How to Bleach Your Facial Hair the Right Way

By Vandita Bhasin

Hello everyone, so today being a cosmetologist, I will be telling you how to bleach your facial hair with the right tips and tricks for the best result.
Okay so let’s begin !


About bleaching: Well, bleaching basically lightens the hair and is an effective way to disguise pigmented facial or body hair that anyone finds unacceptable. The effect lasts up to 4 weeks.
Cream Bleach has chemicals that lighten our facial hair. Technically it is not removal of superfluous hair but it makes it considerably less noticeable by camouflaging the hair.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia used in bleach formulations is a strong skin irritant. Perform a patch test on your inner arm before bleaching.

• Removal of tanning.
• Removal of dead skin cells (exfoliation).
• Lightens the facial hair.
• Brightens dull, shallow skin.
• Removes oiliness.
• Slightly antiseptic.
• Reduces severity of blemishes.

Now let’s jump into the application!

Things you’ll need:
• A bleach kit ( any would work depending on your skin type like VLCC, Fem, Oxy etc)
• Hand sanitizer
• Cleanser
• Toner
• Moisturizer
• Lacto Calamine
• Tissue
• Non-metallic bowl
• Spatula
• Headband
• Face pack brush

bleach box


• Sanitize your hands.

• Wear a head band ensuring only facial hair gets bleached.

• Clean the area to be bleached with cleansing milk or mild cleanser according to your skin type.

• Apply some toner on a cotton pad and gently dab it all over your face. Remember to dab the toner and not swipe.

• Blot skin dry with a tissue ensuring the skin is free from any grease which would form a barrier to the hair lightening products.

• Apply pre bleach cream before if it’s available in your kit.

• Next, mix the cream and the activator powder in a non-metallic bowl using a spatula.


• The proportion of the cream : activator should be 7:1 . If you are bleaching for the first time make sure you add only a pinch or one and a half pinch of activator.

pinch of activator

• Apply the mixture with a face pack brush first on the side locks, then on your upper lips, following with chin, forehead, nose area, cheeks and at last your neck. (Mild itching is normal)

mix well

• Leave it for 10 minutes and check after 7 minutes. Reapply the mixture if hair needs further lightening.

• The duration can be increased in case the hair is coarse. Skin type and tolerance should also be kept in mind while deciding the duration.

• Remove the bleach with spatula and wipe with moist cotton.

• Apply the post bleach pack if it’s available in your kit. Leave it for 5 minutes and remove.

• Apply moisturizer since bleaching tends to dry up the skin.

• Apply SPF!!!

• Do not expose area to sun for 24 hrs.

Tip for sensitive skin:

• Add a drop of lacto calamine lotion to your bleach mixture. This would help to minimize the effect of bleach and make it a little mild for your use.

I hope you have a safe and happy bleaching! 🙂

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