Skin Care for Hands: How to Keep Your Hand Beautiful and Soft

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You are all decked up for this special evening of yours, with the perfect make up, the perfect jewelry, and the perfect dress, but as you are locking the front door you happen to notice that your hands would look much better had you taken proper care of them. But then the question arises, what to do to take this “special” care of the hands?

Isn’t the manicure enough? Well, the answer is no, the manicure isn’t enough; there’s much more to hand care which we seem to ignore off just because of our manicure visits. So here’s an article which will help you take care of your hands.

So here I go.

• Since the skin of the hand is very delicate and relatively thinner than our other body parts it needs special attention and care. Moisturize your hand skin at least 4 times a day.
• Moisturizing is very vital since dry skin is prone to get damaged and bruised easily.beautiful hands
• Exfoliate your hand skin at least once a week. I use my regular face scrub for this.
• Apply face cream on your hands. Stop giggling ladies. Try it. It truly works. If you have a cream which doesn’t work on your face I am dead sure it will work on your hands.
• Most importantly we tend we forget this like always. Wear rubber gloves whilst doing your dishes and gardening. Dish wash liquids and bars have alkaline which contribute to aging of the skin.
• Always have your sunscreen on while you are out riding your bike. Please, the sun causes a lot of damage to your hand skin.
• The first signs of aging are truly visible on the hands, so please use anti-aging creams not just on the face but also the hands.
• Get a regular manicure, from the parlor or at home. Always moisturize after manicure.
• Avoid anti bacterial soaps and harsh soaps for your hands too. Go for mild ones.
• Avoid very hot water.
• Keep a lotion handy in your hand bag, or car (I have it in my car). A petroleum jelly works too. Opt for lotions with natural contents.
• Do not forget to file your nails and clean them, Use a brush to clean them up.
• Use the right tools for filing, cutting and other needs of the nails and hands.
• Do not bite nails.

Natural / Home made remedies for hand skin care

• For people with dry skin, after washing your hands, keep them damp and use plain salt for exfoliating them. You can moisturize your hands after this.
• And for the oily skinned ladies, use corn flour for scrubbing.
• Give your hands a special oil massage at least once a week. You can use almond oil or simple coconut oil for this. Oil massages also improve blood circulation.
• The Herbal Divine Hand Bath: Boil water as per your need, may be a jug of water and add Herbs (tulsi, sage, chamomile, calendula, coltsfoot, and nettle) to it. Now let the mixture cool down. Now soak your hands for half an hour in it. Minimum 20 minutes is a must. Let your hands dry and then moisturize them with your regular moisturizer.

• Nourishing homemade hand cream:
You need:
– Honey
– Unsalted butter
– Crushed herbs

Take a spoon of honey and mix it with about 3 teaspoons of unsalted plain butter. Now add a spoon of crushed herbs (you can use all the herbs mentioned above) to it, and eat it. Hahahahaha. I mean beat it till it amalgamates to a thick cream. Now apply the cream and let it soak into the skin, this shall take some time. Now wash off after you see that it has soaked it. Moisturizing after this is optional.

This is for the dry skinned ladies:

To make hand cream for the dry skinned ladies, you need:

• Glycerin
• Egg yolk
• Vegetable oil
• Lemon juice
• Rose water

Take a spoon of glycerin and beat it with one egg yolk. Add approximately two teaspoons of vegetable oil to it and a spoon of lemon juice. Now beat it again. Add rose water to it and apply this cream twice a week. You can refrigerate this cream for prolonged use.

• A mixture of milk and mashed potatoes serve as an uber cool hand mask. Try it, like now.
• This is the handiest tip. After boiling eggs, do not throw off the shells. Scrape out the remnant whites from the shells and massage the egg white into your hand skin.
• Rubbing a piece of lemon into the hand skin gives your hands an even skin tone.
• Ladies, you people are going to love this tip. I mean “love” it. After cleaning up your dishes, wash your hands with buttermilk or vinegar, this helps in restoring the pH balance of the hand skin.
• Remember the sugar exfoliator I told you about. You can scrub your hand skin with the sugar and oil exfoliator daily. In the winters, wash it off with warm water for more smoooooth skin.
• Mix a spoon of sugar with lime juice and a spoon of water and apply it on your hands. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash away with warm water. This acts as a hand softener.
• The rough skinned ladies, do not worry. Squeeze out the juice of 1 tomato and 1 lemon and add about 2-3 spoons of glycerin to it. Massage this into your hands and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
• Mix an ounce of honey with one egg white, one spoon of glycerin and a spoon of barley powder. Mix the contents and apply the paste on washed hands. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
• For the cuticles, massage them with warm olive oil.
• Drink ample water, to keep the skin hydrated.

So enjoy your soft soft hands, and do let me know the tips you tried. :bravo:

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