Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl Review

Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl Review

Fem Fairness Creme Bleach Blueberry with Milk and Pearl Review

I’m not a fan of getting bleaching done at parlours because so many variants are available in stores easily. I don’t bleach myself often, may be once every 3-4 months or maybe before some very special occasion like a wedding in the family or of close friend’s. It is very easy to do at home, so I choose to go for these home packs rather than the salons’. I especially like the “Fem” range. Two of the other variants have been reviewed on IMBB:

Do go through them as other reviewers’ have pointed out some important points:


I usually prefer the “Gold Glow” one because it really does give a beautiful glow! Other than this, I also like this “Blueberry” one and since I have a wheatish complexion, it works very well for me.



Product Description (From the Dabur Website):

Your skin is in a constant battle with damaging elements like dust, UV rays and pollution. This takes a toll on your skin, making it look dull, tanned and lifeless.  Fem Bleach gives you an edge in this everyday battle by lessening the burden on your skin and undoing the damage caused. It also ensure that you get a perfect result each time, gently and in minutes, providing you with the loving care that your skin deserves.

Fem Milk and Pearl Bleach:
• Best suited for wheatish to dark skin tones
• With the essence of Milk & Pearl
• Fixed pre-ratios for best result each time
• Instant fairness in 15 minutes
• No tears. Pleasant & fruity experience of
• Soothing blue colour.

Shelf Life:

18 months from Date of Manufacture.


Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Polyoxyethylene 20, PEG 100 Stearate, Glyceryl Monostearate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Stannate Trihydrate, Ortho Phosphoric Acid, Di-Sodium EDTA.

Powder Activator’s Key Ingredient:

Ammonium Bicarbonate.


Available in 4 pack sizes:

  • Single use: Rs. 26 – 6.6 gm.
  • 04 uses: Rs. 39 – 26.4 g
  • 08 uses: Rs. 63 – 52.8 g
  • 40 uses: Rs. 135 – 237.6 g

Directions For Use:





My Thoughts on Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl:

Though it says to use after every 21 days, I do not think that it is a good idea at all.  This contains some very strong chemicals. It should be used as less as possible. To keep track of the dates when you use it, they provide a very convenient space on the inner flap to jot the dates down.


It contains the cream, the activator, a plastic spatula and an instructional paper.


The packaging is all plastic, decent enough, but I really feel it could have been sturdier. The plastic insert in cream tub is very flimsy and once it’s off, it was near impossible to put it back on; it kept sinking into the cream, but the lid of the very strong active powder (with pretty blue crystals) is very sturdy!



It says in the instruction to mix the contents in the ratio of 6 g of cream with 0.6 g of activator. With single use packs, it is very easy as it contains only 6 g+0.6 g of product, but for multiple use packs, it is not at all easy to figure out how much is 6 g or 0.6 g! I tried to eye-ball the mixture by taking out 1/8th each of cream and powder in the lid, but it was just a guess. For a 4-use pack, it must be easier, but I had an 8-use pack.


I was not at all comfortable with the decision to just guess the amounts. Because if I had taken more of the powder, it could burn my skin and if I had taken less, then I was afraid it would have no effect. I was so sick of second guessing myself that I decided to dump the entire quantity of the powder into the cream!


While mixing it up, the cream starts to swell in volume because of the reaction between the cream and powder. The surface area of the flat spatula was too big and caused the mixture to overflow, so I had to use something finer and I used the back of a brush.


The volume kept on increasing and there was too much of product to hold in the tub, so I had to scoop some of it out.


I was then thinking I will end up wasting most of it as it was meant for 7 uses and I had mixed it all up, but I was left with just half the initial amount after applying it just on my face and neck.  I can surely say that I didn’t slap it on in excess, I just made sure it was thick enough to just cover all the facial hair.


I applied this remaining amount on my arms and my feet, but there wasn’t enough for the whole of my feet, so I just applied it from the toes to just near the ankles. Can you make it out where the “fairness” ends and begins on my foot? I added some arrows to show the zig-zag line formed on my foot (I had very little product left, so could not apply it in a neat line, I was trying to spread it out as much as I can, hence the zig-zag demarcation).  I was happy to see how instantly it just gave such a “clean” look! So, if you have fine hair, it will bleach it out, if no hair, then it just makes the skin glow.


I use this primarily to lighten my facial hair, so it worked fabulously for that, I hope this next image will show that. It does cause a little redness, but that goes down after a while.  My experience therefore was very satisfactory with this product. :yes: :yes: :yes:


Pros of Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl:

  • True to its claims.
  • Excellent for wheatish to dark skin as it does not make one look “white,” it just gives a good glow and bleaches the hair to a color that gels in with the skin.
  • Works in 15 minutes.
  • Convenient space available on the pack to keep a track of the dates one may use this on.
  • The spatula provided is excellent for spreading the product on the face.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very economical.
  • Does not cause any damage to my sensitive skin.
  • Does not have a strong fragrance.
  • Easily available in India.
  • Available in different size packs; you can choose the quantity according to your use.

