Hairstyles According to Different Age Groups

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Today I want to share an informative post about the right hairstyles for different age groups. We change our skin-care regimen, wardrobe and cosmetics as we enter different phases of our life. Our hair style needs to be updated too as we age. Our facial features and bone structures change as we age and so maintaining the same hairstyle and length throughout the life is not at all a good idea. Here I will tell you about different hairstyles that you can opt for to look gorgeous.

different hairstyles

1. In the 20s
messy bun
• This is the time to be daring and experiment with every style. Your hair grows fast and can mend all the damages with a little help from your side. So you can grow your hair long and then go for an edgy cut and chop it into a short bob. You can also try straightening, curling your hair, or colour it the way you want.
• But do keep your profession in mind. If you are in some artsy field, any funky look will suit you. But if you are planning a career in educational field or corporate world, go for a professional look. Also, think about the time that you can invest to take care of hair. Some haircuts need regular trimming and maintenance. Similarly straightening your hair or colouring them needs some special care. If you cannot afford to spend that time, let your natural hair amaze the world.
• If you aim to grow your hair long and have actually thick hair, do not go after steps and layers. The asymmetry does add volumes to your hair, but it also reduces the actual thickness. You will have to spend really long time to get the desired long hair after these cuts.
Hairstyles for this age – Edgy asymmetrical cut, pixie-cut, long-bob, shoulder-length hair, long-wavy tresses, layered long hair. Braids of different styles (French braid, boho chic braid, side-braid), top-knot, braided up do, ballerina-bun (for round faces), horse-tail.

2. In your 30s
michelle dockery
• Generally women get busy with their family or career or both at this age. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking sexy. You can still maintain long hair. If you have little kids to take care of after a long day at office, go for shoulder length hair that can be tied up in a pony when you are at home.
• This is the time when a few gray hairs pop up. Please do not panic. You can always visit a salon and hand-paint those few strands instead of a whole hair-dye. But if nearly half of the hair has turned gray, colour it. You can go for something very close to your natural hair colour. This will help you and the people around to adjust with your transition.
Hairstyles for this age – Long hair with youthful bangs and locks, bed-head bob, shag-hairstyle, chin-length, pixie-cut, wavy-bob, long beach-waves. You can keep your hair open as it makes you look younger. However, for comfort and styling you can go for ponytails, top-knots or classy buns.

3. In your 40s
amy poehler
• 40 is the new 30. So do not be afraid of your age and go for the hair-cut you want to have. Keep your hair long and wavy to redefine your sex-appeal or go for short and sleek hair to highlight your sporty-healthy mood.
• But your hair tends to get brittle at this stage. So take proper care. Hot oil treatment once a week and hair-spa twice a month is really a must. You do not have to visit a parlour for that. You can find many good products from the store.
• You can start colouring your hair to cover the grays and hide the dullness. Find the right colour for your age and complexion and go for the colour.
Hairstyles for this age – Layered hair of different lengths look amazing. If you have the confidences go for pompadour and quiff styles, edgy cuts, curled up shoulder length hair. Long wavy hair also looks cool. You can keep your short hair open and flaunt them all the time. If you have your hair long, messy braids and buns will make you look younger.

4. In your 50s
Julianne Moore
• Analyse the nature of hair and be honest. You can keep long or short hair depending on the health of your hair. Ideally a shoulder length hair with slightly angled layers looks perfect. Short hair with length in the sides and top of the head diverts the attention from facial imperfections like wrinkles and fine-lines.
• Be careful about colouring the hair. Lighter shades add ages to your skin. Consult your stylist before choosing a certain colour.
Hairstyles for this age – Angled shoulder length hair with layers, short chic hair, long-straight hair look amazing at this age. If you have long hair which is thinning and look dull if kept open, go for a clean side bun which is perfect for your age.

5. In your 60s
Olivia Newton-John
• You want to enjoy a comfortable retired life at this stage. So pick a style that needs low maintenance and go for easy-going short hairstyles. Choose a good salon where you can get a well-fashioned hair which will help to enhance your good features and hide the age and flaws. If you have thick healthy hair, grow them a little long and show off!
• Most of your hair turns gray at this age. Now silver hairs do look sexy. But everyone is not confident enough to accept this colour. Go for soft light color shades of blonde instead of browns. Again blonde colours do not suit everyone. If the natural colour of your hair used to be dark, go for a dark base with lighter highlights.

6. In your 70s and 80s
Judi Dench
• You don’t have to follow a rule anymore. Follow anything that makes you feel comfortable and happy. If there is something you always wanted to try, this is the right time. Just be yourself and be happy.

Well, there is nothing called absolute when it comes to fashion. If you are confident enough, try anything out of the box and set your own trend. Be positive, try new things and make the world intrigued by your style.

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