Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash Review

Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash Review

Nature's Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash Review

How many of you fall prey for colourful things, at least I do.  I fell for this face wash the same way. Its such a pretty pink color that I just had to have it.  Nature’s Essence is a well-known brand in India with its presence in print media widely.  I have tried a few products from Nature’s Essence and suspiciously most of them have worked.  Nature’s Lacto Tan Clear for example does clear out the tan a bit.  The only issue I have with Nature’s Essence products are that there is no complete list of ingredients mentioned, except for some hideous key ingredients.  Please read on the full review to more about this face wash:

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Product Description:

A gentle, cooling, and soothing exfoliating face wash gel with gentle mint milicapsules, which deep cleanses, exfoliates, the skin and ensures that the skin is not stripped off its natural moisturizing. The soap-free face wash is the key to a recharged and renewed looking glowing skin.  It effortlessly deep cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes.

How To Use:

Wet the face, apply a small quantity of gentle exfoliating face wash gel and gently work up to a lather with circular motions.  Afterwards wash and pat dry.  Use twice a day for more recharged looking and refreshed skin.

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Key Ingredients:

Spanish extract, spearmint oil, and Honey.

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Rs. 55 for 100 ml.

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My Take on Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash:

This face wash is a cute pink jelly with lots of blue beads (which are “the exfoliators” it seems).  First of all, the blue beads are soft and some of the get crushed and some of them don’t when you try to exfoliate with them 😐  The face wash has a mild pleasant fragrance which is not strong.  The jelly type face wash does not foam up or lather much when applied on to wet face.

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I just massage a pea-sized amount for a few moments and then wash it off.  Remarkably, even without much foaming, I get the feeling of a clean face.  It freshens up my face.  There is no slick left behind and the face wash does not dry out the skin.  This is one face wash which you do not need to continuously rinse out if the water at your place has high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids).  I am carrying this one on my trip to Kerala next week 🙂

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Summing up the pros and cons of face wash:

Pros of Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash:

  • Cute pink face wash, its hard to ignore it.
  • The face wash is in a jelly form.
  • Cleans up the face quite well.
  • Does not leave any slick behind.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Cleans out oil from the face.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash:

  • The soft blue “exfoliators” do not exfoliate.
  • There is no complete list of ingredients.
  • Does not lather up much.

Will I Repurchase Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash?


Do I Recommend Nature’s Essence Spanish Spearmint Exfoliating Face Wash?

You would pick this up any way, not a great face wash though, does its job well.

IMBB Rating:


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    1. Nehaaaaaaaaaa….you know what…I bought the blue corn exfoliator from tBS that Pia had mentioned in my post yesterday….he he…..think of all these girls tempting me to buy things….and its good too 🙂

  1. jomol u going to kerala on chutti ???? btw nice review as usual 🙂 n kya natures essence ka naam change hogaya hai ? i ordered some of the products from natures essence and received magic ayurveda products *stars*

    1. Yesh Shivani…… going to Kerala on a small vacation…………No, I don’t think they have changed the name of the products….think you got some naya naya products 🙂

  2. Hey Jomo di i just read the opening line and i knew it was you writing! And what are you guys doing so ealry in the morning at imbb! Do you guys catch some sleep or not ?
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