Cons of Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl:

  • The packaging for multiple use packs, regarding how exactly to mix tiny amounts like 6 g and 0.6 g without error is difficult!!! The only options are to either guess and take a chance with your skin or use up the entire amount at one go.
  • It has strong chemicals, so one should be very careful while using it.  At home, one is completely responsible for themselves, regarding the amount to apply, the time to leave it on, the way to spread it, etc.; so it does take some getting used to.

IMBB Rating:

4/5, does what it says for sure, but the packaging could have been a little more thoughtful and convenient.

Do I Recommend Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl?

Yes, enough said! :toothygrin:  But yes, please do test it out before using if you will be a first-time user and follow the directions to the “T.” Buy the pack that has the quantity you would need. I have used the single-use one as well and that is really sufficient for the face and neck.

I hope this helped!

Happy Bleaching! 😀

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49 thoughts on “Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl Review

  1. good review nafisa :yes: :yahoo: …..i never tried bleaching creams as I hv got a very sensitive skin…. :worship:
    but after reading about this I wish to try this :pompom:

  2. Does not have a strong fragrance.? really??????? i hate its smell… even my eyes burn on application 😥 😥 😥 😥

  3. Hey nafisa.i too use fem bleach sometimes tht my dad usually brought frm CSD canteen.it ws ma first bleach.i tried oxy , olivia n some othr but ol thm made me CRY. :waiting: .but i have switchd to waxing hairs..its mch healthier thn applyy so much chemicals.it wil harm u in long run.. :waaa: :waaa: wht s tht ???u bleach ua arms n legs… My god… I did once n my arms turned like black sticks :waaa: :waaa: but tht was long ago

    1. I dont bleach a lot myself at all, maybe 2-3 times a year & sometimes just 1-2 times a year…yes, its better to avoid such strong chemicals & only use for special occasions 🙂

  4. i cant believe u dumped the whole activator… :toothygrin: mine is always left behind cause i take required quantity of cream separately and add 2-3 pinches of the powder….maybe i should try this method 🙂 but i bleach only once a year or something… when my skin hopeless…nice review

  5. Nafisa great review whatever u have written i also went thru the same thing so with the whole tub i used to bleach my face hands and back and i have used all their variants and all r ok 🙂

  6. Elaboratestestest review..!!!! Appreciate the efforts of taking so many pictures even when you were struggling with overflow of cream.. :jaiho: Gonna be really helpful for me ..as I was bleached 3 times for mine & my bro & sissy’s wedding & last was 9 yrs back.. :haanji: Now I have bought Golden glow (4 uses) & this Blueberry (8 uses) packs for bleaching after ages & me bit skeptical after reading your review @ correct amount of activator.. :chewnails: Gonna give it a shot in coming week & wuld surely go through this post again before doing it..ThanQ Girlie.. :puchhi:

      1. Have tried Gloden Glow 4 uses pack & was so scared that used half of the activator & threw another half.. :chewnails: Even then got cleaner & radiant face..but not much difference on thicker skin of arms..!! Seems next time gotta show sum courage & use atleats 75 % of the activator.. :haanji:

  7. Hey nice detailed review….n could see the difference in your feet picture which is really “impressive” :haanji: :haanji: :star:
    I just have few questions
    1. if some has never tried bleach at all and want to try it just “ONCE” will it be a good Idea ????
    2. If you use it once does it makes u require to use it again??
    Actly I have a imp family funtion coming up and I have never used bleach ever..I’m bit afraid to try it out thinking that then I will have to continue using it ???? Please please suggest something ???

    I just want to try it out once will it be worth if I stricly have no plans of using it ever again(just coz of chemical thing-y) ???

