How to Design your Canvas Shoes

How To Design Canvas Shoes

Do you’ve a pair of tennis shoes in your shoe rack that you don’t use anymore? Or you want to wear a trendy canvas which is unique in design?


Painting your tennis shoes is a great way to reuse your old tennis shoes. Or just go buy one pair of plain sneakers, be innovative and paint it, jazz it up!! Its fun, it’ll be unique and it will be special because you designed it :)) There is a sense of pride in wearing your own creations, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰


Painting on canvas tennis shoes is a very easy technique. Most of us design T-shirts to gift our friends, why not shoes? Everyone loves shoes!! πŸ˜€

You can turn ordinary tennis shoes into masterpieces! Its up to you how you want your craft to be- Fun and easy or detailed and precise? :))

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Things you need :
Pair of canvas shoes,
Fabric paint,
Waterproof marker,
And lots of IMAGINATION πŸ˜€

Step 1: Choose a Design: Be innovative!! Either a repeating pattern or a continuous
one, anything that works for you. Take inspiration or design your own. πŸ™‚

canvas shoes

Step 2: Clean your Shoes: Even if its brand new, its good to wash them before painting and let it dry .

Step 3: Prepare Shoes: Pull out the laces from the shoes. Stuff the shoes with newspaper to keep them in shape and to keep the insides clean and dry πŸ™‚

Mask the area which you want paint free and to prevent the paint from getting there by accident. Like the rubber area at the sides and at the toe .

Step 4: Getting Started: Sketch your design on the shoe with pencil lightly. Finalise it and then do it over with waterproof marker so that your design stands out more. If you want a background color, then paint it before you do it with pen.

canvas shoes

Step 5 : Paint : You can skip this step if you don’t feel comfortable with paints. If you’re not confident with brush and are worried that you might ruin your shoes, you can always go for colorful waterproof markers. They’re fun and easy to use!!

If you’re doing it with fabric paint, better use separate brushes for each color, you don’t want to ruin your shoes! Allow paint to dry thoroughly between layers and before applying details. When the shoes have been thoroughly painted other than detail work, allow to dry completely.

Step 6: Filling In Details: Use a fine brush or permanent marker to fill in the details. Be careful, don’t smudge it while doing it. When you’re done, keep it at a safe place and let it dry. Marker ink may run slightly when applied to the shoe material, so use caution when attempting fine details.

canvas shoes

Step 7: Lace Up In Style: You can totally change the look of your shoes by using funky laces. Keep in mind the design of your shoes, and color the lacesΒ accordingly. It should go with it and not make it look odd. Colored laces, patterned laces, or may be just simple white laces πŸ™‚


Tips: :star: You can use different lacing techniques too. Check it out HEREΒ Β :thumbsup:

:star: These tricks work on other canvas shoes too. Like ballerinas :))

:star: Over time, marker ink may fade a little, so you may need to go over your work with another coat.

:star: Don’t rough use it. Love your shoes!! :teddy:


I was planning to do it in vacations with friends since a long time, but we couldn’t due to lack of time πŸ™ , otherwise would’ve shared photos with you guys!
If you try it, don’t forget to share!! πŸ˜€

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23 thoughts on “How to Design your Canvas Shoes

    1. Yes Rati its so much fun!! πŸ˜€ actually we friends decided we’ll do it together, otherwise I would’ve definitely done it in vacations! We’ll do it in next sem break most probably! :jiggy1:

        1. M die die die hard Phan of canvas shoes :kissing: reason it remind me of the fun and wearing them is soooo cmfy cmfy tht style tks bckseat :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: sooprlving tis article Gargi :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :love: :love:

    1. Hey don’t worry jigyasa, go for easy designs πŸ˜€

      See the first and second pic, they’re easy and nice designs.. I’m sure you’ll be able to that! :thumbsup:

  1. Cool post! I used to paint my own canvas shoes a few years ago in school (whenever I wanted to procrastinate studying for the boards :silly: ). I got the idea from TOMS shoes collections which have great designs. This hobby gave me a huge collection of cool (for 16-year-olds) shoes at the dirt cheap prices. :toothygrin: :woot:

    1. Wow!! Do share the pics! Lol yes i know, good to build up a collection na at such dirt cheap prices πŸ˜€ …and its so much fun!! :toothygrin:

  2. I :heart: sneakers Gargi. :)) Never though or painting or drawing on them though. This is a nice idea and the shoes in the pictures are so cute.

    1. yup simple canvas is always in! but if you want to experiment and build up a collection, then painting them is always fun πŸ˜€

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