How to Find the Right Lip Color for Your Wedding

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my lovely ladies,

How are you all doing? I’m back with another post, and this one is going to help you all solve your woes for that big day of your life. Yes, I am talking about your wedding day and the thing we are going to be talking about will absolutely make or break your look. Today you will find a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right lipstick for your wedding, here on IMBB.

Lipstick wedding

⦁ Pick the right shade

makeup bridal makeup

The first and the most important step is to pick the right shade. The only way you can achieve that is by going about it methodically. First is to keep what lipstick shades go with your skin tone in mind. Once you find the colour family that looks great on you, like browns, pinks or reds, work on narrowing it down to what will look best with our outfit. You can go for matching shades or complementary ones. And then you will have to try on those shades till you find the perfect one for your face.

⦁ Stick to your style

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Even though your makeup will be more elaborate and special on your wedding day, keep in mind that you won’t become a completely new person that day. So, it is important to retain some of your original style. For example, if you have never worn a hot pink lipstick in your life, your wedding day probably won’t be a good time to experiment. So have faith in your personal style, and choose hues that enhance your facial features the best.

⦁ Choose a long-lasting lipstick

long lasting lipsticks bridal

The most important quality that your wedding lipstick should possess is that it should be extremely long-lasting and non-flaky. Your wedding day is going to be long, and you wouldn’t want your lip color to start fading or flaking within hours. Go for well-known brands which have a reputation for making long-lasting lipsticks. Always test your lipstick in advance and see how long it lasts. Do everything to ensure that your lip colour stays intact for the longest time.

⦁ Say yes to moisture

creamy lipstick for brides

What could be a bigger disaster than having the perfect lipstick in the perfect shade, but having dry fine lines on your lips on that big day? Don’t forget that you will have innumerable close up photographs forever to remind you of that disaster. So make sure that you pick up an extremely hydrating and moisturising lipstick for your special day. You’ll be smiling, talking, and you don’t want dry, cracked lips to show up. You can show some extra love to your lips by following a pre- bridal lip moisturising routine to add that special effect on that day.

⦁ Read reviews and research well

It might seem a little silly, but I would recommend thoroughly reading up on the lipstick you have chosen. The shade might be perfect but it might have very low lasting power. Maybe it changes shades in lighting and photographs. Nowadays we have the advantage of reading up on all the reviews and experiences of all the people who have tried it. So look up on the pros and cons of your lipstick here on IMBB or ask people around to be absolutely sure on that day.

⦁ Always keep the shade handy

Absolutely do not forget to carry the shade with you to your venue. If you feel too overburdened to worry about these details, hand over your lipstick to your bridesmaid or your best friend so that after the eating or talking, reapplication of your lipstick won’t require a very long treasure hunt.

⦁ Say no to nudes

warm red lipstick for brides

Yes, nude lips might be a raging trend in the makeup industry but it is better to avoid this trend on your wedding day. Especially for all the Indian brides, nude lips will make you look much washed out and won’t look good in photographs. So it is best to pick out warmer shades for your wedding day.

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