10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Have you ever seen an over-sized person wearing over-tight clothes? And cringed visibly? I certainly have, because if we look around us, there are many people who think that if they overload themselves with brands, whatever they wear would make them shine out like a star. Oh, it certainly makes them stand out in the crowd, but as a laughing stock. While some people are humble enough to realize their folly and go back to dressing sensibly, there are some, who are just plain arrogant or let’s just say desperate to make the style work for them, no matter how ridiculous they may look. So, here I am, presenting to you, 10 fashion criminals that we see around us on a daily basis, hoping that at least some of these people will read it, and save us from the “eye torture.” Here we go:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

1. The “Skin Show” freaks:

People, the only place where you can flaunt all of you, except the essentials, is a beach. Showing too much cleavage and too much leg at the same time does not make you look sexy; rather, it screams “look at me”!!

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Tip: Expose one part at a time. You want to wear your hot pants? Great! Pair it up with a 3/4th top or tank with a shrug. You want to wear an off shoulder? Pair it up with palazzos or patialas even, depending upon the type of top.

2. The Odd ones out:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Though all fashion criminals stand out in the crowd, these people have made it their life agenda to do it every single time. They simply do not know how to dress right for the right occasion. They can turn up in all their colorful glory, at a funeral, or might turn all decked up at a subtle office meeting, or even plain and bland at a rock concert. We can only wish that they come to their senses soon.

3. The “Govinda” fans:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

This color, that color, no wait, let’s wear all the colors. These people are die-hard fans of Govinda, the actor, and by extension, his style sense. They do not understand the meaning of color coordination, and by all means, will walk around like a living and talking color card.

4. The “Undergarments are not for me” people:


Honestly, this is one thing I don’t blame the people for. This is one fashion crime which has been committed by many celebrities, let alone the common people (Elizabeth Hurley, Nauheed Cyrusi. Remember anyone?). If you want your assets to bounce all the way, do that, because it will give many, a sight to remember. Skipping undergarments is not good, period.

5. The ones who wear the wrong type of undergarments:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

These are the extensions of ones who do not wear undergarments. Well, there is a reason why companies have designed separate bras for t-shirts and salwar kameez. Please choose your undergarments as zealously as you choose the clothes to wear over those. Wrong type and wrong color, both are deadly fashion sins that can ruin your whole look.

6. The “Leggings for Pants” criminals:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Wait! What? Leggings as pants? Yes, sadly, people do that. Ladies, if Pippa Middleton got away with this crime, doesn’t mean you will too. Point one, she has a perfect rear, and point two, she is the sister of the Duchess of England, Kate Middleton. Leggings are not a substitute for pants or jeans or trousers or anything that is remotely close. No, never. Leggings are just meant to be worn with kurtis/kurtas/long tops.

7. The Print lovers:

fashion faux pas

These people just adore prints. So much so, that barring their exposed skin, almost every inch of the fabric on their body, is covered in prints of all kinds. Come to think of it, I think it is quite hard and time taking to figure out one part of their dress from the other; the prints blend in so seamlessly. On a serious note, please have just one printed fabric on your body, either a scarf, or a printed top, or printed pants/jeggings. Prints on Prints are a big no-no and will immediately label you a fashion criminal.

8. The “Matching-Matching” People:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

No, they don’t excel in match making of real people; thank heavens for that, given their already-in-jeopardy clothe matching skills. These people think that everything, right from their hair band to the nail paint on their toes, everything should be of same color, or at least the same shade of one color. Well, unless you are going to a color code theme party; do not attempt that, please.

9. The “Too many Accessories” people:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Unless you are heavily inspired from Bappi Da, do not attempt this. I can assure you that only that man has the guts to get away with so much jewelry on him. Go easy on your accessories, it will do you good.

10. The Black (Brown/Navy etc.) Lovers:

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Black is a universally loved shade, and so are the other colors in the dark family. It is a great cheat color to hide your flab and it looks fab too. But, but, but…wearing these black family colors always? So much that people start identifying you with it? That summer picnic you were invited to. You wore black, while sweating like a pig, because, oh! Black absorbs heat, class 6 physics. Blacks and darks are night colors, and winter colors, which can sometimes be worn in summer days too, but if on a regular basis, these gorgeous shades can make you a fashion criminal.

Honorary Mention: “Tight fabric Lovers”

10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

Innumerable times, I have seen people, with a huge waistline, torturing a tiny piece of fabric, and by extension, making our eyes bleed. If you love a camisole or tee this much, please hit a gym, or get your size. If you do not wish to do any of these two, spare us and wear clothes according to your body type. You will breathe fine, we will breathe fine, and the world will be a better place to look at.

Fashion is first and foremost, being comfortable in your own skin, the trend comes after that. If you are comfortable and feeling good about how you are stepping out of your home, you will never be under the scanner. But if you try to ape someone else, aforesaid crimes are bound to happen eventually. So, take the cue, and from next time, just….Be You.

