis with western wear or go for sneakers with maxi dresses. Choices are endless when it comes to styling and makeup.

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