    1. hi you can try bleaching.try for sensitivity first on inside of elbow.especially if u have pimples. keep only for required time strictly…important thing is DONT use it when you have to go out in hot sun.. use in weekend and stay home for 2 days.. cause u will turn brown so badly…U dont have to do it continuously…Its perfectly fine for one time us.. Follow all directions strictly in the box.. 🙂

    2. Thanku Amie, & yes like Ife said, it is ok to try it just once & u dont need to use it again, people say that once u use it u HAVE to use again only because u become aware of its pros, u want to c that effect, it can be very tempting, otherwise there is nothing like that…if u dont wanna give it a try at home, go to a good salon, it is ur skin after all, u shud not look for short cuts from the word “go” , i did my first bleach at a gud salon & it was very helpful , u get to c how they apply it, wat areas they avoid, how they check on it, how they remove it, what kind would b suitable for ur skin…n u know all these things…so since it is for a important family function, i think to be safe u shud go to a salon, & if in case that is not an option then ofcos u have the Sensitive Skin wala option 🙂 hope this helped

  8. Very detailed review, Nafisa! :yes: :yes: :woot: In fact, I am almost tempted to give bleaching a try, especially since the sun is getting stronger every day now. :struggle: I don’t think this one will suit my skin tone though. Any suggestions for a bleach newbie? Which brand is the safest to try? :sidefrown:

    1. Thanku so much!! 🙂 I have only used Fem ones so far, so I can advise only regarding to them..as far as for a newbie, i’d say try the sensitive skin one, but always make sure someone experienced is around to help u, be it a friend or relative or a professional.

  9. you can try fem oxybleach or they have variants according to skin tone.. I have tried only fem on my skin..so donno other brands..

    1. i think oxybleach & Fem r both from the same parent company or something right…they have the exact same font & style on/of packaging…I checked them both out recently together, i think they both r Dabur products…

  10. nafisa this is fabulous u gave such a helpful revu
    i use the pink n now i CANT use any other bleach u know
    i love it totally
    n the one time use is perfect for me u know :yahoo:

    1. Thanku Neha!! :)) one time wala is really a no-hassle type experience :yes: even i would’ve gone for it this time but it was not in stock, hence this experience :toothygrin: but now atleast i know! 🙂

  11. This was all I used when I was back home. Never irritated my sensitive skin once. I have tried Jolen etc here in the UK but they burnt my skin so bad. I use a tiny face razor now till the time I can go to India and stock up on this one by Fem.

    1. Haaaaaaaaaw! Jolen burned u?? :yikes: thanks for the heads up! i heard some desi stores in US/UK carry Fem….not sure though, i think a friend of mine had mentioned that…guess it was just US desi stores…

  12. I love the Fem’s apple and peach bleach
    Indeed using Fem bleach once in a month since 5 years
    love d effect it nt nly bleaches hair but I think it cleans the skin from within
    if used once in a month it’s a good routine fr skin

    1. once a month? wow! u lucky girl! :)) :yes: :yes:
      I’m too scared to try it that frequently :yikes: but extremely tempted coz these make the skin so wonderfulllll! :makeup:

      1. haan na skin stays velvetty smooth for almost a week

        n I didn’t have any side effects even thou i used it every month

        But do get any facials done at salons??

        1. i don’t get facials done…the last time i got it was probably more than a year or so back….i feel that m young emough now so will tc of itself jab budhi hojaungi n skin ko extra help chahiye hoga then dekhenge to get it regularly 😀

            1. facials don’t even make A LOT of difference to my skin, that is why I even prefer bleaches when I feel my skin needs a little extra help 🙂

    1. this is such a strong product that what is one suited too, usi ko stick karna chahiye nai 🙂 touchwood v found some bleach that works for us! i knw some girls jinko koi bi suit nai karta , feel bad for them!

  13. Nafisa,
    I have never tried bleaching at home, but i am convinced by your review..
    i have a combination skin and acne prone, suggest me whether i should go for this one or Fem Gloden blow bleach

      1. I think u should try the Herbal one, it is for sensitive skin….but i personally have not tried, Golden Glow suits me very well…if u dont want the herbal one u can go for Golden too, & this blue 1 is also not THAT strong but my skin is normal/combination/dry..so I really don’t know how it would be for acne prone skin…if i have a 1 or 2 pimples & i bleach, i usually avoid that little area…
        😀 Golden blow :lol2:

  14. I remember I tried this bleach.. at night.. and to my horror.. my face got so dark… and rashes were there. I was crying so hard. then i applied some besan ka mix to get relief. The rashes went..but the dark patches are still there.
    From that time.. No FEM for me.. It just doesn’t suit me.. 🙁

  15. Hi Nafisa, i love this website great work.. hey i like this article.. U know i lost my original complexion due to sun.. my skin got tanned my face,neck and arms.. i wanted to know is it permanent the effect? is it safe to use each month because of its chemicals? also i want to apply on my entire face, i should avoid the eyebrows to avoid bleaching the them, right? and what abt the eyelids can i apply on them i want my entire face to get back its original complexion.. thanks for ur reply 🙂

    Keep us posted with your helpful and nice articles.Thank you 🙂

  16. i’ve tried this bleach… its a really nice experience, but the only problem is i can’t get the exact amount of activator to blend with the cream because i use only a little for my face… thats a risk because i never know whether its good enough or not…

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