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48 thoughts on “10 Types of Fashion Criminals We See Around Us

  1. Ha haha… U write such fun posts kadambari… And u do notce beauty the way i never can… I must add that whites do make a person look fat… Hence well endowed people should definitely go in for some darker colors… Or try to reduce their weight….. Plus the camera does add pounds to ur figure

    1. Hahahahaa! Yeah. These ones pose the maximum danger, to themselves and to us who have to see them on daily basis. Lol. 😛

    1. Well. I myself have been guilty of doing this ones and realized it after having a look at the pictures. Trust me, it was ghastly. 🙁

  2. This one’s so true! I actually get to see all those people daily!!! Fun post Kads! Love the way you write! 🙂

  3. Wat a way to start the day dear he he .. am laughing uncontrollably..Govinda fans he he..

    Love the way you write 🙂 keep writing more and more, you write great 🙂

    1. Exactly. And it is bad for them too, health-wise and comfort-wise. I really hope at least some of them come to their senses soon. 🙂

  4. ok commenting again 😛 why on earth would sonakshi wear something like that :O .. she was a designer right before she started movies :O

    1. Yup. And she looks really pretty in spite of being huge, if she wears the right type of clothes. Pity she had a bad dress day. 🙁

    1. Hi Triya! 🙂 I agree with you that everyone has the right to wear what they want, but trust me, nobody wants to be laughed at. I just made an effort to highlight these things in a funny way, because even I had committed some of these blunders in the past. I wrote this post hoping that some people would realise their folly, and start being comfortable in their own skin. 🙂

        1. Well, Kadambari! This is well-written.However, I believe most of the people know what suits them. It’s very important how you carry an outfit. You can receive accolades even though you don’t follow the protocols. Legging/jegging is so much common here(America) and girls carry them perfectly with a short top or a tank top. To wear a contrast bra is also common. A golden bra was intentionally chosen for black.

          1. See. It’s all about comfort. If you are wearing something just to ape a style it is bound to backlash. However, if you are comfortable and confident, you automatically carry it like a pro. That’s what I meant. 🙂

      1. Calling somebody criminal for wearing their choice of clothing isn’t the right way to do it , kadambri. And how is it embarrassing for you to see them wearing something which you dont like?

  5. I will not agree the last one ! Am an ardent fan of black and so it goes without saying my wardrobe is mostly 70% black !! Its not like we hate other colours but for some of us , like me especially i love wearing black cause it makes me feel more comfy n its something about that colour makes me feel so bold and cool. And yea i am identified by my black dress code almost always which i see as my fashion identity and not something like a fashion criminal .. The other 9 stuff were genuine enough but last one is so not !! Because to me , people wear something only if they like it and people like me probably like only black !!! I do know people crazy over jus pink r red r blues and if that’s not a crime we r just like Dem only its black with us … N dats sooo mot a CRIME.

    1. Oh oh relax dude!! Even I love my blacks, blues and navies. And trust me no other color makes u look that classy and confident. This point is for those people who turn into a goth instead of flaunting dark colors sensibly. If you wear all black, with accesories on a summer dat out, it would look odd and make you uncomfortable. Wearing dark colors is not a crime, but wearing it the wrong way, discomforting urself, is a crime. I am sure that u wear your black in a classy way. So you are not in this list. 🙂

    1. Yes Anchal there is nothing wrong. These are the classiest colors. However, here I am talking about those people who go out of their comfort zone to wear dark colors and end up as a goth chic. Even I love blacks and navies. It is just the way of carrying the colors and the occassions that can term someone a fashion criminal. 🙂

  6. While I agree with a few of the points, I find the tone of this article quite overbearing and i-know-it-all types. People have different preferences, not everyone chooses their clothes based on what will please others. In pic 5, i like everything except Kareena’s bandana. The harajuku style girls in pic 9 look cool too. As long as you’re comfortable and confident, you can wear anything you like.

  7. Hi kadambari,

    In usa nobody wears Kurtis or long tops on leggings and jeggings, they wear t shirts and shorts and they really look fabulous even if they are oversized….In fact the supermarket and great fashion brands shops showcase this type of clothes ….I think you might be unaware of that….it’s perfectly fine wearing legging or jeggings with short t shirts, its not just the people in west but also desis look cool carrying this fashion….

  8. A horrible post. Sonakshi Sinha is huge? She is average. When people like you start judging women based on Kate Moss type bodies, women everywhere suffer. Let women be and wear whatever they want. Everyone apes in fashion. Are you telling me that you don’t copy anyone’s style? But suddenly when an overweight person does it, you have to jump in and say don’t ape.

    How do you know if they are comfortable or not? I have known average sized people wear clothes that are not comfortable just to be fashionable. Want to talk about that? Leggings are fine. They are much more comfortable than jeans or pants. For someone who talks about comfort shaming someone’s fashion choices, clothing or body which they may be comfortable with is just nonsense.

  9. Somewhere down the line you are bodyshaming. And who are you to tell what to wear and what no. If it is horrifying for you to see a women with a “huge waistline, torturing a tiny piece of fabric, and by extension, making your eyes bleed.”, then I’ll suggest keep your eyes shut. I mean seriously who are you to tell people to join a gym. Are you some supermodel with the perfect figure. And even if you are, you got no rights to bodyshame people or comment on someone’s dressing sense.

    And it’s sad to see IMBB allowing people to post such bullshit. Not expected.

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